Little Me wears: A Monki dress, New Look boots, Primark socks and a Miss Luxe bag*.

You know when you're paying for an item that you're still not entirely sure about, and you get it home and still debate it for a while, and then all of a sudden you've worn it, like a lot? Well, yeah, I had that with this dress. 
I'm a lover of Monki, but very rarely buy online with sizing being so varied, so it's always my treat (or mission as Little B declares) that when in London, to visit the store - because it would be silly otherwise right? Admittedly Little B doesn't mind with him being a secret fan of my other Monki dresses, and will always boast that "nobody rocks a high neck, long sleeved and no flesh showing dress quite like you".. I guess i'll take that as a compliment...

So with that, he pretty swiftly decided that I purchase this dress (I think he was hungry..) - and thankfully after two days of debates (with myself of course), I wore it. And within the space of two weeks, I've worn it out both weekends. And maybe a weekday too. Oh and I might just wear it again this weekend..
Whereas look at Little B, he's had this shirt for quite some time now, and still manages to dig it out for all occasions, and still feel like it's a new one. I should probably take note from him... But then again, I've got a new dress on it's way to me, so, it's basically a vicious cycle. Hashtag fashion dilemmas.
A few weeks ago, when we both had some cheeky time off, we made the most of it and headed to London in search of shopping, food and music. And of course we succeeded. Admittedly, we'd planned to see Chvrches so it only seemed right to gate crash Big Little C's house - because hey, we all love to save our pennies every so often, or in our case, have more saved to spend on clothes (especially boots!)

After our night of music and some tasty burgers, we were quick to crash out on the sofa's (we'd been recommended to push two sofa's together - makes for the biggest kings bed we've ever know!) and every morning that we've woken up in that living room, we've never been disappointed by the views of the canal.

Once we'd finally surfaced, we headed to The Boat House in St Katharine's Docks for a light (and incredibly delicious) breakfast. As much as we love a full fry up, there's something appealing about eating from a deli (it may have something to do with us feeling more up market!). We rounded it off with a sweet warm coffee and a fresh smoothie, being the best way to start your day.

With our stomach's full and a fresh sour dough loaf purchased, we took a quiet stroll around the docks, thinking up what life would be like if we ever lived in London (sadly we're too much of quiet town people). It's always nice to come to the parts of London that you don't see, and the docks are one of our favourite places.

Before we decided to hit the road, we couldn't help but walk past the food stall that was setting up. Whenever there's fudge available, we can't seem to let it go, especially when it's Malteaer flavour fudge! With two bags full (and our tastebuds going wild!), we headed for home feeling satisfied from our few days and the thought of our pyjama's and slippers awaiting us. Heavenly.
Little Me wears: A Primark knit, a New Look jacket, River Island maxi skirt and New Look boots.

Rewind back to last Sunday, where it seemed far more productive than this one. Today was spent nursing a semi hangover (I'm still adamant it's more tiredness than cider...) along with having to battle what seemed to be a huge pile of clothes in our bedroom (alright, it's HARD two of us living in one room!). Whereas last Sunday was spent swanning around with my brunette gal, Kim, where we indulged on some home made French onion soup (thanks Mama Mcfred) and drove down the back lanes of my hometown. All this whilst dressed pretty darn similar.

You see, being a girl and all that we tend to sometimes see our wardrobe a little empty. I'm a huge one for admitting that I've a mound of clothes (these piles just keep on appearing..), yet I constantly stick to the same few items, dresses in particular! So last week during my evenings - consisting of pyjamas, ice cream and pretty much doing nothing - I found myself trawling through my older outfit posts for 'inspiration'. Now this may seem a little odd, but with us forever on the lookout for new style ideas, it seems that we're always forgetting our own looks we've created before. And yeah, trends are trends, but feeling good is better right?
So with that, I delved into the 'pile' and reappeared with this maxi skirt, still tied up from the last time and embraced it once more. Which felt nice, and upon informing Kim of this, she wanted in. Because there's definitely nothing more fun that tie-ing up your skirt on a Sunday, and hanging out with your friend equally doing the same.
And so ladies, next time you're standing in your knickers between a 'pile of nothing', take a scroll back through some older posts, because you never know what you may find.. Oh I guarantee some laughs along the way too...

Little Me wears: A H&M dress, Boohoo coat, and Primark bag and boots.

Last week in London seemed to be the perfect opportunity to wear our new bits and pieces, because it's kinda mandatory right? Little B had wanted a thicker knit for some time, and the fact that he's too hardcore for a coat meant that it made for a (semi) sensible purchase (it's not cable knit - but we made progress!). And I bought this coat a few weeks ago after deciding that my eight year old Topshop duffle coat could do with taking a back seat for a while, and when this Boohoo coat looked like it stood up to the challenge, I couldn't not tick the checkout box.

Admitedlly, it wasn't as thick as I'd have liked (we all get cold sometimes y'know!), but when Little B said I should keep it - obviously I kept it...It's not many times you hear your partner say that, so you have to abuse these things. Let's just not talk about the fact I'm still cold, and that I could do with another coat..
So besides this issue, I feel cool in it, like I know what I'm on about, and where I'm going (who knew a coat could make you feel like that?) and turning sleeves back are cool. Well that's what my mama told me one time.
And finally FYI, Little B really isn't too hardcore for a coat. No, we're just in a lengthy battle that I think he'd look good in a parka. He begs to differ, thinking it'll make him look about twelve. I'm trying to tell him that at least he'd look like a trendy twelve year old rather than an old man in a coat too big for him.
Sometimes I think that maybe we'll just never be cut out for being coat kinda people...

Autumn air


Little Me wears: A Pussycat London dress*, New Look leather jacket, Shoe Zone boots* and a Nica bag.

So it's fair to say that as soon as the sun shines, the tights disappeared again. Although, I've somehow managed to only begin wearing them last week - I think that's pretty good going. Bare legs for the win!
Last week Little B and I had some time off work and making the most of it was high priority considering we actually work quite a lot (OK some more than others!), so we'd planned to head to London for a few days and then potter for the rest of the week (with a definite Ikea trip needed!). We ate out more than our stomachs could handle, we slept more than we needed and we sang louder than we should have when we went to see Chvrches - who were absolutely INCREDIBLE! And it was nice. Real nice.

And with us having this spare time, the uniform was folded away out of sight and replaced by new dresses and boots (sadly, Little B didn't opt for a dress..) which is always a treat. Now we love boots more than the average person, so when Shoe Zone offered us each a pair you could bet your bottom dollar what we'd choose..
These black boots sit nicely in my collection of my other, urm, four pairs of black studded boots..


Last Sunday evening I took my blonde lady friend to Birmingham with me for a night that most definitely turned us into 16 year old's once again. And you know what? It was right fun!
I'd been offered to go and see New Killer Shoes, who were supporting Happy Chichester at the Institute, thanks to Lucy at TigerBam, and after seeing them at #VintSetFest a few months back, it seemed silly to turn down the chance for a little boogie, some pear cider and three hot guys with knee melting vocals.

It had been many moons since I'd been to a gig and it may have just crossed my mind the slight fear of being crushed. But with my trusty black boots on and my leather jacket, I was ready to feel cool, and indie once again. My blonde friend, Little C, looked a bit delicious in her Dorothy Perkins dress and beautiful Topshop cut out boots also, and was ready to embrace the music, complete with a vodka and diet coke in hand.
Now we're all for a hot guy singing, but nothing prepared us for the acoustic set that was about to happen. Admittedly I remember very little from when they last played (sadly my memory resembles a fish. A Dory fish), so when Jon began strumming his guitar along to 'Losing My Mind', it's fair to say my heart melted slightly. I mean, please tell me we're not the only gals to get a little too weak at the knees at a guy and a guitar? 

New Killer Shoe's set could quite possibly now be one of my favourite's (yes, it may have been a while, but I'd seen a fair few in my younger youth!), especially with the intimacy that was in the room between them and the crowd (oh and maybe the fact 'Smooth' had something to do with it! - Which has now become my ultimate Youtube song.) It's fair to say that myself and Little C spent majority of the evening wishing our other halves were as dishy and talented as these three guys (honestly this is what gigs do to us ladies!) And I think Little B now needs a white blazer, all thanks to Ben and his. Oh and a guitar. That's Christmas sorted...

Little Me wears: A Primark knit, New Look jacket, Matalan skirt and Primark boots.

Winter has well and truly hit in the form that the faux fur stoles are out in full force and Little B is wearing tees under his checked shirts again. And with these little things that make Winter, it takes us back to those days in the French Alps, where it all began.. We won't bore you with the sloppy story.
As per usual, we're playing similar dress up today, but like they say 'the couple that dress together, stay together'.. Right? To be fair, checks and tartans slightly different. I mean, after all, I'm rocking back to my family roots (I'm sure Matalan have even described this as a kilt!) which my Papa will be pleased about.

With Halloween around the corner, these photos could easily be mistaken for us preparing to be ghosts but unfortunately it seems our camera has decided to fool around. So yeah, we've actually still got a little of our Summer tan (well, I'm not so sure about Little B) so there's no need to call up TOWIE to book us in for a spray tan.
This weekend we're very excited, because we actually get to spend some time together. Which is kind of a big deal considering it's been about five weeks since we've had one day off together, and that's pretty crazy. It's going to be full of baking (Little B's part), birthday celebrations, a comedy night, plenty of food and some perfect company. I'm already hopping into bed so that the weekend will be here quicker!
Little Me wears:  A Choies dress*, New Look jacket, Primark belt and New Look boots.

I feel like I just want to shout from the top of my lungs 'GROOVY BABY!' because, well, this dress certainly makes me feel slightly Austin Powers. I just need the glasses and I'm good to go. But seriously, I really like this dress! I may have pondered it upon arrival for a while, but once I tried it on, the perfect collar won me over - as usual. Of course it only seemed right to team it with the loves of my life, those cut out boots and my trusty leather jacket. Which is a funny story (actually it's not so funny really) because every time I wear some form of leather I always think I'm Amy. And since owning this dress, I feel like Claire. So basically, yeah, I feel a bit cool.

I still can't face wearing tights (I will NOT back down, not quite yet) so I must not complain about the consequences when it comes to the wind outside and short dresses. Let's just say I spent majority of my afternoon yesterday walking around the town holding onto my modesty. It's always a fun game this time of year.
Yesterday was a lovely day, consisting of treating my parents to a delicious lunch in a local cafe, a spot of clothes shopping (hello new coat), a cheeky M&S flower treat (it' was Monday after all!) and finished off with TV catch up and a nice cold tub of Ben and Jerry's. You know what? I love being back at my parents home!
Little Me wears: A Zoe Karssen tee, River Island Skirt, Nica bag* and Ash boots.

We'll get this over and done with first, but basically, I am fully aware that I'm pretty much sporting a bowl cut hairstyle. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with it lately, but I do not like it one bit so I'm currently having huge debates with myself about what to do. It's still undecided for the moment. I envy Little B!
Enough of the hair woes (every girls dilema!), we've basically spent the last few weeks in the same attire. It seems that we just can't get enough of pleather skirts and desert boots - separately of course! 

It's fair to say that this pleather skirt is my lifesaver as of late. I wish I was joking when I say that I've worn it every other day whether it to work with this Zoe Karssen tee, or popping to the shops teaming it with a chunky knit. I just love it. And I don't even care that I'm still braving the cold in bare legs (there's something that I still can't accept about putting tights on just yet!), because I feel good in this skirt. And that's all that matters right?

This weekend, I shall be putting down the skirt and wearing nothing more than my pyjamas because I think we deserve a weekend of nothing. Apart from taking the brother to view our home to be, it's going to be spent appreciating that both my parents are at home and happy. Throw in a Domino's pizza, some trashy TV and the amusement of two cats play fighting, makes for the perfect relaxing weekend. I can't wait.
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