Little Me wears: A Brag Vintage tee*, River Island shorts and Matalan trainers.
Big Little C wears: A Brag Vintage tee, Uni-qlo jeans and Adidas trainers.

Before you start looking out your window wondering why you're not still parading around in your Summer gear and we are, I'll put it out there, that these photos are sadly loonngg overdue, and we've not been soaking up the sun. Nope, instead we've been like the rest of you, snuggling up in our cosy knits and drinking endless hot drinks.
But alas, let's pretend for the next few moments that it's still Summer! And of course, Little B has been replaced, by my brother once again. You see, my brother was complaining about his lack of t-shirts and because, you know, sometimes we've gotta do these things in life, I treated him to one. And he's thoroughly pleased.

Within moments of him arriving at our parents house, he'd put it on, and after much 'hoo haa' (it was definitely a hoohaa moment!), his girlfriend and myself persuaded him that turning his trousers up made him look a bit cool! Now we're working on the fact that wearing no shoes doesn't make you 'hip'.. One step at a time hey!
That weekend was spent surrounded by delicious food and company, with the afternoons filled of blackberry picking (big thumbs up to Mama's wellies!), which completely feels like a distant memory now. The blackberries have been replaced by the apples falling off the tree, and the sun still shining, yet the crisp feeling in the air.
We're all for embracing Winter and the early drawing of the curtains, but after seeing these photos again, we just kinda wish for those Summer nights to last a little longer more...

I think Little Runkle has been watching too much Big Brother. He spends many a days sitting on this chair in the most weirdest of positions. Saying that, we packed the chairs up this week, resulting in one grumpy little fluff.. But hey, now that there's boxes to be jumping in and out of, the chairs have been long forgotten..

 With everything going on this week, all I've wanted to do is crash in my pyjamas and sit in front of the TV sipping hot chocolate on the sofa, but with no sofa and no TV, it's meant a lot of packing has been completed. And one very tired Little Me. I think I'm slowly flagging. One more week left.

 I probably shouldn't be admitting this, but our eating has been terrible these last few weeks. With no point stocking up the fridge, we've managed to live off crumpets and crisps so plenty of Orange juice and Lucozade has been consumed for energy levels. We can't wait till we get a good evening meal soon.

 Little Schmidt has been going wild this week. I'm pretty certain that he supervised Little B's mum as she sorted through the bookshelf, with his head peeping through the tunnel pulling the sweet face he always does. And with a face like that, he's been spoilt with many delicious seed treats this week.

 Little B has been working non stop, and been an utter superstar this week, in possibly sorting out the biggest thing in life we'll ever do. And I'm a pretty proud lady. Plus the fact he's off tonight, so we can actually spend an evening together, has made for an hourly countdown starting now. The indoor picnic shall commence.

And finally, probably the biggest news from us Little's, is that we think we may have just bought this house... Everything seems to have happened all too fast, but there was something about this place that we couldn't let slip through our fingers. In fairness, it wasn't at all what we had in mind, but it just goes to show that sometimes you just really don't know what you're after. But what we do know, is that we can finally get excited, and a place to call OUR home shall be sooner than we think.. I guess this means we're officially grown ups!
We may be little, but we're always up for a challenge, so when VoucherCodes asked if we wanted to show How We Wear Autumn with a styling budget of £80 for three items, there was no better time to dust off the cobwebs from the knitwear (I kid you not), and get us geared up for the weather. In classic prints at that too.

The Stripey tee (and the I-couldn't-resist cut out boots!)
Top: Topshop £16 (similar here) , Skirt: River Island, Shoes: New Look £24.99, Bag: Nica*

I think it's fair to say that every wardrobe needs a stripey tee. Which is a funny story, considering it was only last year that I took the step into buying my first one one (I know right, and thank you H&M kids for converting me) and now? Well I think I can just about count on two hands my stripe collection! I just love them! For me, not only do they work with every colour under the sun, but I love clashing them with a bold print too.
I chose to keep it simple however, after digging out my pleather skirt from last year, and adding tan accessories certainly made me feel a little chic. Finished off with a cool black coat (this is my new mission), and the cocktails will be calling my name, in what I think will be my new go to, favourite outfit this season.

The Paisley Print smock dress.
Dress: Asos, Leather Jacket: New Look, Bag and Boots: Primark.

I never need an excuse to buy a smock dress, in a pretty print too. I've been all about the smock dresses in the Summer, and let's face it, they'll be working wonders over the Christmas period! This one really caught my eye whilst browsing Asos, with it's reclaimed status and the Autumnal colour palette. Purple = winner.
I popped this on with my trusty leather jacket, and some of my old black boots (not forgetting the sparkly socks) and completed it with my burgundy satchel - because everybody likes to co-ordinate once in a while! Once the weather really takes a turn, adding some tights will have me ready to hit the shops and lunch dates in this get up. Because it makes me feel cool. And we all like to feel cool.

The Monochrome (and LOOK cats!) dress.
Dress: H&M £14.99, Leather Jacket and Black Boots: New Look.

I guess every so often, we all cotton on to a trend, and, well, we just join in. And with Monochrome always dipping in and out of fashion (actually amen to the monochrome forever!), it's the easiest way to look stylish on even the lowest of budgets. The slightest pop of white can make such a difference to a simple black outfit, and is ultimately the perfect look for that day to night that we all love to have.
I couldn't help myself when I spotted this adorable number, and buying a cat printed dress did nothing for my crazy-cat-lady status. But with it's effortless look, and flattering shape (thank you skater style dresses), teamed with my (other) black boots and a colourful bag makes this ideal for an evening out with your gal pals. 

A huge thank you to Mama Mcfred for taking these photographs - we got there eventually! And also to VoucherCodes for letting us buy some sweet new pieces (Little B did actually buy two print tee's - it took a while! but sadly has been working non stop, so he'll be saving them for a later date!). All items priced were chosen by myself (with deciding help from Little B) and all opinions are my own. And I bloomin' love them!

To Papa G and Mama Mcfred.

I couldn't wish the happiest of anniversaries if I tried, to anyone who deserves it more than the both of you. And even if I gave you the world today, I know that you're both just grateful to be able to spend it together on such a lovely day. Which makes me smile, like a lot of things that you both do. 

I like the way that you're still strong together, and your love is forever and always (as Papa says).
I like that however much has happened to the both of you, there's always a smile on your faces.
I like how Mama is always right. Even is Papa is actually right. Mama's still right.
I like that you've brought me and my brother up in the best way possible. We cannot thank you enough.
I like how you constantly care for us, and are there to pick us up when times get rough.
I like that you proved your vows right in standing by each other through sickness and health.
I like the fact Papa G has taught me that pie, sausages and fish fingers sarnies are the best dinners you can have.
I like that you're such sociable people, and never, ever turn down a sambucca (or two, or three...)
I like the way you both still guide me through life, with advice and guidance.
I like the fact that you're always at the end of the telephone, and your door is forever open.
I like how Mama has inspired me to become the woman she is today.
I like that you appreciate the small things, and take nothing for granted.
I like the way you tell stories of your life and experiences, with such passion and inspiration.
I like when you discuss Emmerdale at the dinner table, as though it's real life.
I (secretly) like that you're wishing for grandchildren soon, and wouldn't say no to a wedding.
And I'll always like how much love you give to us both. Unconditionally.

All my love, forever. x

Little Me wears: A dress from Bijou*, Peacocks boots* and a Primark belt.

Thinking back to when these photos were taken (yes, sadly I've had to become one of those, save them for a rainy day people), I should have taken in the last of the Summer and embraced it. Although the tights are still not on, nor shall they be for a few more weeks, it makes me a little sad to part with those real Summer dresses. I'm not normally a separate season wardrobe kinda girl, I mean pass me a jumper and tights and it'll work with pretty much everything, but I'm one to admit that getting back into a long sleeve dress makes me go slightly weak at the knees. There's just something about them (oh and pockets of course!).

Personally for me, this dress reminds me incredibly of Autumn, so it came in the post at just the right time, and if I'm being perfectly honest (when am I ever not?!), I feel ready to hit up the Alp mountains.. All that's missing are my pack of goats, some hair braids, and milk! Sadly the sleeves are a little too slouchy for my stumpy figure, but turning them up a notch did the job (or it WILL do the job, once I do it properly!), and now that I've the pretty Autumnal dress, I'm just awaiting the leaves to fall so I can have a darn good rustle in them.

Little Me wears: A Madam Rage dress*, Primark belt and Matalan boots.
Little B wears: A Burton cardigan, Pull and Bear tee, Topman jeans, Daniel Wellington watch* and Peacock boots*

There's definitely something about this little spot in the most beautiful village, that makes us feel like we're part of Pocahontas. Of course, John Smith has always been my first love (and always shall be), and with Little B offering to step in, and woo me with 'Just around the riverbend', I couldn't say no really. Plus he doesn't half look dashing in a burgundy cardigan. And when the sun was still around, it was the perfect opportunity to wear a new dress, although it's not like I never need an excuse to.. So a good morning was had by all I think.

When in a pretty little village, it's only fair to round it off with afternoon tea (especially before routine changed and Little B no longer has Monday's off.. BOO). In a grown up world, we should have realistically been packing up, instead of swanning around in a quaint tea shop (and 'getting rid of unwanted things' as Little B keeps saying ), but you know there's always room for scones and strawberry lemonade. And now that time together isn't as often, it most definitely makes us more determined to plan.
But for now, I'm going to play grown up, and start packing, because we're sofaless.. Once I've eaten the chocolate, and watched some TV trash on the beanbag. And maybe had a mooch around the house.

Tonight as I came home from work, I was greeted by Little B (a rare occurrence) and Little R, and as I headed upstairs to pop on my new pyjama's and close the curtains, with the heat rising from the radiator as I looked out at the cold and still darkness, I felt Autumn. And it made me feel pretty happy.
Autumn, we are embracing you with open arms and a big hot chocolate.

Peacocks Desert Boots | New Look Cut Out Boots.
We never need to see Winter to declare it boots weather although it most certainly has called for some new pairs to add to our ever growing collection. Call us predicatable but if they're either tan, black or grey, then you can bet your bottom dollar they're already heading for our wardrobe. Complete with black sparkly socks too (unless your Little B!)

Aesthetic Magazine.
The wonderfully put together magazine that is growing day by day with adorable illustrations, whimsical words and insprational features complete any evening snuggled up with a cup of tea. Oh and us in edition four has made our year. Actually all our years.

Holga Lens for IPhone 4S*.
Like the rest of the world, photographing our every move is happening. And if you can't beat them join them. That's what my brother did when he decided that actually he felt he'd made the most use out of this Holga Lens. So off to America it is, and filtering it shall be.

Vera Wang Princess | Next Definition for Men.
Variety is the spice of life, and that's our motto when it comes to perfume and aftershave. Besides our one true favourites (oh Miss Dior) it never gets old trying new scents, with duty free helping! For a last minute fix we're fans of Next because they just never fail to disappoint.. And the prices!

As with moving, comes packing. And with that comes cat in boxes. We've decided to move back in with my parents for a short while, as we're now on the hunt to buy our own house (does this officially make us grown ups?) so of course, these things don't want to be rushed into, but it also means that we can get things sorted whilst staying with the folks (which we're hugely grateful too.). It will also be a nice treat for Little R to finally head outside, without a harness - although I don't think my parents are quite ready for his over excited behaviour..
Little Me wears: A cami from New Look, trousers from Select and Topshop sandals.
Little B wears: A River Island tee, Topman shorts and Brakeburn shoes.

Do not fear, it's the last of the holiday outfit snaps, so we saved the best till last (well in my opinion anyway!) Because surely we all love to see a bit of wild mullet hair, and trousers that really don't suit me.. Everybody needs a chuckle towards the end of the week, and I thought I would do just that for you.
You see, I guess like most people, we get these ideas that we can look good in certain items of clothing, and we continuously try things on even though every time we just KNOW that they're not right. That's my problem with printed trousers. But on this one occasion (actually the night before the Company awards!), I convinced myself that these worked, and I looked like the bees knees.. When reality kicked in the next evening, what I saw in the mirror was not what I imagined in my head. And with that, I threw them to the back of my wardrobe. 

Fast forward a few months when I stumbled upon them (as you do) and once again I thought it could work, for that famous 'airport look' - you know the one, oh I'm just in my casual, easy pieces trying to look like I've not made an effort but oh so have. And I'm still not sure. But I still wore it anyway.
That's when Little B becomes Mr Sensible.. 'If they're not right in the first place, then don't bother with them' is what he'll always say. But please tell me it's a girl thing, and that we all do it? Right? And anyway, Little B would rather spend his money on some delicious tasting cocktails rather than a snazzy pair of trousers that make me look like I'm the eighth member of S Club 7! Or in this instance, cat food for his new found friends on holiday...

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