Guest Post: Tea Toast Fashion


Livvy: Top - New Look. Skirt & Sandals - Primark. Necklace - gift. Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company
Jay: Shirt - H&M. Jeans - Topman. Shoes - Dune.

Hello lovely readers of Little Winter! I'm Livvy from and today I have bribed my boyfriend Jay (with cake) to join me on this special guest post whilst the Winters are on their holibobs. We shot these pictures before we nipped out for a delish' dinner with Jays family, however I discovered this skirt and a mountain of seafood pasta makes for a serious food baby look.. however it does win me back in the fact that the cheeky slit up the side (oh saucy!) means I can swish about to my hearts content, and that my friends is a lot of swishing.
I hope you've enjoyed our little takeover today and haven't fallen asleep drooling on the keyboard from my rambling!


  1. Aww you both look lovely! I hate maxi skirts that make my legs feel all trapped in, so the slit would win me over too!
    emmerliejay x

  2. Aw, love this guest post! Her blog is so cute!

    Xo, Hannah

  3. Well don't you both look lovely! And swishy skirts are just the best aren't they? x

    The Little Things

  4. that skirt is gorgeous! xo


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