Little Me wears: A dress, bag and boots all from Peacocks*.
Little B wears: A Peacocks tee*, Topman jeans, Surfdome belt and Peacocks boots*.

Whatever we're doing, there is always time in our lives for tea dresses and boots. We're not ashamed to admit that boots get us a little excited. In all variety. And when Little B got sent these desert boots, I'm pretty certain he did a happy jig, actually, I KNOW he did. He's been after some for a while, but couldn't quite find the right pair, until he spotted this pair. I think his life is now complete.  To be fair, the jigging didn't stop there when it was my turn to drool over this tea dress. I'd actually spied it on Kat's wishlist a while back, and managed to make room in my wardrobe for this perfectness of purple and pink. I may even go an extra step, and say that I feel a bit like Zooey D. All that's missing is my bike with a basket (trust me, I'm working on that one!)


The debate has now begun with Summer coming to an end, I'm hoping that we'll find time to squeeze in one last picnic where this dress will be ideal amongst strawberries and cakes, yet Little B is secretly wishing for Winter so he can potter around in his boots. I think there's always time for boots. But then a man in shorts and boots....?
There's no place quite like parading your new fancy frock, in a field full of wheat. Because hey, if you can't do it in the town where the Weetabix is made, then when can you?!
Little Me wears: A Lashes of London dress* and Superga trainers*.
Little B wears: A Burton tee, Primark shorts and Superga trainers*. 

And so the holiday blues have officially kicked in, after approximately 19 hours at home. Of course we were extremely excited to see the furries (although not so sure they felt the same), but we didn't half make the most of our cheeky lie ins whilst away. That soon changed this morning, when Little R decided that actually he'd befriend us again... But I think he was just eyeing up the parcels we'd received, in the hope we'd hurry up and open them (ooh he loves a bit of plastic and tissue!). When I unwrapped this dress, it took me seconds to decide what I would be popping on today! Plus white plimsoles never seem to fail with a pretty printed dress. Unless you're Little B and living on the edge with a burgundy pair, and teaming them with your trusty stripey tee. Wild thing.

I'm going to be honest, this dress won points today for helping to hide bread belly. It's funny how we're forever discussing (I say discussing because I certainly never get round to it) our bikini bodies we always long for, yet the minute you step off that plane, nobody cares. And more importantly, why can't we stop eating bread on holiday at every single meal?!! Never mind our suitcases coming back heavier, I think it's fair to say Little B and I could have done with some weighing. But alas, holiday is over now and reality has kicked back in.
Starting with a super early night giving the furriest extra squidges, a big ole bar of Milka to be consumed and a film. As per usual. And I'm already looking forward to a bread filled breakfast. Because hey, it's Winter soon right?
Little Winter takeover

Hello Little Winter fans! I'm Claire and as well as being one of Katy's boogie nights companions, I write Jazzpad, a style and fashion blog based in Sheffield. As Little Winter is about a whole family of Littles, it seemed only natural for me to drag my little bloggy family into the mix to take over for the day while Katy's off on her jollies. 
Introducing the other half of Jazzpad, behind the camera. This is my lovely beau Liam, who takes many of my outfit photos. Needless to say, without him, I'd be pretty lost! Lots of us rely on our other halves to help our blogs stay, well, in check, at least. Liam rolls his eyes on a regular basis when I come home with yet another parcel, or when I'm late home from an event, or when I need him to take just a few more outfit shots because the lighting isn't quite right. I mean, I wouldn't say I'm demanding, but I thought it's about time for him to have his say.....
  Little Winter takeover
Did you like each other's dress sense when you first met? Claire: Careful..... Liam: ...Yes! When I first met Claire she was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, and still is underneath all of those labels. She didn't really care about what she looked like, and it was refreshing. She still doesn't wear too much makeup, and never makes me late for going out and stuff. Claire: Well, that was nicer than I was expecting for the first question. Liam was a proper indie boy back in the mid noughties, band t-shirts, dreams of a Libertines tattoo, the lot. That was very fanciable to a swoony teenager! Do you enjoy being a part of the blogging world?  Claire: Obviously! Liam: It has it's perks, though it can a pain in the bum because it takes up so much time! Claire loves it though, so that's cool. She keeps recommending menswear blogs for me to read, or asking me to do a menswear column on her own blog but I dunno. I'm the pictures guy - she's the one with words!
  Little Winter takeover
What's your favourite look on each other?  Liam: I really liked Claire in this dress [above]. She looked really grown up and lovely - though I always think she looks great in a pretty dress. Probably because she hardly ever does, she likes her androgyny and sportswear kind of style. Claire: Liam's got a uniform. He won't mind me saying that. Every day his go-to style is a shirt, black trousers and converse, and I LOVE it. I'm often jealous that guys seem to have it easier to look good - it's much more simple for them! This is one of my favourite photos of him [above], it was in the middle of summer and we went to a castle for a picnic. He looks great! What do you like most about each other's fashion sense? Claire: He gets really excited when he finds a printed shirt or jacket or bag he doesn't already own. He's got guts to mix it all up (print clashing is cool in the womenswear world too, right?) and it makes him stand out from the crowd. Plus, he doesn't own any chinos. Or aztec t-shirts. Or vests. Which are all bonus points. Liam: Claire's experimental. I guess it comes with her creativityy, but she's pretty spontaneous and throws stuff together a lot. I like that about her personality, though it can be annoying when she changes her mind on an outfit last minute! I thought she looked really cool at the #VintSetFest, I liked how unexpected she looked, and not like the other girls.
  Little Winter takeover
There you go guys! The insight into a blogging relationship. I hope you enjoyed! For more ramblings and unexpected sartorial nonsense, come and say hello over at my blog, called Jazzpad. Big smooshes to Katy for letting me take over for the day! That girl is awesomesauce.

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Stephanie wears: Tshirt from Orange Circle| Skirt from ASOS
Sam wears: Tshirt from Orange Circle| Shorts from Next

Hi everyone 
I come to you today from Stephanie Dreams, my name is Steph and I am guest blogging on this amazing blog today.
As we all know the Little Winters are the perfect family blog, and I really love seeing Little B pose in his awesome outfits. I'm not afraid to say that I fancy Katy a little bit too much, and I'm sure Sam want's to be Matt. When we were asked to do a couples post for them, I jumped at the chance (and Sam had to oblige).
Sam has a huge love for swallow's at the moment, he's bought more than enough tees and shirts with them on (thanks Primark) so when we were picking our matching outfits he was quickly drawn to this one. I'm trying to change my wardrobe up a little bit, and this post really inspired me to wear a few more tshirts with skirts and shorts. I love getting inspiration from bloggers and reading blogs, and getting excited about the items in your wardrobe is something that's really important to me. I want to be proud of it and be ready to wear everything and anything in it.

We had lots of fun taking these snaps on our recent get away, on our tour of the Midlands! Sam features in a lot of my lifestyle posts but I think he would secretly like to become a 'star', although I think a food blog would be more up his street.
Thank you Little Winters for letting us guest post for you, I can't wait to see the other bloggers and their boi's.

Livvy: Top - New Look. Skirt & Sandals - Primark. Necklace - gift. Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company
Jay: Shirt - H&M. Jeans - Topman. Shoes - Dune.

Hello lovely readers of Little Winter! I'm Livvy from and today I have bribed my boyfriend Jay (with cake) to join me on this special guest post whilst the Winters are on their holibobs. We shot these pictures before we nipped out for a delish' dinner with Jays family, however I discovered this skirt and a mountain of seafood pasta makes for a serious food baby look.. however it does win me back in the fact that the cheeky slit up the side (oh saucy!) means I can swish about to my hearts content, and that my friends is a lot of swishing.
I hope you've enjoyed our little takeover today and haven't fallen asleep drooling on the keyboard from my rambling!

Rosiebum wears: ASOS dress [no longer in stock], Clarks sandals £35.99
Tombum wears: Volcom polo shirt £33.99, Globe trainers £52, Primark chinos.

It's fair to say that I was pretty excited when Katy emailed me to ask if I wanted to do a little joint outfit post with my more-commonly-found-behind-the-camera boyfriend, Tom (I feel he should be Tombum for the purposes of speaking in proper Little Winter lingo!) This is not only because I simply adore Katy's blog, and it's a great honour to see our faces appearing in a wonderful world of pretty quilts, hot Ribena and animal families (if only we were able to do it more often in real life - this is code for, Katy, can I come and live with you?) but also because I think it's fun to get the boys involved and to be able to give up a little bit of the limelight now and then. Tom actually had his own photoshoot  on my blog a little while ago along with our own little fluffy animal, Bodhi the dog. He got far too many encouraging comments about his posing and him being a natural in front of the camera for my liking, I've had to wrestle a little bit of that limelight back!

These photos were taken when we were in France in June, and as soon as Katy emailed me I thought they'd be perfect for this post. We were out having an amazing lunch at a beautiful little restaurant so we both had our gladrags on and were thoroughly enjoying the incredibly warm temperatures that France offered up that day!

I hope you've enjoyed our little guest spot on Little Winter, thank you to the lovely Katy and Littlebum for having us!

This last week has seen us give Little Winter a break. It wasn't an intentional break, but actually thinking about it, it's been really nice. Nice to not worry about making sure we've snapped our outfits or taken a good picture of our food. Nice just to take time away from it, and not turn the computer on all week. Because after all, life is for living.. And we need the life to live, in order to get photos. Right? (Does that even make any sense at all?!). Although, to be honest, majority of it has been spent in bed getting stupidly addicted to Hollyoaks, whilst making mind lists for holiday essentials. It's fair to say, our lists have been forgotten (and re-thought various times over), our TV has been somewhat abused lately, too many crumpets have been consumed and the washing hasn't been done all week. 
But hey we're off on holiday on Sunday and it's definitely what the doctor ordered.

Little B has been working a lot lately, and although we live together, it's been a bit rubbish as we've wanted to do nothing more than snuggle on the sofa, under the cat blanket with a big bar of chocolate (each!). He's very much counting down the days till we go on holiday, and preparing his unsunkissed body with tanning tablets. But of course, his new found golf love comes first, with a game booked just hours before our flight! What a wild thing.

Little Schmidt has been having a few too many lazy days lately. A bit like us really, and has taken his bed to numerous places, beginning near the wheel and finishing up under his water bottle. To be honest he's got it sussed, if we could cart our beds with us, we'd be doing just that too. I think he's looking forward to a week with the house sitter (aka cousin Charlie!).. Apple treats galore will be on the cards for him! And he's always one for a party.

Little Runkle called time on our 'famship' this week, until we spend more weekends playing ping pong with him, and giving him extra treats for being cute. He's been the first one in the bathroom the last few mornings where family bathroom meetings seem to happen. And he's also been trying to sort his OCD whenever he's used his litter tray... We're getting there. Currently knocking the tidying down to 5 minutes each session. Work in progress.

With Little B working, I've had too much time on my hands this week, and actually been missing him a little bit. In the attempt to pack for holiday, I've realised that I also don't own anything overly Summery.. So after the biggest debate in town, I finally came home with a camisole. I guess this is me getting a little grown up and showing some more flesh. Although, not at the rate I keep eating Oreo chocolate every night.. Food baby central down here!
Little Me wears: A Madam Rage dress*, New Look sandals and a Primark belt.
Little B wears: An ASOS top, Topman shorts and Primark plimsoles.

How life can change so easily as you get older. It was only a few years back, that I'd be chuckling at how Mama Mcfred would be on her evening walk, alongside many dog walkers, and the only difference between her and them was that she didn't have a dog. Or a lead with her. We even contemplated buying her a lead, so she could at least 'fit in'. Fast foward to now, and that's basically what Little B and I do, because let's face it, the hidden dog walking spots are actually the most scenic and always calming of places for a stroll.

On our way to afternoon tea with Little B's parents (of course we had to give them a taste of the local scones, farm shops, and strawberry lemonade!) we pulled up at one of the quiet spots that has a secret place in our hearts. For a few moments we get lost in the gentle flow of the stream, and the winding pathway that seems to go on forever. We're incredibly lucky that we're surrounded by so many beautiful villages. And this one does not disappoint (it's bookmarked on Rightmove!). And in true fashion, my shoe attire was of the wrong choice. As always.. 

You may have also noticed that Little B had a bit of a hair cut (I swear, the free beer with a trim always works!). He'd been debating going a lot shorter for a few months. You see, it's been a bit of a sore subject, but as a teen he suffered from thin hair, with it only getting thinner as the years went on, and after trialing many pills and caffeine shampoo, he took the simple route and went for the shaved look. It took a while getting used to it, but actually, I don't think he looks half bad. At least he's stopped using my shampoo now!
 Little Me wears: A Zara dress, Matalan boots and bag and RayBan sunglasses.
Little B wears: An ASOS tee, shorts, Quicksilver flipflops, Surfdome belt *and Bolle sunglasses.

Hi we're Little Winter and we dress similar. OK, either we need to just get over noticing this and get on with life, or basically just stop wearing the same colour. And we both really shouldn't even be allowed to wear white considering we're messy people. But alas, this dress was too pretty to leave sitting on those crammed Zara rails, and ended up coming home with us. Because after all, everybody likes to feel like Kate Bush every once in a while right?

Little B has spent many hours in his white tee. He calls it his 'Summer tee'. I'm still waiting for a bit of Ribena to spill down it, but so far we're alright.. And popping on his flip flops, makes him get lost in the heat and pretend that we're already abroad. Until reality kicks in and we remember that we're back at work the following day. Oh life! But hey, only 16 days till we head off to Spain. And we really bloody can't wait to just chill out, in little clothing and get a bit merry every night with our dear friends.

Tonight is spent (just like every night this week, we kid you not), with a bar of chocolate, our thinnest pyjamas and some trash on TV, because we love nothing more than chilling out on a Friday night. And a Thursday, and Wednesday. And pretty much every day of the week. Unless there's a BBQ on!
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