Truffle Shuffle


Little Me wears: A Truffle Shuffle tee*, Rokit skirt and Primark pumps.
Little B wears: A Truffle Shuffle tee*, Topman shorts and Primark pumps.

Looking back, we can now see why we were given some funny glances last week when we both rocked our Truffle Shuffle tee's and Primark pumps (of course these aren't labelled that, but still, we looked right ninnys!). And again, the similar couple dressing continues. I guess we'll just never learn...
But in the midst of all this sunshine and the beach, we got a bit carried away, with Little B putting on his new shorts immediately, and the chance for me to dig out this favourite skirt of mine (even if a little see through!) And yes, we're going to be honest, we felt pretty damn cool. Pass us some scrunchies and a bumbag thanks!

I think it's fair to say that this tee is now Little B's ultimate go to (I've lost count of him wearing it now!), which is a nice thing on one hand, but not so fun when he constantly hums the theme tune for the rest of that day..
Alas, with all the humming that was happening, a cheeky chocolate minty fudge ice cream sure did the trick for the afternoon and kept him nice and quiet whilst having a stroll through Brighton. And once again, we spent our time deciding every five minutes at which colour house we fancied living in. Honestly, we're probably the worlds worst for changing our minds. And decision making at that..!


  1. Round the Twist! That's in my head now. Thanks ;) These are very cool t-shirts and I don't think you look too matchy matchy. Just in-sync!

  2. Ah, I love Saved By The Bell! That top is great!

  3. I love the Saved by the bell t-shirt, could definitely see myself wearing that one haha. The skirt is realy pretty as well! lovely photos x

  4. Absolutely love both tees! Loved both programmes as a kid!
    Those ice creams look so do the houses! I love ice cream coloured houses, but my boyfriend isn't a fan :( Boring. xx

  5. Awh, I love seeing couples dressing similarly! There's definitely no chance of that with my boy, unless I fancy donning some bright nike hi-tops and adidas hoodies.

    Your little trip to Brighton sounds lovely, too! xo

  6. That Saved by the Bell tee is INCREDIBLE! I love it! xxx

  7. Saved by the Bell used to be one of my all time favourite shows! You guys looks great and I love the last photo!

  8. that saved by the bell t shirt is the absolute best. amazing! your photos are beautiful. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  9. Great pictures! I love your outfit - the skirt is lovely! :)

    You've now made me want ice cream xxx

  11. Ahh these t shirts are amazing!
    Although I do now have the round the twist theme stuck in my head too!

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  12. Oh my! Going Round the Twist t-shirt! I didn't even know such a thing ever existed! *wants* That's simply awesome.

  13. haha I think the tee's are brilliant!! Looks like you had a lovely time!

  14. That place is adorable!
    And I love your outfit, so simple yet cute.
    My blog on Bloglovin

  15. Totally humming the Round the Twist theme tune right about now. I loved that programme but some episodes were terrifying! Love your tshirt too, looks mega cute with that skirt.xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  16. These T-shirts are just incredible! Saved by the bell was my favourite tv programme between the ages of 10-15 haha, I need that top.
    Lovely pictures too by the way :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  17. Oh childhood, come baaaaack! :) x

  18. Great style guys! Looks like a lovely day!

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    Thanks! x

  19. Oooo I love this t-shirt!!! Your outfit is so cute


  20. I love the t-shirt!!! and the ice-creams look delicious :)


    Style and Paper

  21. I love that Round the Twist tee shirt, so cool! And Saved by the Bell is always a winner :)

    I've added your blog to my blogroll, if you have a minute pleease check it out at


    Soph xx


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