Our favourite apps

Like the rest of the world and their nan's, we rely a lot on mobile phones. And spend a great deal of time on them too. How feeling like the cool kid with your Nokia 3310 has completely changed and gone are the days of snake, being replaced by many games and apps. And social media at our fingertips wherever we are.
So Dial A Phone asked us to list a few of our favourite apps that we use (shamelessly) on a daily basis.

If you'd told us five years ago, that our ultimate favourite photo's would be of our cereal breakfasts, we'd have laughed in your face. But of course fast forward to now, and uploading and sharing your meal times seem to just be a natural part of our day now. We've always been fans of taking photographs (everybody loves a flower snap), so being able to add an effect and share them with friends within minutes of clicking the camera has never been easier. And now there's video too, it just keeps getting better and better.

You've placed your bid on that bargain Topshop dress or that incredible piece of furniture, and you've headed off to work, praying that in those hours you're away from the computer you don't get outbid. Well not anymore, because with the Ebay app, you're able to browse and bid on the bus, at the supermarket or even in the doctors. We always find ourselves browsing through furniture and books, and bookmarking anything and everything.

It's Saturday night and we've just gotten ready in our favourite outfit and rocking a pretty awesome hairstyle and we wanna share it (we've already done the Instagram part!). WIWT is the perfect app for uploading your outfit and tagging your clothes for other users. It's also a great place to get some style inspiration and lust after some fab shoes (and see who takes a good mirror shot!).

New Look.
As a blogger, it's pretty hard not to find yourself on various websites looking at the New In section of Asos, or the Sale corner of Topshop. And New Look is up there, being fast. And easy, because we all like easy. I spend a lot of my lunch scrolling through the endless dresses, and the beautiful coats (I'm already lusting after a Parka for the winter!). Oh and did I mention that they have an offers tab.. Which always lures me in..


  1. i love wiwt,i get so much fashion inspo from that app!x


  2. Shazam is one of my favourites! :) I'm constantly finding new music that way.

    Sam xx

  3. Tumblr is one of my favourite apps at the moment ! Might try out the new look app :)

  4. I didn't know about the WIWT one, so checking that out now :)

  5. Instagram takes over my life haha!

  6. Instagram and Shazam are our favourite apps
    Olivia & Sophie

  7. Ooh I hadn't heard of that WIWT app - downloading it now! Thanks for the heads up! The ebay app is amazing, and we all love a bit of instagram. I love the groupon app too - great for finding deals, especially for lovely afternoon teas. xx

  8. We've never heard of WIWT but we're with you on the rest of the apps, however we do use Topshop :)

  9. I love nosing at the apps that people use. Instagram is my fave, as with the majority of bloggers! x

  10. i love your instagram - your breakfasts always look so good! x