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This week we've been trying to cool down, so going to sleep hasn't been easy.. Not when this little one brings up flowers he's picked! My 14p flowers that are still going strong too!

This week I wore my hair up one day. It was a very strange day, but I did feel nice and cool (not literally). This week, I ate lots of pizza all to myself.. Garlic pizza too!

This week Little S has been taking it slow, probably from the heat also! We're enjoying cuddles with him. On Monday we went for a walk, and had a rare PDA moment. Very rare!

This week we received the best t-shirts in the post. Little B has already worn his twice! And we can't stop singing it! Somedays I long for skylight windows from Velux so I can lay underneath them and see the stars. But for now, I'll sit on my windowsill, with the blinds up and pretend to be the cat.

This week we've decided to revamp our living room. Since receiving these cushions, we're going to base it around them! Here's Little S playing peekaboo in Little B's hands. What a scrummy thing!

This week we got half a day to spend in the sun, so did nothing more than find a stream and count the dragon flys. Wearing a pretty dress of course. Little R has been obsessed with balloons lately, and has taken to eating them!!


  1. I love the saved by the bell tee!

  2. How scrummy does that pizza look!

  3. Your posts are so lovely! I genuinely love reading them.xo

  4. Looks like you've had another lovely week! I love these posts, it's always really nice/interesting to get a little look into other bloggers lives.

  5. Oh I've now got that theme tune in my head!

  6. Oh I got a lovely shirt in the post this week from TruffleShuffle too, they're PR guy is so lovely. Little R is such a cutie!

    Water Painted Dreams

  7. my favourite is the window sill photo - there is something about big window sills you can sit on that i absolutely adore. x

  8. Aww your cat is sooooo cute!!! And your photographs are just so... surreal and beautiful. Love the windowsill photograph.

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  9. When strange things happen, are you going round the twist?
    I used to love that. Where are those t-shirts from? They're amazing!

  10. Good to see your 14p flowers are still going strong, such a bargain!
    I've been wearing my hair up constantly in this heat, I cannot cope with it down. I wore it down Saturday and ended up stealing a bobble off my cousin. x

  11. Have you ever, ever felt like this. When strange things happen are you going round the twist! I used to love that show. My friend remembered it this weekend and we couldn't stop singing it, how funny!

    Hope you're well missy. xxx


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