Home Improvement hero challenge

As you most likely know, we're partial to making our home look nice (and floral, and fairy lighted, and pink - maybe more my part!), so when Money Supermarket gave us the challenge to change the feel of a room for £50 it finally pushed our Little Bum's into sorting out the living room. That we'd been on about doing for a while now..
And it's fair to say that we may have gone a little crazy in B&M store. But hey, everybody loves a bargain or two!

In all honesty, we didn't hate how the living room was (although this picture doesn't half look a bit drab?!), but with these purple cushions and curtains seeing us through two houses and getting a little battered, it was time for a change. Something a bit lighter (and to hide those sofa's..because sadly I'm not a fan) and, well, fresh.

Throw (£6.99), curtains (£14.99 each) and cushions (2 for £8): B&M store.
After much debate, we opted for a slight pastel theme, although finding a pastel pink cushion was NOT easy! In the end we stuck with some teal curtains (that needed no Mama Mcfred cutting and sewing!), a new throw for Little R to get lost in and some fresh new pastel cushions.

I'd never really had a soft spot for this table. It was practical, and a good size, but that was all that won me over. And since moving to our cottage we found that it made the room a little darker and had become a little lost hidden away in the corner. Oh and it needed some colour to it.

Paint (£6.99): Johnstone, Curtains: B&M store. Frame: The Range.
Of course, because there isn't enough white furniture in the bedroom, we attempted our first 'DIY' (if you can call it that) and popped on a few coats of paint. We can honestly say it's made all the difference to the (in the words of Flannagan) 'ambience', and we've now found a new love for this table. Tea parties anyone?

Flowers on the table are always pretty, but Little R had taken a liking to pulling these out of the pot and flicking them on the floor. So off they headed up to the spare bedroom, where his little paws couldn't get to them!

Rice lights and bowl (£2.99): B&M Store. Coasters: Vintage Fayre.
Because we don't already own enough fairy lights (Little B would totally disagree), we liked the idea of rice lights in a fish bowl. And this bowl was too good a bargain to be missed! Plus it sits nicely with our pastel coasters.

Unit: B&M Store,  Candle: The Range, Teacups: Dunelm.
Little B decided to treat us to this ever so perfect little unit (we'd sold a bedroom unit, so it only seemed fair to buy a new one) and it fits perfectly on our wonky walls. Filled with sweet scented candles, squidgy marshmallows and our favourite purple birds.

White French Furniture Stool: Out There Interiors*
Little R completely agrees with us when we say this stool is utterly beautiful. Sadly, we don't have a dressing table (I know right?!) and after painting the table, we thought it would fit just nicely under the window. After all it's another seat for when we have the whole family over.

Throw and cushion: B&M store.
There's nothing quite like new cushions, all plump and smelling pretty nice too. This duck egg colour was right up our street, and with them being 2 for £8, we couldn't resist them! It didn't take us long to snuggle down and have a nap with them either and the super soft new throw. Heavenly.

Tealight holders: Dunelm. Clock: B&M store.
After receiving these tealight holders at Christmas from a relative, we've adapted our stone shelf around them. They're the perfect thing to light up at the end of a long day! We debated adding a few more to the collection, but Little B had been after a clock for the centre piece, and this one was just what he'd been after.

And of course, no room can ever look fresher than buying a sweet bunch of flowers, and placing them in an old coffee jar. Because that's what I like to buy every Monday. And if we don't leave the supermarket without them, then something isn't right!


  1. looks lovely x


  2. love the little touches, they make all the difference and show it doesn't have to be a huge DIY faff :) I wish there was a Dunelm near me! xx

  3. Little touches can make such a difference. Love the pastel colours theme.

    chelseyxlou.blogspot.co.uk xo

  4. The table looks great!! Isn't it crazy what a difference a can of paint can make?!

  5. Lovely photos of the new place! It's look wonderfully beautiful! The table and wall unit are my fav for sure, really changed the place up. The stall is just the sweetest thing too.
    Well done (hope you win!) xxx

  6. Katy you have the cutest house i've ever seen! I want to move in!

  7. Can't believe how much you got for just £50! It all looks so good!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  8. It's looks so pretty and cosy! Love the lovely little stool and tealight holders, so cute! xo


  9. It looks lovely! And it just goes to show how much a quick lick of paint can brighten up a room too with regards to your table, I'm currently in the process of re-painting all my boring old pine furniture!

    The Little Things

  10. Oh wow you really managed to get your money's worth! It's amazing what you can do with just a little bit of cash, and your home is so beautiful :) xx


  11. I think it looks great, you definitely are an amazing bargain shopper. Seriously impressed.

  12. Your blog is definitely one of my favourites - I love seeing your beautiful home, although it does make me envious because it is perfect! It's amazing what you can do with a small amount of cash, I love the rice lights and bowl, so unique and quirky looking.
    Would you mind if I ask you a bit of a cheeky question? Do you own your home or are you renting? I'm just curious as I'd like to move out in the not too distant future and I'm a bit clueless. Hope you don't mind me asking (: xx


  13. You've got some fantastic bargains there, I absolutely love the lights in the bowl. I've been doing a bit of shopping for moving out in to my new flat in September so think I will have to check out B&M!xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  14. I love everything you've done! You've made such a change for not very much money. I'm planning on painting a very similar looking table over the weekend so I hope it turns out as nice as yours has!
    You've found some fab bargains - I love B&M and dunelm for homewares!

    Jenni x


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  16. Oh your house is really looking lovely :)

    Julia x

  17. You've done so well, everything looks real pretty and totally transformed, super cosey looking.
    I've been considering painting my dining room table & chairs white for quite a while now, it is on the 'to do' list.
    I love the fish bowl with fairy lights, though I'm sure my cats would end up pulling the lights out! x

  18. Wow, a great transformation there! I love it all! x

  19. your table looks great, surprising what a big difference a splash of paint can make.

  20. You did a GREAT job painting you table! Wow, what a difference. It looks beautiful :)

    xo Ashley

  21. It looks wonderful - I can't believe you did so much with £50. You did such a good job on the table too, it looks like the perfect place to drink tea and eat cake :)

  22. This is really lovely, you've done such a great job! You have a gorgeous home xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow