Happy Birthday Little B

To Mr Little B,

Now it's not very often I get sentimental and slushy.. But of course, the time has come around when I tell you nice things and wish you the best happy birthday. Because you're a pretty good egg. And I like you.

I like the way you've made us a better and stronger couple. Together.
I like how you love and care for the two little furries, so much so that my heart melts when I see you with them.
I like when you wear your shirts buttoned up to the top, with your burgundy jeans, and your brown boots.
I like how you'll let me buy heart shaped homeware and mostly never complain.
I like that you secretly like our floral printed bedroom. And the fairylights on the bed.
I like when you ask me if your clothes make you look like One Direction sometimes.
I like how you whisper nice things into my ear on days out together.
I like the way you look at me from afar when something has cheered me up.
I like that you're a bit of a grandad and wear your slippers all the time.
I like it when you bring home some chocolate for me after your shift has finished.
I like that we go on date nights and find new farm shops for lunches, every few weeks.
I like how you're a family man and are always smiling at parties. Even if you're drunk.
I like that you have a really nice, warm heart. And that you're passionate. For everything.
And I secretly like that you have dimples.

All my love, Little Me x


  1. Awwww Katy this is lovely! If he brings you chocolate he's certainly a keeper! Happy birthday little b!

  2. What a lovely post! Happy birthday to him! :)

  3. Awww! He sounds like a keeper! Happy birthday to him! xx


  4. So cute, you guys make the most adorable couple! <3

  5. Oh my godness - how cute and with ALL your love you've written this short BUT truly emotional post for your BIG Mr. Little B!:)

    Bye and I wish you a nice and lovely weekend!


  6. Awwh you cuties, happy birthday:) xx

  7. Oh this is so sweet, it actually gave me goosebumps. Little B sounds wonderful.
    My boyfriend has dimples too, and I think they're so cute.
    Happy birthday Little B, hope you have the best day! xx

  8. This is so beautiful! Happy birthday! xxx


  9. So sweet and thoughtful! :) x

  10. This is too lovely! Happy Birthday to Little B, hope the day is wonderful! xxx

  11. This is very sweet, it's like a present in itself. Really hope he has an ace birthday.

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  13. Aw, this is so adorable! :D You make a wonderful couple, happy birthday Little B! X


  14. This was so sweet! Happy birthday to your lovely boy :)


  15. This is too cute :) you two are such an adorable couple! Happy birthday to little B x
    Rosalie x

  16. This is so so sweet! You are a wonderful couple, Happy Birthday Little B! x


  17. You two are adorable :)

    Hope Little B has a fantastic birthday! xx

    One hand in my pocket

  18. Too cute!

    - Trina xx

  19. Aw, amazing. So much love between you too, it's just stunning. I hope little B had a wonderful Birthday, lots of love to him & kisses to you <3


  20. Awwwww, how lovely :) I hope Little B had a brilliant birthday, you're both so damn cute together in photos! x