Maxi dress, Maxi skirt, Sandals, Desert boots, White tee, Board shorts.

We're not going to lie, but since the weather's changed, we've realised that actually long sleeved dresses and t-shirts probably aren't ideal, so we've been on the hunt for some new summer bits. One's that are a bit practical at that too!
Whilst browsing Bonprix (believe us, it's not all for middle aged people!) we found a few hidden gems, in the form of pastel maxi skirts, quirky tunics, and block colour board shorts, which are perfect for a week away. I've really got my eye on the maxi dress, and although not a huge fan of them, there's something quite appealing about this one that's maybe swayed me. And even though we'll only want to be wearing flip flops (especially these neon beauties!), Little B couldn't help but pick out these Desert boots. He's a bit of a fan of brown boots!
As if we weren't already excited for a week of hot sun, we're really excited now! Hurry up August!


  1. I love those sandals! The maxi dress is perfect too! I hope you have a great time when you go away xx

  2. Those swim shorts make me think of holidays!

  3. I really love all of the items in this post! Isn't this weather just amazing, its nice to be able to wear summer things ! Nicole x

  4. Love your picks babe - that blue maxi is cute :) xx

    Cat - One hand in my pocket

  5. You have a very elegant style. I love all your choices, especially the boots, which I am definitely going to buy before Christmas.
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