Little Me wears: A ChiChi dress* and Dorothy Perkins shoes.
Little B wears: A River Island shirt, Asos trousers and tie and TK Maxx shoes.

We're going to put this out there first, and say that we don't spend our days off parading around in this kind of attire (we wish), but you know, every once in a while it's nice to feel like a business man and a princess (?!), and get dressed up. So we did. Because we're not too sure when I'll be able to wear this dress again..
Sadly, it seems the only time Little B gets to don his suit attire as of late, is at funerals, which isn't the most appropriate place to stop for a blog photo. And when this dress arrived, he'd suggested that we show the world (yes the world!), that we can do dapper too. And besides my half slutty shoes, I don't think we did too badly.

If you know me, or even notice from previous posts, there's never that much cleavage on show. In fact, there's never any (much to Little B's dismay).. So you can only imagine my face staring at my reflection, as Little B zipped up my dress. It was different, very different. Has it converted me to low cut tops? Most certainly not! BUT it has made me consider a sweetheart/corset neckline in the future. Although, it would mean no chicken dancing. And if ever there's chance to chicken dance (big fan over here), this so takes priority over a pretty lace corset top anyday.

Aside from dodgy dance moves, we wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your extra kind comments on this post. We really didn't expect this response at all, but it's so refreshing to see that we're not the only one's who blog for happiness and as a place to escape. You're all a bit too lovely, and if our house was big enough, we'd be inviting you all over in a flash. Although I'm not sure how Little B would feel about that.. He knows that if there was cocktails involved, then the tidy fairies would have to step in my place, the following morning! So for now, we'll just say a big thank you. And throw in a few wet snogs from the furries.
You know when you read something, and then you notice it a bit more and it just starts to bug you that it doesn't go away? Yeah, well we have that.. All in the name of 'the perfect blog'.
We're not normally ones to make a big deal of things (trust us, we're always the first to scurry into the corner and hide!) but lately I've seen comments floating about Twitter and Blogger like 'getting fed up of seeing people making out their lives are perfect' and 'at least you're blog isn't so fake', and the world certainly doesn't revolve around us, but we felt we wanted to step in personally. For our own piece of mind.
When we changed this blog over to Little Winter, we mentioned that we weren't the 'perfect couple', just like any other couple. Like the rest of the world we have our ups and downs, and we bicker over who does the washing up, why my clothes are still sprawled over the floor and that Little B stays up too late sometimes, and when I last checked, that was pretty normal. Because we're just normal people. But we're not exactly going to be editing the photos of Little B having a strop in the bedroom because I managed to get my own way again, or Instagram the shot where I'm huddled on the sofa in my ugliest pyjama's having a cry over probably nothing important, because let's face it.. Who even wants to see that? And just like the other hundreds and thousands of bloggers, we started Little Winter for a place to write and share our daily musings and brightly printed wardrobe full of fun and happiness and drinking out of jam jars. Because that's what we actually do, even if it is only for one day a week.
You see, Little B and I actually don't see each other all that much. At first glance, you'd think we spend our days having pancake breakfasts, followed by a walk in the countryside and then finished up with a cinema date and as much of the Tesco sweet isle we could fit into a bag, however in reality we only spend one day a week together. And the rest of my evenings are spent alone, with Little R whilst Little B works his long hours of 8am right through to 11pm. And of course, I wait up for him, in the hope of actually spending 5 minutes with the person I love. So you can imagine the tiredness in this household. I'm going to be honest, it isn't easy. But we make it work, and that's why our Monday's are always spent in the best way possible (with a few outfit shots thrown in for good measure!)
I guess we can all put our hands up and admit to getting slight pangs of jealousy, when you see that girl with the perfect hair ALL the time, or the most amazing parties thrown, but hey, let's all remember that the girl with the perfect hair? She probably doesn't even head outside when her hairs not looking as sleek as usual. And the most amazing parties? We can have them too, but we're just having too much fun to photograph them! So next time you're over here having a read, and wondering why you're coco pops don't look as good as ours, that's because you've not left yours to get soggy! We all have those feeling sorry for ourselves moments, and that's OK, and we all have days where we don't feel like getting dressed, which are fine too. And so do us Little's, but we just accidentally, on purpose forget to photograph those moments.

Last week, a couple of days was spent basking in the hot sun, filling our tummies with endless ice cream and tiptoeing down the pebbly beaches of Brighton. And it was absolutely lovely. We'd wanted to go away for Little B's birthday and had been recommended a few places to us (thanks Twitter!) in Brighton, so we packed our bags and headed down south. To quite possibly our new found favourite B&B ever... Snooze!

We opted for room 4 (Little B says it felt a little home from home!) with it's vintage inspired wallpaper, antique chic furniture and the coolest cushion ever laid eyes on. Of course, whenever you head to the seaside, it's a must for a stick of rock..So you can only imagine the delight when one greeted us on our bed!

It's always nice to have a cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning by the side of your bed, but it's much nicer when there's hot chocolate and butterscotch biscuits waiting for you instead. Topped off in personalized Snooze mugs, made us eager to get into our pyjamas and snuggle down with them (the heat didn't stop us!)

The floral sink, may or may not have had something to do with us booking this room in particuular.. And if sinks were easy to pop into your handbag, this one certainly would have made it's way into our home! But sitting on the beautiful chair, looking out at the surroundings (and hearing the sound of those never ending seagulls), was the perfect place to be after a day spent at the beach.

Breakfast was served in the ever so quirky breakfast room, complete with mismatched crockery, an array of artwork and some pretty good crumpets too! Of course, we chose the window seat, because we love nothing more than windows (it's our secret festish.. See below picture!) and staring out at the passersby as we drank fresh coffee and finished up with some mouthwatering strawberries ready for the day ahead.

We'd definitely recommend staying at Snooze if you're ever in the Brighton area. It was a completely refreshing place to stay, full of life and quirky pieces. We really enjoyed our time there, and are most definitely planning our next visit here... Because that floral sink hasn't quite seen the end of us yet..!
Little Me wears: A Truffle Shuffle tee*, Rokit skirt and Primark pumps.
Little B wears: A Truffle Shuffle tee*, Topman shorts and Primark pumps.

Looking back, we can now see why we were given some funny glances last week when we both rocked our Truffle Shuffle tee's and Primark pumps (of course these aren't labelled that, but still, we looked right ninnys!). And again, the similar couple dressing continues. I guess we'll just never learn...
But in the midst of all this sunshine and the beach, we got a bit carried away, with Little B putting on his new shorts immediately, and the chance for me to dig out this favourite skirt of mine (even if a little see through!) And yes, we're going to be honest, we felt pretty damn cool. Pass us some scrunchies and a bumbag thanks!

I think it's fair to say that this tee is now Little B's ultimate go to (I've lost count of him wearing it now!), which is a nice thing on one hand, but not so fun when he constantly hums the theme tune for the rest of that day..
Alas, with all the humming that was happening, a cheeky chocolate minty fudge ice cream sure did the trick for the afternoon and kept him nice and quiet whilst having a stroll through Brighton. And once again, we spent our time deciding every five minutes at which colour house we fancied living in. Honestly, we're probably the worlds worst for changing our minds. And decision making at that..!

This week we've enjoyed a few cheeky BBQ's with family, and spent the evening sat outside with a nice glass of Pimms (or two, or three!). It's been ridiculously hot to sleep upstairs, so we moved downstairs. Runkle loves it!

This week we had to go to a funeral, which was a sad but nice day. It's a shame the only time Little B wears a suit is to one. He looks dapper. We then took an evening stroll when home and appreciated the time together.

This week Little R has been home alone a lot, so has been extremely fussy and lapping up the mattress in the living room (and his new pingpong balls!). Best t-shirts ever worn this week. Need we say more?!

This week we enjoyed a few days in Brighton where we spent time eating Tapas on the beach, and being able to have the windows open in our hotel room! It was heavenly.

This week we fell in love with these Snooze mugs and had a nice time sunbathing on the beach. Little B even swam in the sea, whilst I looked on from my magazine. Perfect few days.
Little Me wears: A Little Mistress playsuit, Primark belt, Isabel Marant bracelets and Topshop sandals.
Little B wears: A Burton shirt, Primark denim shorts and pumps and Bolle sunglasses.

It's fair to say that as a couple we've really started becoming similar dresses. In our defence we don't plan to co-ordinate, it just seems to happen, but hey, if Britney and Justin can rock it together, then pass us the denim!
On second thoughts, we'll leave the double denim. For now we're all about loose fitting playsuits (hello no bra days!), and short sleeve shirts on these beautiful summer days that we're finally getting to appreciate. Now I've always been a bit of a playsuit fan, especially one with sleeves, but personally this one tops the scales. And it may just be down to the wonderful world of pockets.

I guess there's just no stopping Little B with the short sleeved shirts now with it being only weeks ago that he demanded one would never set foot in his wardrobe. And yet, here we are, with two of them gracing our presence. I think he's finally realising that, actually, he doesn't look quite like an 'uncle', instead, just like any other normal guy walking down the street. Bonus points for the star print too Little B!
For once my hair is looking a little on the shinier side, and that's all thanks to Barrie Stephen who kindly invited me for a cut and colour (this was a whole new experience!) and to be honest, I may slightly be converted to liking the hairdressers! I guess now when Little B jumps at the chance to get his hair cut (it may have something to do with a free beer), I'll be joining him out the door, because I've realised that cutting my own fringe isn't quite as nice as heading to a relaxed and friendly hairdressers like Barrie Stephens! You've won me over.

We've had a bit of a strange week already, and have tried our hardest to stay clear of our house for as long as possible with this heat making upstairs unbearable. On Sunday we enjoyed a pretty Sambucca filled BBQ (we're looking at you Mama Mcfred!), with a complete contrast of a funeral on Tuesday, then finishing it up tomorrow with a relaxing trip to Brighton where we plan to do nothing more than take in the fresh air on the beach and eat plenty of ice creams. You can bet we won't be sleeping much tonight..!
This week we've been trying to cool down, so going to sleep hasn't been easy.. Not when this little one brings up flowers he's picked! My 14p flowers that are still going strong too!

This week I wore my hair up one day. It was a very strange day, but I did feel nice and cool (not literally). This week, I ate lots of pizza all to myself.. Garlic pizza too!

This week Little S has been taking it slow, probably from the heat also! We're enjoying cuddles with him. On Monday we went for a walk, and had a rare PDA moment. Very rare!

This week we received the best t-shirts in the post. Little B has already worn his twice! And we can't stop singing it! Somedays I long for skylight windows from Velux so I can lay underneath them and see the stars. But for now, I'll sit on my windowsill, with the blinds up and pretend to be the cat.

This week we've decided to revamp our living room. Since receiving these cushions, we're going to base it around them! Here's Little S playing peekaboo in Little B's hands. What a scrummy thing!

This week we got half a day to spend in the sun, so did nothing more than find a stream and count the dragon flys. Wearing a pretty dress of course. Little R has been obsessed with balloons lately, and has taken to eating them!!
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