This week I may have treated myself to some Isabel Marant jewellery, partly because the packaging is a little bit too cute. We've spent a lot of this week sleeping whenever we get a spare moment! Cosy haven.

This week Little R has been utterly adorable. You can guarantee that in the morning, he'll be the first one into the bathroom! This week, we've also made sure we had breakfast together, every single day. It was nice.

This week I realised that we actually had some carpet in the bedroom, after hanging all our clothes up nicely. We've also really enjoyed our spare time together, watching films and eating winter dinners (sausage casserole for the win!).

This week I did have one lonely breakfast, so it's only right to make it look extra pretty. And have it in bed! Last week Little B bought some incredible new swim shorts for fun. Hurry up holiday!

Last week we enjoyed a double date with Steph and Sam at a casino in London. There were many cocktails to be had, a lunch to feed the 5000 and even some cheeky winnings to take home!

This week Little S has been full of beans since finishing his antibiotics.. There's been no stopping the little tinker! Last week, we stopped at my brothers house. Little B got in a fight with a pixelated character. He lost.

Last week I joined the world of having my first Krispy Kreme, after a cheeky service station stop. They were delicious. But not as delicious as this little man, with his yellow eyes and big ears. So scrummy!


Things have been a little tough around here lately, and taking some time out was just what we needed. So when Money Supermarket got in touch, offering us £50 to help show that staying in can be just as fun as going out, we knew that this would be right up our street. Little B and I don't get to see all that much of each other, with him working evenings, and so we make sure that our Monday nights are well spent together.

As much as we occasionally love a cheeky little dance and a cocktail out with friends, we're not so secret fans of staying in and watching a cheesy film with a big bowl of popcorn and a variety of hot chocolate on tap. But this time, we wanted to do something different.. And so we built a den (or in those man terms 'a fort!), a den full of fairy lights, cushions and the best fondue ever had! Complete in a pretty heart shaped dish.

Our budget of £50 treated us to more than was needed, in the way of new pyjamas. Because of course, you need fresh new ones for a den, even if we were a little too excited by all of this. That was until the delicious fondue was spilt down our leg.. It's a good job that we had marshmallows to clean it up with! We also stocked up on some refreshing cider, poured into cute jam jars with paper straws, whilst snuggling up on some new Primark cushions and watching an easy film. Little R made sure there was room for him, after twice attempting to climb on top of the sheets. A cheeky treat lured him back inside, where he then decided to settle down on our laps, becoming quite content with the creation built. I think he was set for the night...

The simplest of things, like building a den, are those little pleasures in life that we treasure the most. Not only did we get to enjoy each others company, it also brought back many memories of our childhoods, hiding away in 'cosy corner' (yeah, that's you Little B). Although we now see why our parents only gave us a few sheets and a chair.. Unpicking all those pegs after was a right old chore.

 Little Me wears: Dress and sandals from Topshop and a Primark bag.
Little B wears: Shirt and jeans from Topman, Primark shoes and a River Island beanie.

If today was the day to be a walking advert for Topshop and Topman with a hint of Primark, then I think we'd be pretty much in the running, and in all fairness, we hadn't planned it when getting ready. Maybe sharing the same wardrobe has turned us a bit crazy.
Little B still enjoys turning his trousers up, even popping out the excuse that this time it was just whilst we walked through the fields.. But I reckon he's a secret turn up fan (especially after pointing out in Urban Outfitter's that all the jeans were rolled up. Oh he's such a trendy Wendy!), as am I to be fair. But nothing beats a pretty dress. Ever.

I think Little B is becoming more the fashionista than me. It seems that whenever he purchases something new, he wears it immediately, whereas I've become a little, let's say behind. This dress was bought in October last year, and I'm only just getting round to wearing it properly (it may have had something to do with the fact the sleeves are on the tight side). And now I've got the perfect shoes for the dress, there's no stopping me now.
Actually there is, because we're both just missing our sunglasses! And since we've become RayBan fans, we're already eyeing up some new ones on Smart Buy Glasses. I guess we just want to be cool sunglass kids.

We've had such a busy whirlwind weekend, and luckily we had the afternoon off today, so of course, we headed for a snooze. And a snooze it certainly was! Sometimes that's all you need just to recharge. Although now we're slightly buzzing. And it should really be our bedtime...
Little Me wears:  A Primark top, River Island shorts, Primark socks and New Look boots.
Big Little C wears: A Superdry tee*, Banana Republic shorts, and Adidas trainers.

It could seem that Little B has grown a lot since the last outfit post, and even looking a little similar to myself, but then that would just be weird. So I guess it's fair to say that he's been replaced for the day, by my brother, who shall now go by the name of Big Little C (Insert friends laughing here!).
He has a thing for blogs, and when I say that, I mean that he let's me know that him and his housemate have been checking out the hot girls in suglasses from our followers list (Oh and Becky, (hey girlfriend and avid reader!), he did that the one time he actually decided to read this!). So when I was contacted by Superdry to style up somebody, Little B especially, thought this would be a perfect idea to include him in. Plus it gave Little B a day off from being papped. And now Big Little C thinks that the modelling emails will be flocking in. If only.

To be honest, I let him style himself (as he sometimes doesn't dress that bad.. We're still working on the skinny jeans!) and upon him mentioning that the shorts were from Banana Republic, the thought of him being a secret clothes fan may have crossed my mind, along with a pretty surprised face too. For a brief moment, I wondered if he'd succumb to starting a fashion blog, but that would just be too much for him. He's too busy going to gigs, and being really cool and stuff. And there wasn't even any time for him to attempt the hand in hair pose..
This week we cooked up some homemade tapas and it was heavenly! It's always best when you eat without forks too! There's been not much time to snuggle in this room this weekend as we've been busy with friends and family over!

This week, Little S took a trip to the vets as we found a lump. Thankfully he's alright, and was sent home with some antibiotics. Lots of cuddles in order! On Friday night we headed out for a cheeky prezzo! Best food.

This week we took a nice stroll through the fields catching the sun and enjoying each others company, which is very rare these days. This little tinker has been after our breakfast most mornings. He's such a greedy bum!

These two are pretty incredible people, and they definitely deserve a bit of praise on here as whatever they have gone through, they're always still smiling, and the last one's standing.. Well kinda!
Little B also gets a bit of love this week with having a difficult time,  working extra million hours, driving all over the place, and still finds time to do the housework. What a good egg!

This week I've been trying to be organised (a rareness!) and keep track of things we're doing, as we have such terrible memories! On Friday, we received a very exciting little package. Definitely fits into the home!

This week I wore my new shoes for 12 hours solid, standing up. My feet have hurt since! We've also gotten a little too excited with glass jars, and been finding exciting things to put in them around the house.

Little Me wears: A Mina top*, Celia Birtwell shorts, Topshop sandals and a Primark bag.
Little B wears: A Pull & Bear tee, Topman jeans, Matalan shoes and a River Island beanie.

Today we couldn't have dressed more differently if we tried. One of us could fit right in at an ice cream parlour, once topped with squirty cream and a cherry on top, and the other is basically resembling fifty shades of grey. It seems that wherever we are, we just can't get our dress attire right, and one of us always ends up cold (you can bet who that one is..!) but considering these shorts had been in my wardrobe a few months, it felt the right time to finally bare the legs, properly. Especially when there's new sandals involved.

Whatever time of year, Little B loves a beanie on his head. He's not one of these - in it for the cool factor - type beanie people, but is partial to throwing one on with a tee and jeans. And I think it takes us back to our months living in the Alps. Beanie central! And the turn up trouser thing again? I think he's been secretly re-watching Grease whilst I'm asleep! Not that I mind, we've all got a soft spot for that cheese.

Tonight is an early kinda night for us all, with some chocolate coated honeycombe, fresh pyjamas and some Californication. I'm sure Little R will join us at some point, with a straw, and a leaf, and whatever else he can find..

Little Me wears: A River Island dress, Topshop jeans, Primark pumps and a Matalan bag.
Little B wears: A top from Ark*, Primark shorts and pumps, and Bolle Sunglasses*.

There's something about this village that takes me back to my teen years, where many afternoons were spent relaxing in the grass with friends with and conversation of Myspace and hot boys as top priority. So when I took Little B here for a walk, it slightly made me feel like I'd come back full circle, this time with a hot boy and pretty much still being a bit Myspace like. I had hopes of playing pooh sticks on the old bridge into the river, but as time had gone by, the weeds had grew as high as us and weaved around the bridge.

Instead, we took in the beautiful surroundings of this village and spent a few moments away from reality. Which is always a nice thing to do every once in a while. With the sun shining, it seemed the perfect opportunity to wear my new dress that was purchased that very day, and Little B's new favourite sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop.
We love dreaming about what kind of house we'd live in as we get older. Of course, we love where we are now, but it's not home forever. A typical cottage with character in a sweet peaceful village is our idea of heaven. With enough room for the kitty to roam about.

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