A spoonful of Nutella makes the medicine go down.


We wish that we could call ourselves geniuses, and tell you that we've invented a cake recipe that uses only three ingredients. Yes, you read right, three! However, we didn't think up this (shame on you LittleB chef!), instead, we stole the recipe from the baking queen, Sophie. And we're so glad we did..
Even if we did only see them for an hour after in the car journey to Little B's parents house!

All you need is - 280g Nutella, 10tbsp of self raising flour and 2 eggs.

In the fancy world that we live in, basically throw it all into a bowl (and keep cats who like Nutella away from the kitchen!), mix it together and divide into cake cases, then pop those in the oven on 180C for 20-25 minutes. For an alternative, you can add a chunk of chocolate into the middle so that the melting goodness happens when you finally get to eat them! Personally, we're fans of them straight out the oven, served with a few fresh strawberries and a warm caramel flavoured coffee. On a floral tea plate of course.

P.S We said it once, and we'll only say it again (because there's only a teeny hope anyway) but today is the last day to vote in the Company blog awards. If you think that we for any reason, deserve to win the Best Blogging duo then you can vote for us here. And a huge good luck to everyone nominated!

The Little Winters x


  1. These look amazing! Definitely making some x

  2. this look unreal, so totally makething them this weekend! thank you for posting it :) x

  3. Totally putting these on my list to make!

  4. Think I may have to try these very soon! Gorgeous photos as always.

  5. These look lovely! And you have such amazing photography xo

  6. Definitely going to have a go at making these, they look delicious! I voted for you :)

    Julia x

  7. Wow, how amazing is that!? I just opened a new jar of Nutella today. IT'S SO GOOD! Did you ever try Green and Black's chocolate spread? It was like Nutella, but better. Pretty sure they don't sell it anymore, I look every time I go to the supermarket. Sobsobsob!


  8. I've been meaning to make these since seeing them on Sophies blog, I think you've finally convinced me that I really do need to give them a try!

  9. Thank you for the mention :) I'm glad you enjoyed them, they are sooo easy and I love the fact they're only made up of three ingredients! Need to make more I think! xx

  10. Need to try these out after my exams are over !!! They sound great :)

  11. Wow I am totally obsessed with nutella so I would love to try this.

  12. I must give them a whirl. This is my kind of recipe!


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