Little Me wears: A dress that was kindly sent to me by Claire Bear, and Primark pumps and belt.
Little B wears: A tee from River Island, Pull and Bear chinos, and Brakeburn shoes*.

It's not everyday that we get to see so much yellow in one go, so when that cheeky sun came out at the weekend, we thought we'd go one step further and head to those yellow fields that I'm forever in awe of, for a lazy stroll. I'm going to say this only once, but Little B is a good egg, considering he has hayfever, he didn't complain once. And he even picked me a bunch (so, they may have died in the car shortly after...) Super big man points there.

We actually spent most of our weekend eating too much, which to be honest, is becoming a bit too normal every Sunday and Monday! With the weather on our side, we joined the rest of the world and headed to a family BBQ, followed by a fancy afternoon lunch date, and then finished up with a good old 'gathering' at the parents house. If only we weren't such lightweights.. But I guess that's what sunglasses are invented for. Right?

Tomorrow, we're hopefully off to the Company blog awards. I say we, but it'll just be me supporting the Little's! We have a very small chance at winning, but the fact we were nominated has pleased us enough to the moon and back. Sadly Little B has to work. And well, someone's gotta look after those crazy furries.
You should see what they get up to when we're not around!

The Little Winters x
This afternoon, we did what most of the world got up to, and wore as little clothing as we could, and sunbathed in the garden. This baby bird flew into the window, so Papa G rescued him and helped him learn to fly to his mama.

This week, most mornings have started with a refreshing jar of juice. Complete with new pink ribbon and swirly straws. Today, we went for a fancy lunch. This is my brother, he's always wanted to be on the blog!

Yesterday was spent at a family BBQ. The pure excitement kicked in when the marshmallows came out and were toasted on the chiminea. I think the adults were more excited than the children! Perfect end to a BBQ.

As if it isn't already hard enough to get out of bed in the mornings, this little furry one doesn't make it any easier. His cute nose is always curled up so close to our faces. We love opening the voils though to let the light in.

Admittedly, we've spent a lot of time in bed this week. It seems to have been non stop somehow and once we're home, the pyjamas are on, and into bed we snuggle. I secretly love getting into an unmade bed!

The Little Winters x

Last weekend, I made the mistake of taking Little B to one of my favourite villages. Because, well, like me, he fell in love with it! The village is one that my dad grew up in as a child, so with all these childhood stories, and adventures that we even had here as children ourselves, makes it the perfect place for a Monday afternoon stroll.

No stroll can take place without two stomachs full to the brim. Especially when it comes in the form of The Dovecote farm. We never need to find an excuse to go for lunch there... Not only is their organic beer and strawberry lemonade enough to tempt us back each week, but the choice of sandwiches and soup has us drooling at the menu, before we'd even ordered. And you just can't beat a good warm chicken and leek pasty on a windy day.

When we'd finally managed to pull ourselves out of our seats, and had drank all the last drops of those refreshing drinks, we parked up the car and headed for a stroll down to the ford. Even without the sunshine shimmering down onto the water, it still looked as beautiful and peaceful as always. This is the perfect spot for a Summer picnic, and takes me back to those bike rides my family used to take us on round by this ford.

Since living in a cottage, we've become a bit fixated with every cottage we seem to pass. This row of cottages (and a hairdressers!) caught our eyes, with numerous pretty flower pots, the stone wall and of course, the blue doors (we're blue door fans!). It most definitely made Little B fall in love with this place as much as me.
I wonder where we'll head next weekend...

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears:  An Orange Circle tee*, Topshop jeans, New Look boots and a Matalan bag.
Little Kimbolina wears: An Oh My Love jumper (alright stealer!), American Apparel jeans and Asos boots.

As you probably saw on Instagram and Twitter (unless you live in a shell, which was totally me 6 months ago!), my sweet little friend Kimbolina came to visit at the weekend. Which was much needed. She's a doll.
Of course the weekend couldn't be a weekend without a cheeky takeaway, an overdose on strawberries, some form of pancakes, melted chocolate and endless cups of tea. All that was missing was little Steph. But with a photo propped up at the breakfast table, it felt just like she was there with us! It's always lovely to just spend time catching up with these two (and hearing about Kim's honeymoon of a holiday! winkwink).

The minute that the weather came on our side, and Kim had raided my wardrobe, we jumped in the car and headed to my favourite abandoned buidling, where we 'got each other'. You know what we mean, took photos and didn't even have to ask twice. Plus there's always time for a Billy Elliott moment. "I used to be a dancer y'know Billy".
Although let's be honest, jumping in jeans isn't really ideal. I guess I'm still not used to these. But on the plus side, Little B got a weekend away from asking for permission to eat before I've photographed something. At least Kimba just waited patiently. Actually, she did exactly the same...

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A River Island skirt, a New Look jacket, H&M faux fur stole, Primark boots and Matalan bag.
Little B wears: An Ark top*, Topman jeans, a River Island beanie and Matalan boots.

Today I felt cool. Like really cool. And if you've read this blog for a while, you'll know that this is all I try to achieve in life.. Well, yes, today felt like just that. All because I tied my skirt! Thanks to Look magazine!
Little B felt like he was going places today with his £10 blazer from Primark thrown on top of his Zac Efron look. I think sometimes he thinks he's some sort of teacher when he swans around in the blazer, or probably even a doctor knowing him! So with us feeling a bit cool and on top of the world, we headed out for a cheeky stroll (partly to burn off the huge lunch that we'd just eaten!).

This ford that we stopped at, reminded me so much of my childhood where Papa G would always drive the car through on a weekend, giving us much delight in the smallest of things. I think Little B fell in love with it a bit too, even admitting that he could imagine bringing his children over here in the Summer... He can hold back on those broody thoughts for a while yet! I got new clothes to buy for me, never mind little little's.
Plus Little R and Little S are enough for us at the moment, we've got seeds and dreamies to clean up!

The Little Winters x
This week Little R has been in a right hungry mood. He's constantly been eyeing up dinners, and treating himself to a few cheeky crepes! Today we visited the farm shop. The potting shed always looks inviting.

Yesterday, Kimbolina came to visit. Today was spent taking some silly photos in an abandoned house, and going for a delicious lunch of panini's and curly fries. And possibly the best milkshakes in town.

Last night, we tucked into a fondue feast and spent the evening watching films and catching up. This morning had to be started with a chocolate filled breakfast too. All we've done this weekend is eat! Strawberries mainly.

This week Little S has been racing around in his wheel and going a little crazy. He's enjoyed lots of late night cuddles too. Little R has become the hair bobble thief, and taken a liking to the chest of drawers.

This week, we've been drinking a LOT of chocolate milk. We're not big milk drinkers, but a chocolate milk before bed is a winner. This week I featured in Look magazine, and my friend got a little excited in Tesco..

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A lace crop top and polka dot skirt from Ark* and Primark pumps.
Little B wears: A print polo from Ark*, Topman jeans and Matalan shoes*.

It could have possibly been another one of those 'couple dressing similar' days, but it's not. For starters Little B isn't wearing a skirt, and I'm not wearing jeans. So, yeah, we're really not nearly dressing similar.
As most normal people do in the world (or is this so abnormal, it's normal?) when a package arrives through your front door that morning, you feel that you have to wear whatever is inside. Well, that's what we did. Although now we're itching for our holiday where we can parade around in our short shorts. That's just me, Little B's shorts aren't too short. He's more of an knee swinger short kinda guy. Ooh groovy.

We'll let you into another secret (or not so secret), that this is Little B's first ever printed polo shirt. After debating it for what seemed like a decade, he realised that, actually sometimes, women do make good choices! And hey, maybe I am getting closer to owning that floral sofa that I would so very much like...
Aside from flower printed sofa shopping, I'm on the hunt for some new shoes, and we've been getting sidetrapped by boots. Airstep shoes have a nice variety that we've got our eyes on. We're both suckers for a good pair of boots. Maybe it's time to start leaving post it notes around the house of pretty shoes. And sofas!

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A tee from Brakeburn*, Topshop jeans and Primark pumps.
Little B wears: A Topman tee, Primark shorts and Brakeburn shoes*.

Let's put this out there first, we're not really an active couple. Well, we used to be (and no, not in THAT way), when we were always up for snowboarding and all that jazz, whereas nowadays, it doesn't get much more than a gentle walk in the countryside, or on the odd occasion, some sit ups. So when we were contacted by Brakeburn to style a few of their pieces, we told ourselves, that actually, maybe we could do active, you know, we can be cool, and pretend we live by the beach. And surf...

In fairness, we may look like we know what we're doing, but we definitely enjoy these pieces. It made a nice change spending the day in some more casual and comfortable clothing (worlds most impracticale dresser over here!) and Little B can't wait to take these shoes on holiday with him.
With our comfortable clothing on, it can only call for Burrito night tonight, where we plan to consume as many cheese filled wraps our stomachs can take. And a cheeky bit of cider on the side too. I'm sure Little R will attempt to get in on the action.. And who can blame him, Little B makes a mean mix!

The Little Winters x
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