So show me your waves and lets hit the dancefloor.

GHD Style and Protect kit*

In all honesty, us Little's aren't so adventurous when it comes to our hair. With the furries being super slick, they don't take long to get ready and well, Little B is a man. And in man terms that means, add a bit of this and that in, and voila, it looks pretty much the same as the day before. And then there's me.. who shamefully has used the same hairbrush for the past 10 years. That's pretty gross right?
When we were sent this GHD style kit, part of me was afraid. There was a new hairbrush to deal with. Little B on the other hand was hugely grateful, and finally had a reason to get rid of mine. so with a new brush in my hand and products in the box, I attempted to be a real girl for a day. And I may have not looked back since...

Admittedly, it's made a huge difference to my wild mane, and even tamed my natural (and styled) waves. Of course, I like to think that my signature style is the oh so i-just-got-out-of-bed-look. Yeah that. But it doesn't mean I don't spend many evenings gazing over the range of hairstyles that I'm too afraid to try.
But hey, it's like Little B always says.. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.. And I may, or may not have hidden my old brush so it saves the trauma of heading to the bin.. Some things just never change.

The Little Winters x


  1. Oh you're hair is gorgeous! I really think i may have to give this brush a try, because my natural hair, is well.. a bit wild!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion beauty & life

  2. Ahh your hair is lovely! I've used the same brush for ages too, definitely need a new one!

    PS I have a new ootd if you want a look :)

  3. Don't worry, I'm waaaay grosser than you...I use a hairbrush that belonged to my mum in the 80's! I like to think it's cool and vintage, but it's probably just plain disgusting. I think your hair always looks lovely though, how on Earth do you keep your fringe looking so perfect? xxx