We have this kinda rule in our house, that once every few months we have a night away somewhere, just the two of us. No furries wanting our undivided attention, and no laptops or xboxes. And last weekend was one of those.. So we packed up the car with only an overnight bag (or two..) and a bottle of cider, and headed for Bosworth Hall.

As soon as we arrived, we were surrounded by a continuous flow of afternoon tea. Being a fancy weekend and all, it seemed rude not to join the other guests, and indulged in a jam topped scone, washed down with a nice cup of tea.

The grounds of Bosworth Hall are absolutely beautiful so once the rain had stopped, we headed for a walk around them. At times we felt like we were in the Secret Garden, until Little B kept pretending we were in Downton Abbey!
When the rain came back down, we decided it was time for a relaxing evening spent in the spa, before getting dressed up and spending dinner with a free bottle of wine.

The next morning we took a stroll into the village. We immediately fell in love with the flowerbeds that proudly stood outside every other house. The cute fruit and veg shop caught my eye with their ripe banana's poster. Banana bread is my favourite, but Little B hates them!

Little B treated me to some fresh flowers from the local florist shop, which sure made my day and off we pottered back to the car ready for our singathon car ride home back to the furries.
Who had obviously had a wild party for the night, because the crisps were everywhere...

The Little Winters x

So, word on the street a few days ago, was that Company had put up their shortlist for the Company blog awards. Us Little's hadn't really had a second thought about being nominated, but obviously some little cheeky buggers had voted for us! And then, next thing we know, is that we're shortlisted in the Best Blogging duo, and, well, things like this don't really happen to little people like us much!
Firstly we want to say the biggest thank you to whoever has nominated us, and also for our readers because you're all a bit ace. And if we could, we'd have you all over for a party (but Little B won't allow it.. too much mess he'll say!). And secondly, if you have a spare moment and feel like sending us over the edge and putting your vote in, then you can do so here. We're not expecting to win (there's huge competition in our category!) but we've definitely appreciated being shortlisted. There's also a few nice ladies who've been nominated too, so be sure to check them out! And good luck to everybody. You're all babes.
It's not just us that have been excited.. The animls have gone a little high on life crazy too!

The Little Winters x
Finally after 6 months, the bedroom is now complete. Realistically we should have gone for a bigger chest of drawers, because it may or may not have solved our clothing issue.. And without throwing them away, I think it's only right that we buy another chest or rail...!

On Monday's we like to potter around Dunelm. I say we, I mean me, but on this one occasion, I find Little B at the till paying for this mini chest. It took me by surprise, because not only did he pick something himself that was floral (have I over flowered his mind?!), but because it was reduced to £10! We made sure we had room for it.

I've been after some new boxes, because I'm one of those people who likes boxes. All kinds of boxes. Plus I need somewhere to store my hairgrips, otherwise Little R takes them! This one was in Dunelm too for £6, and it fits perfectly on my drawers.

I seem to have gone back to my printed phase, and picked up a few things in London. I'm also trying to tell myself that Summer is on it's way, so new dresses and shorts are a must. This Urban Outfitters dress is my new favourite.. I think it's the smock style that wins me over.

Little B has taken a liking to Pull and Bear, and their tee's in particular. They have such a wide variety, and between £6 - £15 you can't really go wrong. I think he likes this one because of the mountains in the background..Reminds him of the days in France.

Little R was spoilt on Monday after this little snip. Little B bought him a new toy (one that isn't messy either!) and I wish I was joking when I say that he genuinely takes it everywhere with him! He's even turned more fussy than he was before.. And we're talking nose to nose sleeping!

Little S is being a bit of a scrummy thing lately (and an acrobat at that too!). We thought it was time for a new treat, after finally weening him off a zagillion sunflower seeds a day! Now he's tucking into his new honey flavoured nut bar. Actually, he's sitting ON it to eat it. Way to go Little S!

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A Daisy Street dress*, Steph's Primark cardigan, a Primark bag and belt, and Matalan boots.

Let's be honest, when we see a glimmer of sunshine, a moment of no wind or just some pretty new boots through the post, we tend to go into bare legs mode. Even if it only lasts a few hours. I think mine was a combination of all three, and well, I'm a little fed up of tights now. But anyway, Steph's cardigan kept me cosy and warm!
These boots arrived last week as I was heading out to see Steph and Kim, and threw them in the car unopened. Originally I bought them on a whim after seeing a super cool model in a similar pair on ASOS. I also ordered the dress. It looked hideous. We don't talk about it anymore. So I kept the boots, because I'm a bit of a boots hoarder really. And they make me feel a bit, you know, hippy. And cool.

Boots need dresses. And dresses I have (I had a LOT that weekend!), so thought they'd fit perfectly for a walk along the canal in a little black dress. Who says you can't wear an LBD any time of the day?
This weekend has basically been spent chilling out, which is what we all most definitely needed in the Little household. Little R is feeling a little swollen today after having his man bits snipped but Little S is high on life with his new honey treats! So that leaves Little B and Little Me to cosy up on the sofa, with all the candles lit and a cheesy film for the night. Oh and fruit.. Because we're apparently on a diet...

The Little Winters x
This week we finally got round to getting a new chest of drawers, although now we could probably do with another one... On Thursday I went a bit wild and bought some extra flowers. The hallway needed some colour.

This week I had a lonely breakfast for one. But that's OK because it meant I didn't have to share the mini eggs with anyone! On Tuesday I wore my new favourite tee, even if it makes me feel a little young.

On Wednesday I headed to London for the AX Paris event. I hadn't been on a train since the Summer when I had to get a handwritten letter... It was such a fab evening, and I'm so pleased that I got to meet many delicious faces in real life. Plus the photobooth was just a little bit too fun!

This week, we discovered that Little R is in fact Spiderman and likes to climb door frames. He's becoming a bit of a genius lately! Little S has been looking extra cute this week, and having one too many sunflower seeds.

This week I've missed these two faces, as I've spent a lot of time with them lately. I'm already counting down the next time I see them.. On Monday I returned home to these two farties. I was greeted with lots of cuddles.

This week was National Sibling Day, so I thought I'd do my part and show off the beanstalk in the family.. This cat face may look cute, but let me tell you, he has been an ultimate tinker this week! Terror.

The Little Winters x
Last weekend was one of my favourites in a long time. And it may have just been to do with Kimbolina and Stephanie Dreams. It always excites me when we plan to hang out, and basically do exactly the same things. And with blogging, has brought great friendships and laughter with these two ladies (and others too!).

On Saturday evening I headed down to Cheltenham with my 3 bags in tow (I wish I was joking!) where I was greeted by two excited little faces! As usual, I have a window fetish.. And Kim's is pretty delicious!

Once we'd scoffed some pizza and garlic bread (thanks chef!) we got dressed up and had a few cheeky drinks and 90's music, before heading out for an evening full of dancing. It was also my turn to borrow Kim's dresses!

 In true fashion in the morning, we had our usual of pancakes and bacon with a nice bowl of strawberries too. The builders were lurking outside for a bit, but it sure didn't stop us taking the standard Instagram shot!

When our tummies were full on pancakes and tea, we donned our daytime attire, and headed out through the park, for a wander. Of course we managed to make time for a slice of cake and a trip to Primark.

On Sunday night we left Kim's and drove to Steph's super cosy place, where the fairy lights were switched on immediately. And the window fetish happened again...

Sunday evening was spent in our pyjamas catching up on Saturday night TV with servings of cheese on toast and a really tasty honeycombe cheesecake! A lot of giggles were had too.

After a cosy sleep (and a cheeky Mean Girls film!) breakfast was made in the form of sausages and muffins. A cup of tea was washed down nicely, before the gladrags were popped on.

In true blogger style, we made the most of the dry weather and headed to the canal with Steph's dream bike and bunting. The photos were topped off with some fresh flowers and pretty dresses.

And it couldn't be complete without getting the boyfriend behind the camera for a silly little snap. Thanks Sam! And Steph for being an utter babe and making me soggy cheese on toast. And Kim for being a bit delicious and letting me have her bed! These two are a little bit special.

The Little Winters x

It seems that us Little's have been just a bit busy over the last week or so, with trips to Cheltenham and Swindon and the next stop London. Sometimes, it's nice to take a break from your small space on the internet and enjoy time with friends and family. Plus everybody needs some staying at home, doing nothing days.
We'll be back in the next week when we've finally slowed down to our not so wild evenings. Of course, we're (by we're, we mean me!) heading to the AX Circus event on Wednesday, so if you're about in London after 1pm, feel free to tweet me if you fancy meeting up.. I'm a nervous nelly!
Enjoy your week ladies and gentlemen. And remember to snuggle up warm :)

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A tee from Orange Circle*, Topshop Leigh jeans, a H&M blazer, a Matalan bag* and New Look boots.
Little B wears: A tee from Orange Circle*, Topman jeans and River Island plimsoles.

And the double couple look strikes again. This time, in the form of Orange Circle tee's and Topman/shop jeans. Woah we're so.. together! Since buying these jeans (and wearing them all the time!) I've been on a bit of a mission to find a gazillion tops that will go with them, much to Little B's dismay (but my wardrobe delight!)
We were sent these tee's by Charlotte, and Little B was super excited with his Zac Efron Harry Potter alike one. Admittedly he's not a Zac Efron fan, but is a bit partial to a colourful sleeve on occasions. I opted for the navy swallows, and to be quite honest, i've worn it all weekend! It's perfect.

With the sun peeking out this week, Little R was determined to get outside.. But with our busy (very rarely) weekend, he had to make do with window bathing.. Oh his little squished nose through the glass.
So now not only do we have to confer who can wear the Zac Efron type sleeve attire, but we've now also got to check that we don't end up outside in our matching tee's and jeans! Because that's something we only do inside....

The Little Winters x

This weekend I decided to be a little different and head out in jeans and a tee. I kinda felt a little cool. Today has been lovely, but it was extra nice seeing my house in view after being away for two days.

This weekend I hung out with my favourite, Kimbolina.. We're soon becoming one, in our sharing clothes! On Saturday we headed to Birmingham for Claire's birthday. It was a super evening!

This week, Little B and I haven't had much time together so at the weekend, we enjoyed dinner with both our families. On Saturday, I dipped into my first ever GBK burger, it was pretty delicious!

This week Little R has been having fun in a carrier bag. To be honest, anything really.. His new favourite toy seems to be bikini bottoms! On Monday I accidentally on purpose bought a new toaster.. Sorry Little B!

I've spent the majority of this week in my jeans and my Vivienne's.. Ultra comfort days, although a little cold with bare ankles! On Wednesday, Little S has been having some extra warm cuddles. He's a cheeky one!

This week we had fun chasing Bear around my parent's garden. He doesn't really like the outdoors, but really likes the snow.. Messy pup! On Tuesday, the mix of the sun and snow shone through our little window.

The Little Winters x
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