These are a few of our favourite things, this week.


Everyday, regardless of how good or bad the day was, coming through the doors and being greeted with fresh tulips or lillies makes everything feel a lot better. Monday's are fresh flower buying day.

It's entertaining when Little R is captured into the laptop. He'll spend ages hovering over the keys attempting to make noises from it. It makes us chuckle these days.

Even though the evening light is staying, I enjoy pulling up onto our drive and seeing the fairy lights lit up (even if the other half isn't working). It makes the street look prettier.

Lately we've really been getting a buzz from buying a CD instead of downloading. It's nice to actually listen to a whole artist rather than a compliation. And at least I can still sing a long! 

Whether it's nearly April or not, this weather has really made us get into bed extra early, so we can have a treat of hot Ribena and mini eggs. All accompanied with some Michael McIntyre.

I've been a bit cheeky this week, and accidentally on purpose, ended up at my parent's new bathroom on a hairwash night. Being greeted with Mama Mcfred's extra snug dressing gown makes me feel like I'm at a hotel.

They may be a pointless purchase, but our new toadstools have certainly brightened up our patch of garden. Every morning when I leave the house, I'll always check on them. The snow made them look too sweet.

The Little Winters x


  1. Love your blog. Now following by the way :)

    So many things on this that I totally agree with...fairy lights, bastille, tulips are my absolute favourite and my cat is adorable on my laptop! Cats and technology seems to be hilarious :) xxx

  2. Those tulips look beautiful! x

  3. Can I come and live in your house? Everything is so CUTE!

  4. We've got the the Bastille album on repeat too!

  5. aww those flowers are so beautiful, love that you have fairy lights outside your house too :)

  6. I;m loving the Bastille album, the Peace one is fab too xx

  7. Those fairy-lit steps are the most inviting way to return home! And there's nothing better than watching a baffled cat with a laptop. Coco is forever trying to chase the cursor on the screen!

    - Tabitha at x

  8. oooh I love your mum's toilet ;) Tulips are my favourite too, they definitely brighten up the flat!xx

  9. Those little toadstools are perfect! I adore watching kittens battle with keyboards for their two seconds of entertainment. Brb whilst I move in to your cupboard-under-the-stairs, Katy. xx

  10. I love the jug for the flowers and the toadstools :)

  11. I love all your little home decor bits, and I need to get my hands on the Bastille album too! :)

  12. I have just treated myself to Bastille's album too and it arived today. I love having the actually cd.x

  13. Your home is so so cute, love it :)

    Lola x


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