Look at the wonderful mess that we've made.


Little Me wears: A Topshop dress, Ash wedges and a Matalan bag*.
Little B wears: A Joe Browns jumper, Topman jeans, River Island beanie and a scarf from M&S.

Monday is our, get up and go day (much to Little B's annoyance) where we tend to do our one of our usual's.. The fun one being the shopping and lunch date, and the boring one is the housework. Today was a fun day, especially after Little B and I haven't seen much of each other since him starting his new job.
So with the perculiar weather outside, we popped on our clean clothes (hello favourite Topshop dress!) and wrapped up really warm and ventured out to see what fun could be had.

Little R hadn't managed to get outside for the past few weeks, so once we were dressed, we popped on his dashing green collar and clashing pink lead and attempted to get him to actually walk. Little R really isn't a fan of the outside, he'd much prefer snuggles and treats anyday!

We're big fans of home cooked food, and today we headed to our most loved Farm Shop in one of the local villages. My favourite soup was on the specials today, and just what my belly needed to keep warm. Little B opted for the leftover Sunday lunch sandwich (it wasn't really called leftover..) and we washed it down nicely with some fresh juice and organic ale.

On the way back from the Farm shop, I asked Little B to detour down the country lanes to find the farm that my Papa used to live in as a child. I've always heard so many stories about him growing up, and life on the farm, so it's really nice to be able to drive past it and picture how life was.

No Monday is complete without a little bit of shopping either (and fresh flowers too!) where we both treated ourselves to new jumpers and dresses.. Of course, the dresses were for me and Little B got the jumper! Now we're snuggled up in our pyjamas with two huge bars of chocolate, and a movie on in the background.
Mondays are the new Sundays!

The Little Winters x


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I always get a bit jealous of people off on Mondays...when I'm getting up at 5:30am for the gym, my brother's still snoozing away in bed and will be for a good few hours! Booo.
    You talking of shopping is making me want to do some! Must resist!
    I love your dress. Perfect shape. xx

  2. I absolutely love your pictures, they always make me feel all cosy and warm :) Haha, love your outfits too! xxx

  3. That sounds like such a perfect day! Your dress is lovely and so is the cottage :) You are lucky it wasn't covered in snow!

    Hannah x

  4. Oh this sounds so cosy and cute!! Where is this place, I wanna go there! I live on a farm now, and people sound so thrilled when I say it, but then actually, there are only a few sheep in the backfields, and horses that I can't see either, but instead we have a photography studio, car storage company, (there are hitler cars in there its freaky) film props storage (hello harry potter car haha) and random stuff like that. Ice cream van, yes, mechanics revving car, NO THANK YOU.

    Random comment, sorry haha x

  5. Sounds like such a perfect day! Your cat is gorgeous and you all look lovely!
    Nina from little nomad

  6. Loving the dress. It's on my to buy list! Sounds like an awesome day!


  7. You two have to be the best dressed couple ever! Love your dress

    A little bit Unique


  8. you cant beat home made soup on these cold days! and i love your slippers!


  9. Love your dress! That soup looks so yummy - lovely lovely photos xo

  10. Sunday lunch sandwich looks amazing! Any excuse for a roastie. I really wanted that dress and its all sold out in my size waaaaaah :( xx

  11. Oooh I wish that was how I spent my Monday - mine was amazingly stressful haha. the kitty is growing up so fast, what an adorable little face x

  12. Oh Katy your day sounds so perfect. I wish I had more days off so I could eat yummy soup and stroke my dog all afternoon! xxxxxx

  13. Cute photos! I love your outfit!

    Emma x

  14. Jealous of your amazing Monday! x


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