Little Me wears: A dress from Ravi Famous*, a Primark scarf and bag, She Likes jacket* and Internacionale boots.
Little B wears: A jumper from Skip N Whistle*, Topman jeans, a River Island beanie and Nike trainers.

So I know that in the the last post we mentioned how the roles had reserved lately.. Well we must have lied because it only happened once it seems. And now I'm back in my dresses and boots and Little B is in his slouchy jeans and jumper look. I guess some things just never seem to change..
Although on second thoughts, I did buy a scarf this weekend, which isn't a big deal but when you have a box full of scarves because they look pretty, yet never wear them, then I guess it's fine to make a song and dance about it today as I'm actually wearing it (only partly because my dress feels to low, and I'm a bit of an old lady when it comes to lower cut tops!). And whilst we're on that matter, Little B is wearing a cat jumper outside, which very rarely happens on a regular basis. So I guess really, that maybe a leopard can change their spots...? Or clothes in this instance!

However much the weather knocks us down, you can almost feel the Summer creeping up upon us. This week we've got meals booked out every night till the middle of next week, which gets us a little excited for the BBQ months! I suppose we should take full advantage of these dinners, before it's back to milkshake and strawberries for dinner..!

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The Little Winters x
Everyday, regardless of how good or bad the day was, coming through the doors and being greeted with fresh tulips or lillies makes everything feel a lot better. Monday's are fresh flower buying day.

It's entertaining when Little R is captured into the laptop. He'll spend ages hovering over the keys attempting to make noises from it. It makes us chuckle these days.

Even though the evening light is staying, I enjoy pulling up onto our drive and seeing the fairy lights lit up (even if the other half isn't working). It makes the street look prettier.

Lately we've really been getting a buzz from buying a CD instead of downloading. It's nice to actually listen to a whole artist rather than a compliation. And at least I can still sing a long! 

Whether it's nearly April or not, this weather has really made us get into bed extra early, so we can have a treat of hot Ribena and mini eggs. All accompanied with some Michael McIntyre.

I've been a bit cheeky this week, and accidentally on purpose, ended up at my parent's new bathroom on a hairwash night. Being greeted with Mama Mcfred's extra snug dressing gown makes me feel like I'm at a hotel.

They may be a pointless purchase, but our new toadstools have certainly brightened up our patch of garden. Every morning when I leave the house, I'll always check on them. The snow made them look too sweet.

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A Primark tee, Topshop Leigh jeans, a jacket from She Likes* and New Look boots.
Little B wears: A Burton cardigan, Topman shirt, Republic trousers, a Daniel Wellington watch* and Nike trainers.

I don't know what has happened lately, but something has changed me. I'm not sure whether it's the fact that Little B now wears cardigans, or that my tight drawer is so full I can't begin to open it, but I'm wearing jeans. Like majority of the week! You see, Little B treated me last week to my first real pair of jeans.And I actually really bloody love them. 
So when we popped out shopping at the weekend, it dawned on me when we got home, that actually, I'd not even picked up a dress or skirt. Nope, instead I'd been browsing for various tops to wear with my jeans.  Tops that make me look cool (because these jeans sure do!). Instead I opted for this £5 one from Primark. And my new leather jacket, which is a bit TOO cool for me. One step at a time I guess..

I guess the roles have switched and instead of it normally being me that dresses up on weekends, it's now Little B who pops on his shirt and cardigan (he did have his nicer shoes on earlier - not the trainers!).
Today consisted of the grown up boring errands, doctors appointments, kitchen roll buying and hairdressers. To be honest, it was nice to have a quiet day this weekend, as we're pretty busy for the next two! And we'll finish up today with a big feast of homemade burrittos and cookies, and await our friends to come over for a catch up and pre excitement holiday chatter. Even if it's 5 months away!

The Little Winters x

For months we'd been keeping a big secret from our mama's (so I may have told everybody else whilst doing so) and finally last weekend we were able to spill the beans. We had wanted to do something different for Mothers day, after them both having been through a lot lately, so we decided to take them to London for the day, and finish it up with a musical. Les Miserables. I don't know who was more excited, them, or us!

After a stop at Little B's parents for bacon sandwiches, cake and coffee, we caught the train to the centre and attempted to potter around Covent Garden. Sadly the weather was against us, which resulted in us moving from one cafe to another, and then upping our game and heading to a pub for a few cheeky drinks.
We then took a walk around Leicester Square, only to stand next to Lee Ryan at a pelican crossing. As you do.

The day seemed to go pretty quickly, so we snuck off into a nice little restaurant for a pre theatre meal, which was delicious. Most of us opted for the same starter but couldn't manage any pudding. So instead, we saved a little bit of room in our tums and made sure we all had ice cream in the interval!
Our seats were extremely high inside, but actually, we couldn't fault them. We could still see and hear everything going on. Although I did feel sorry for the people infront of us having to listen to my excited singing!

The show was absolutely incredible, and probably has now ranked to be my favourite one out of them all. Our Mama's had a lovely time (and the tears they cried were happy ones!) and it was really nice to spend the day with them and the brothers, and give something back to them.
It was a very late night home, after catching a train back, then followed by an hours drive home, which resulted in two very tired Little's on Tuesday morning (and two super fussy furries too!).

We're still catching up our sleep now, but we'd easily go back to see it tomorrow if we had the chance.
I think Little B thinks that I'll finally stop playing the soundtrack now.. He's wrong, so so wrong..

The Little Winters x

When it comes to food, us Little's are all on different pages.. Little R and Little B are just interested in eating it, whereas Little B enjoys preparing it more (which is a good thing, considering he's a chef!) and then there's Little Me, who, well, I guess I'm down with the furries. I just enjoy eating it.
We very rarely get to sit down and eat together, which is the main reason for my terrible snacking and crumpet dinners, so when we do get the chance we try to make the most of it. Normally Little B is nominated as cooker (well he does such a good job!) but sometimes when I want a new dress or something, I have to agree to cook...

My most favourite meal to make is a Melanzane, which is a vegetarian dish and tastes bloody wonderful. It's also pretty simple to make, and goes down nicely with a good old cheesecake!
All you need to do is cut the aubergine in half, and lightly oil. Cook this for 15 minutes or so, then scrape out the inside and add to a tin of chopped tomatoes (garlic and herbs if you wish). Then layer a slice of mozzarella, a slice of tomato, followed by a spoonful of mixture. Repeat till aubergine is filled.Finish off with some sprinkled parmasean and place in oven for another 10 minutes. Serve with a tasty side salad.

Little B is a bit partial to a good curry (as is Little R for that matter!) and with our endless supply of Rogan Josh paste, it only seems right to keep using it up! Plus a chocolate fudge brownie always tastes so much better after a curry..!
All you need is a mixture of vegetables fried off in some oil (our favourites are courgette, pepper, onion and broccoli) and mixed with some chicken which has already been friend in rogan josh paste and water. Add together, and put in chopped tomatoes and paste (we also add in garlic philly!). Leave to cook, then serve with white rice and/or garlic naan and a huge dollop of mango chutney.

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A dress from New Look, a H&M blazer, and Ash wedges.

Today is a Wednesday Addams kinda day. To be quite honest, most days are for me, as I tend to wear black for work.. I just leave the pigtails behind (they're best off being left in my memory box). And with Wednesday's droopy look, it suited my mood perfectly today. You see, we went to London yesterday us Little's and took our Little mama's there for a late mothers day seeing Les Miserables. We all had such a wonderful time even in the pouring rain, but the late night drive home has made us all a little weepy today.

I say weepy and droopy as though I know Wednesday Addams like my neighbour, but I don't know her, nor do I really know my neighbours, so this equation is completely irreverent.  But basically I like black. And white collars.
I think tonight calls for some crumpets, a hot ribena and Little R and myself will snuggle into bed and await for Little B to finish work in the late hours. Tomorrow will resume as normal!

The Little Winters x
This week I spent a lot of time in my favourite pyjamas. I hate when they are in the wash as they're super snug. Little B steals my slippers too! Today I made the most impractical purchase for the garden. But I like them.

This week, Little R has been hiding under the duvet with us to keep warm. Every morning at 6.23 he'll expect a snuggle. I can't say no to that face! On Tuesday we our favourite breakfast, full of golden syrup.

This week I've been lazy with dinner whilst Little B has been at work, and treated myself to strawberries and fudge brownie milkshake. On Wednesday I donned my stripes and really old scarf for work.

This week Little B has been having man time with Little R and Little S. He gets a little angry when Little R watches over him in the morning. Little S enjoys having cuddles and chats in the evening (and morning too!)

This week, I bought some flowers like I do every week. On a Monday to be precise, whilst doing the food shopping. They make me smile. On Friday, I treated myself to some new shoes, I feel a bit like Dorothy.

This week has been nice to see the morning light come in, and know that Spring is around the corner. Plus we're still in love with our new duvet set. On Thursday I wrapped up warm in the car and smiled.

The Little Winters x
Little Me bought: Vivienne Westwood shoes.

These shoes have those eyes. The ones that look at you and you give in to them... That's exactly what I did at work on Friday. I caved, and bought them. Partly because they're just too darn cute for Summer, but mainly because the sweet scent through them is a little bit delicious (bubblegum if you're wondering!).
I'm not usually a pump type shoe person, I prefer something with a wedge (or mostly boots for that matter) so it's actually a nice change, plus I'm not towering over Little B. Although, Little B isn't a fan of these and when I asked him how they looked on, he described them as 'something Dororthy would wear.. After she was stuck in mud'. 
I guess he just isn't a fashion blogger after all..

The Little Winters x
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Little Me wears: A playsuit by Daisy Street*, a H&M top, Primark bag and sunglasses and Matalan wedged trainers*
Little B wears: A Topman shirt and jeans, and Nike trainers.

Woah, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears called, they want their double denim couple look back, cause we totally stole it from them today! Although us Little's aren't half as sexy and cool as them (we do try!)
Besides rocking the matching denim look today, I'm definitely going against what I just cannot understand on other blogs, prancing about semi naked in minus temperatures. You see, this super sweet pinafore got me in the Summer mood and made me dig out my sunglasses too (in my defence, it WAS sunny at the time.. and snowing). I tried to get Little B in on the Summer dressing, but he thought otherwise.. I guess you could say he was sensible.

I have a phobia of denim, and Little B makes up for it with his love of denim, but I agreed on this pinafore, because it was a fake. And that's how I like it. With my forever look of trying to be on the cool side, I did the 90's look and attempted one strap down.. Let's just say it looked like I hadn't got fully dressed! It also doesn't help that it's a little on the big side, so a trip to Mama Mcfred's will sort that out.. And then the Summer can officially commence.
But for now, we shall be keeping warm in our pyjamas and big cosy knits. With a huge mug of hot chocolate.

The Little Winters x
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