Eyes like marbles, you spin me high as I glide.


Little Me wears: A dress from Nelly, Matalan wedged hi tops*, and a Primark clutch.
Little B wears: A Matalan shirt, Topman jumper and jeans and Matalan shoes*.

Sometimes when a trend comes about, I get a little urge to jump on the bandwagon (only slightly) and with the sports luxe it seemed perfect. Comfy, yet stylish? Of course, I'm in. And I tried it, and probably failed miserably, as this is my attempt. Oh with a bit of monochrome in there too. Let's all laugh!
I've always been a bit on the fence when it comes to wedged hi tops. After seeing so many dupes (yes, I'm an ASH convert!) I backed off from them. Until Matalan got in touch asking if we'd like to try out their new Click and Collect service (which is definitely a bonus if you're like us and are never at home for the postman!), and I came across these wedged hi tops. Not only are they a different take from the many copies around, but they really do have such a hidden wedge and are an amazing price. And they're pretty cool if you ask me!
Little B also spied some new shoes, after once declaring he wouldn't wear 'those boot type shoes'. Well he did. And he's actually extremely pleased with them too! So with our new shoes on our feet, we sure are happy little people. Even if we can't pull off the new trends very well!

Us Little's were not only satisfied with our new purchases (I also got a sweet pyjama playsuit and a slouchy bag) but the Matalan service was pretty impressive too. Our items came into  store a day earlier than expected, so with this came a frantic forwarding email to Little B forcing him to pick up the package from our next town. And in usual fashion, the parcel was opened and the items were out in full swing.
Of course, Little R got to enjoy the whole experience too.. I mean, what kitty doesn't love packaging play?!

The Little Winters x


  1. I really like the high tops. My friend got some amazing black velvet ones from Topshop. I really want them, but £45 is a bit tooooo much [plus I'm meant to be cutting back!]. I think you pull them off really well. I like Little B's find too! xx

  2. Love your dress and the shoes too! So glad to here about the good service

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  3. High tops suit you like a dream! I had my eyes on the nude coloured version of those wedge trainers but never made the investment. Seeing how effortlessly cool you look in them has made me regret not picking them up!

    Also, that pyjama playsuit is so, so pretty!

  4. I disagree, you both look wunderbar and supa trendy! I wish I'd spied that dress when I still had my Nelly voucher, it's so lovely. Also, I agree with Leigh, that pyjama playsuit is heaven x

  5. I'm loving the sporting trend at the moment, i bought a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms the other day that had a surprisingly very flattering fit and are turned up at the bottom, as awful as they sound i was actually quite impressed!lovely blog :-)
    hope you visit back :-)

  6. I love the wedged high tops, I have had to talk my mum out of getting a pair though haha x

  7. I got my boots from matalan and they have lasted really well so far. It's a good place! Black and white suits you great too.

    Cheers for your comment as well :) haha yes art attack was the show of all shows in the 90s! x

  8. awesome trainers..you boot look great


  9. I adore your dress! I also really like the sports Lux trend too xx

  10. the monochrome look suits you, very pretty!xx

  11. love this dress, not heard of Nelly before so i will have to have a browse. Ive never actually shopped at matalan either so i need to sort that. the pajama playsuit is my fave :)

    Charlie xx

  12. Love love love your monochrome dress! The wedged hightops look cute on you, but they are not something I could pull of wearing myself unfortunately! xo

  13. I love your dress so much! I need some monochrome in my life :)
    Love Holly x

  14. I love your dress, I think you have pulled off the look really well!

    Lola xx

  15. Oh my that DRESS! What a gem! Can I borrow it ;) haha! Little B's shirt is a lovely colour too. And ohhh kitties love themselves some packaging. One of mine used to nestle into cardboard boxes haha

    Robyn Mayday

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