Little Me wears: A Topshop dress, a bag from Primark and New Look boots.
Little B wears: A Burton cardigan, a New Look shirt, jeans from Topman and shoes from Matalan*.

Sometimes it's nice to just get your fancy pants clothes on. Even if it's only heading to ASDA. And yes, sometimes we may or may not do this, so we look like we're really important people living really busy important lives...
Although I'm not sure important people buy lots of flowers and watering cans in the supermarket though? I think that's just something that I do. I guess it's acceptable in a pretty dress though right? This is still a favourite dress of mine, even channeling my inner Little Bo Peep... Maybe I can buy Little R and S a sheep get up..?! Not sure Little B would agree though, but he's too busy enjoying his life with his £3 shirt and fancy tie. But I'm not going to complain because I think he looks pretty dapper... At this rate, he'll soon be on par with Joseph Gordon Levitt!

To be honest, any normal person would pick a real life character to compare their style too, not Little Bo Peep. I guess, if Little B is attempting the JGL look, then surely I should get the bangs back in and start singing "Hey Girl... It's Jess". If you're rubbish like us, then here's how to dress like your favourite TV character.
With all this nattering, Little Bo Peep certainly has lost her sheep, and must go find them. And make the bed first, for Kimbo and Claire who are staying with us this weekend. And we cannot wait!

The Little Winters x

* collaborative post.

Little lady Steph is a bit of dream, so of course her blog name suits her entirely. With her fabulous outfit posts, and her sweet home pictures, they're sure to make you jealous (I know they do me!) Not only does she have a pretty dashing partner, and two gorgeous pups, but she's also one of the nicest ladies about.

Not only is Sophie absolutely adorable but she also has the wardrobe too. With her super sweet smile, and her perfect bowler hat, she makes blog reading a pure delight. Sophie's blog is the right mix of fashion and lifestyle, with some yummy food photos added in for good measure too.

When I'm not staring at Danielle's luscious locks, I'm eyeing up her beautiful dresses and jewellery. Clicking onto her blog, may make me a little hungry with her fab recipes but your mind is sure to wander when you soon feel like you've joined her on a day out with her wonderful snapshots.

Jen seems like the type of girl you'd want to hang out with. She's one for sharing blogs that she's found whether them new or favourites. When Jen isn't making up wishlists, or showing us what she's been cooking, we're captivated by the fun things shes getting up to and enjoying.

Whenever I browse through Sundari's perfect photos, they make me want to read more. She seems like the most down to earth ladie, which completely shows in her lifestyle posts. Rose Beauty has the perfect mix of beauty products and lifestyle, and also a pretty nice new Ted Baker purse too..

Oh Steph and her wardrobe are absolutely wonderful. With her spot on reviews, and her gorgeous hat, she's definitely one to tempt you with new items! Bonjour Belle has just the right mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and some accessories that are too good not to be missed.

If you're after beauty reviews, and good ones too, Hayley's blog is the place to be. Not only does she own some pretty gorgeous lipsticks, but she's also got some an array of nail varnish colours too! Hayley's just reached 600 followers, and has a pretty generous giveaway right now!

Would you like to see yourself here for the month of Marrch and be on Little Winter? If you're interested then email or tweet us as spaces fill up! More information can be found here.

The Little Winters x
This week we've really enjoyed waking up and the morning light coming through, making our little orchid stand out. I can't wait for the mornings to get even lighter.

This week I've been wearing a lot of burgundy and polka dots. Because it's Spring soon, and I'm excited. I want it to hurry up so I can leave my tights at home, and put on my sandals.

This week, I've been treated to two sets of flowers, which make me a happy little flower lady. Lillie's and tulips are my favourite. I also gave my mum a bunch, to cheer her and her kitchen up.

This week my evenings have been spent snuggled up in bed wearing my new grandad jumper, with hot ribena and a magazine. This is my favourite time of the day, especially when it's nice and warm.

This week I've spent a lot of time in my parent's kitchen. Not only because it's really nice, but also for company for my mama whilst Papa G is in hospital. Takeaways and wine have been consumed. And this furry one.

This week, Little R has been going a little wild and growing like crazy. He's found new things to play with, and made a new bed for himself.. In the bathroom sink.

This week also involved a lot of hot chocolate and the leftover sweets from last weekend. Tonight will be spent exactly the same way. And Little B will be able to join me. What about you?

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A H&M top, Primark shorts, ASH wedges and a Matalan bag*
Little B wears: A River Island shirt, Topman jeans, Nike trainers and a Daniel Wellington watch*.

The days seem to be rolling into one at the moment over here in the Little's household. It's either been completely quiet with nobody but the furries snoring sound, or bustling with people stopping at weekends lately. Of course, we thoroughly enjoy people staying, especially when you see the males faces having to sleep in floral bedsheets.. Priceless! But sometimes it's nice to just stop, and do nothing. But then,  I get really really bored!
I always drag Little B out of bed on our days off, to potter round some shops (usually the same homeware stores!) and we end up putting on our favourite simple outfits. And one that hides the evidence of a big cream tea lunch..!

We both used to be afraid of stripes but lately they've turned us around, and we occasionally embrace them. Not together, because that would just be a little weird. When Little B isn't wearing his stripy blue tee with his burgundy jeans, then it's my turn to put on my stripy sleeved top and my burgundy lace shorts in the hope that maybe one day we'll start confusing you with which Little is which...
At least you'll always know who likes the floral sheets and who likes a good book (for now!)

The Little Winters x

When it comes to payday, my brain gets racking with what I want more than what I actually need. A new dress always manages to win over food shopping (actually I do both, but sacrifice the healthy things for a pretty frock!), so when I came across Kaleidoscope which deals with ladies fashion, I managed to pick out a few pieces that would sit perfectly on my rail. With or without Summer coming, I always have a thing for florals, and I sure can't wait to wear them with some cute sandals. These ones from Joe Browns are delicious, especially with the aztec print! And of course, what wardrobe could be complete without some lace.. I'm a bit of a sucker for lace (I think I own about 6 black lace dresses) but you can never have too many right?! Right?
I think these wedges will probably end up in my buy pile come next week, because like every other girl, I spend my wages as soon as they come in. And I'm not even sorry!

The Little Winters x

*sponsored post.

This weekend, saw two beautiful ladies become part of the Little's household. Little Kim and Little Steph for the night. They drove on up bringing wine and a jolly good time to be had. And it certainly was! I failed at making cakes and cheekily bought some, only for Little R to tuck in to them during our excitement of hello's!! 
A mad dash to ASDA happened, which resulted in more enthusiasm, over heart shaped waffles and squirty cream debates, than was needed. We headed for warmth with our evening in sight and a huge food bill.

Our evening started by attempting to fit a pizza larger than the oven itself, into the oven, shortly followed my a glass (or two) of wine (and cider) poured where we caught up, had a giggle and basically sang our hearts out to 90's songs. And of course, Little R had many a cuddles.. I think he just wanted to get in on Kim's popcorn! The evening was finished off by snuggling up into the guest bed in mismatched printed pyjamas and having a chuckle at Steph's over excitement (I don't think she gets out too much...?!) and planning our next fun sleepover.

In true blogger style, the morning was spent preparing for a breakfast party (yeah, hear that Breakfast club!) With Kim on bacon duty, and Steph on egg patrol, I was left with the only job I could handle, the waffles and tea! When the squirty cream fiasco had died down (seriously, who else has squirty cream on their waffles? Just me?) the dollops of maple syrup and waffles were soon demolished. And finished off with a nice cup of tea. A perfect morning.

And what weekend full of bloggers could be complete without making room for outfit posts. Off we tottered in our pretty little frocks (and playsuits) to the nicest spot of sunshine, on the main road near my house where we chuckled and posed as cars beeped passing by.
The weekend soon came to a finish and Little Kim and Little Steph were Little's no more. I waved a sad goodbye to them, as did Little R (until he was distracted by the neighbours hose pipe!), hoping that they'd turn around and come live with us forever more. Instead, I was left with fond memories with them. And a load of washing up..
It was literally one of the loveliest weekends I've had in a while, and was just what I needed after these rubbish few weeks.  I can't wait for them to come back and be Little's again.

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A By Zoe blouse, jeans from Dorothy Perkins, Ash wedges, and a Matalan bag*.

It's not very often you see the whole household in jeans. Actually, you will never see the whole household in jeans as Little R and Little S are right naked runners. SO, it's not very often you see myself in jeans. But lately, I've been having a bit of an affair with them and I'm finding myself choosing them over dresses, because somehow I think they make me look quite cool (yes, I did it again!). Plus they're actually pretty comfy too..
They're probably comfy because they're about 6 years old (I wish I was joking!) but balancing it out with a brand new blouse makes it all the better. This isn't my usual style blouse, but I picked it up in the sale at work as it had totally been eyeing me up, even if I did sneakily stitch up the slit in the neckline! I'm such a bore.

Tonight is spent tidying up the house (I swear we're forever tidying it!) after a cheeky weekend with two lovely ladies. Little B has just popped the kettle on which definitely calls for a tasty hot chocolate. And then that'll end up fighting off Little R for my marshmallows. He's such a marshmallow fiend!

The Little Winters x
This week I had some lovely ladies come to stay (Steph and Kim) and we took lots of photos and had a jolly good time. Tonight I snuggled up in my warm bed with nothing but the lanterns shining.

This week I did the florist run, which is my favourite time of day. I picked these flowers to brighten up the rubbish weather. Today I had the best breakfast I had in a long time. It was delicious.

This week we ate lots of pancakes for breakfast and dinner. Pancake day should be once a month. On Thursday night we drove to Hertfordshire at 1am. Coffee was needed and pyjamas too!

This week Schmidt enjoyed a game of hide and seek in Little B's sleeve. He's so sweet, I want to snuggle him forever. On Tuesday, Little R and I had semi naked evening, where we watched trashy TV.

This week, Little R had another adventure outside, getting his teeny paws wet with the remains of the snow. On Saturday I wore my favourite skirt and felt like half of a watermelon.

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A blazer from River Island, an Urban Outfitters dress, a Marc B bag* and Ash boots.
Little B wears: A Burton cardigan, a Primark tee, Daniel Wellington watch*, Topman jeans and Matalan shoes*.

This week has been a really odd one, and if we're honest, we'll be glad to see the back of it. There have been plenty of tears, lots of family time, and also a little spending spree to cheer us up (including a brand spanking new camera - finally!) Oh and just to top it off.. We were crowned Cutest couple by Kigu! I wonder if we'd ever be in the running for matching colour outfits? Because today we did a good job of that.
As much as I love all my many items in my wardrobe, this is definitely by far my favourite dress (ask Little B what I wear every other day, and he'd pick this!) and even with my trusted blazer. Plus as Little B says "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"..! Although, he completely went against his words after declaring he'd never wear a cardigan....

It must have been his new shiny watch that made him feel the need for a new cardigan. And personally, I think he looks pretty dapper! Like my shoes.. Which I also wear all of the time. But that's OK right?
So, with Little B changing his tune, and wearing cardigans, and then Little Me sticking to the same dress and blazer, it's becoming clear who's more fashion blogger as of late...

The Little Winters x
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