Joining the world and their nan's.. 30 Little facts.


10 facts about Little Me with the big fringe.

1. I'm the most indecisive person ever. Even when it comes down to choosing something to eat.
2. A few months ago, I couldn't go a day without a chunk of cheese (grated being the best!)
3. When I was younger, all I wanted to be was a tooth fairy.
4. I do a pretty good impression of Miss Potts singing Be Our Guest.. Yes word for word too.
5. I tend to sleep in Little B's boxers at night.
6. A few years ago, I applied to be a Disney Princess, and I got offered an interview for Princess Jasmine.
7. I don't eat meat, except sausages. I like sausages a lot.
8. On my 7th birthday, I went into hospital with pneumonia. 
9. I worked abroad for the past 4 years where I did 4 ski seasons in France and 3 summers in Greece.
10. I'm absolutely terrified of sponge. The thought of it makes me squirm.

10 facts about Little B with the dimples.

1. I own over 400 books which I do re-read (and tend to never get rid of!)
2. Most days I drink my weight in coffee. With one sugar.
3. I can pull a 360 on my snowboard.
4. When I was in New Zealand, I bungee jumped off Auckland Bridge.
5.  I've cooked dinner for Isla Fisher before (and perved on her a little)
6. I'd definitely take Jennifer Aniston for a date if she called.
7. I once went without sleep for 38 hours. Now I sleep a lot!
8. I used to make chips cheese and gravy twice a week for Katy, till she finally let me take her on a date!
9. My biggest fear are bananas. I really can't stand them.
10. I've been for a swim in Singapore airport.

5 facts about Little Schmidt with the cute paws.

1. I can actually stuff 12 sunflower seeds into my pouch in one go. And probably more!
2. I'm pretty well trained to go to the toilet in a certain corner of my house.
3. I once escaped from my cage, and managed to find the Big Little's! (I was a little scared)
4. If there was a hamster Olympics, I would definitely win gold in the cross country.
5. When I was younger, I travelled a lot, living in 4 house, and I've even been for a trip to Ikea too!

5 facts about Little Runkle with the cheesy grin.

1. I have a bit of a fetish for things each month. This month has been eye lids. I like them.
2. I seem to be well known in the Little house for being a window licker (any way to help!)
3. Little B has genuinely taught me to fetch my toy mouse. Once I fetched it 15 times in a row.
4. When I need the toilet, someone has to be sitting at the bottom of the stairs for me.
5. I've been told I have the loudest purr. You can probably hear me from next door.

The Little Winters x


  1. So cool that you got offered an interview to be Princess Jasmine!
    Love the little facts about the little furries too. Aww :)
    I'm going to be posting one of these soon too, jumping on the bandwagon! xx

  2. So cute. Your family is adorable x

  3. Awwww, he likes eyelids, that is cute, unless hes clawing them *shudder* I just did a video for this, its uploading now, how exciting haha!! :D

    S xx

  4. That little grin on Runkle! So sweet!

    Like, Sophie, I think I'll be jumping on this bandwagon too! And your princess fact reminded me (fact number 1!) that apparently (I have no memory of it) when I was about 4 or 5, we came to London and went to Buckingham Palace and I stood outside and cried because I wasn't a princess!

  5. this is so cute, I love it
    ohhhhh princess jasmine , wow!
    ha and I love that little schmidt has been to ikea <3
    and little runkle needs to come for a holiday to my house

  6. Love this, and getting to know you all :)
    Um.....and you're not Princess Jasmin now, why?!!!!

  7. The pet facts are amazing. Oh my, I may have to shamelessly steal your idea for Lily and Lola :):)

  8. Strangely enough this isn't the first time I've heard of a banana fear! x

  9. Why are you not currently Jasmine? I'm going to Disney on Saturday and it would have been at least 47% better if you were there being a princess xx

  10. aww the cutest facts <3 love Little Runkle's ones.. cats are weird. xx

  11. Loved this post and getting to know facts about everyone! :-)

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  12. great post. sounds amazing working abroad for so long :)

    Lola xx

  13. I love this post! Especially because Little Runkle and Little Schmidt are included! xxx

  14. I want to hear you sing be our guest now, I love that song!
    My brothers girlfriend is also scared of bananas, it's the weirdest phobia xxx

  15. Lovely to hear more about you! I can really see you as princess Jasmine now! xx

  16. Such a cute post! I love how you all got involved :-) I can't believe you got a Disney Princess interview, that's so amazing! You have been fab.

  17. love this, I'll be jumping on the bandwagon and doing this soon! i love that you were offered a disney princess interview, amazing xx

  18. Awww this is so cute haha, I'm so indescisive as well!


  19. Just found your blog and I really looove it! You are beautiful<3 And you'd be an excellent Jasmine, I think(;

    Greta xoxo

  20. Oh, LOVED this! You are such a flippin' cutie! I want to include Bodhi on my next little facts thingemejig now! I loved finding out a bit more about Littlebum too, is he ALLOWED to take Jennifer Aniston on a date? I hope he got a smacked bum for that comment! Plus I'd totes rather date you than JenAn, I bet she doesn't like cheese, chips and gravy.

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  21. Sooo cute! I love your blog and can't believe I've only just found it. New follower here!

  22. Haha my housemate sometimes sings Be My Guest! Grated cheese is defo the best method of preparation for that little chunk of cheddar.

    Chips, cheese and gravy is also an incredible combo. I'm such a cheese addict, jeez haha!

    Robyn Mayday

  23. just followed you and your blog is brilliant! you're little family is so cute, love your pets!


  24. WTF HE COOKED FOR ISLA FISHER, ever since Confessions of a Shopaholic I have both loved her/ hated her/ wanted to be her. Jealous. Jelly jelly jelly.

    Right this way, a CHANEL GIVEAWAY 

  25. love facts-about-me posts :D ♥

  26. I love these posts purely because I'm nosy, I absolutely love the fact you've included little Schmidt and Runkle! x

  27. I adore these posts! Little Runkle is so adorable! Love how you could have been a disney princess I can so so imagine this!

    Also ... I'm back! :)


  28. Posts like these are so much fun to read, yours pets are so adorable. Your blog is just lovely, I am a new follower :)

    Elle xx

  29. This is too cute! I am also the most indecisive person EVER. When it comes to making decisions I refer everything to someone else, the only thing I can choose is what to wear in the morning... just!! xx

    There's a giveaway on my blog:


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