10 facts about Little Me with the big fringe.

1. I'm the most indecisive person ever. Even when it comes down to choosing something to eat.
2. A few months ago, I couldn't go a day without a chunk of cheese (grated being the best!)
3. When I was younger, all I wanted to be was a tooth fairy.
4. I do a pretty good impression of Miss Potts singing Be Our Guest.. Yes word for word too.
5. I tend to sleep in Little B's boxers at night.
6. A few years ago, I applied to be a Disney Princess, and I got offered an interview for Princess Jasmine.
7. I don't eat meat, except sausages. I like sausages a lot.
8. On my 7th birthday, I went into hospital with pneumonia. 
9. I worked abroad for the past 4 years where I did 4 ski seasons in France and 3 summers in Greece.
10. I'm absolutely terrified of sponge. The thought of it makes me squirm.

10 facts about Little B with the dimples.

1. I own over 400 books which I do re-read (and tend to never get rid of!)
2. Most days I drink my weight in coffee. With one sugar.
3. I can pull a 360 on my snowboard.
4. When I was in New Zealand, I bungee jumped off Auckland Bridge.
5.  I've cooked dinner for Isla Fisher before (and perved on her a little)
6. I'd definitely take Jennifer Aniston for a date if she called.
7. I once went without sleep for 38 hours. Now I sleep a lot!
8. I used to make chips cheese and gravy twice a week for Katy, till she finally let me take her on a date!
9. My biggest fear are bananas. I really can't stand them.
10. I've been for a swim in Singapore airport.

5 facts about Little Schmidt with the cute paws.

1. I can actually stuff 12 sunflower seeds into my pouch in one go. And probably more!
2. I'm pretty well trained to go to the toilet in a certain corner of my house.
3. I once escaped from my cage, and managed to find the Big Little's! (I was a little scared)
4. If there was a hamster Olympics, I would definitely win gold in the cross country.
5. When I was younger, I travelled a lot, living in 4 house, and I've even been for a trip to Ikea too!

5 facts about Little Runkle with the cheesy grin.

1. I have a bit of a fetish for things each month. This month has been eye lids. I like them.
2. I seem to be well known in the Little house for being a window licker (any way to help!)
3. Little B has genuinely taught me to fetch my toy mouse. Once I fetched it 15 times in a row.
4. When I need the toilet, someone has to be sitting at the bottom of the stairs for me.
5. I've been told I have the loudest purr. You can probably hear me from next door.

The Little Winters x

Life lately.. An update to come in the next few days including the day I thought I was a part of Les Mis and sang every song about 60 times. But for now, my bed. Lots of love all.

The Little Winters x

Little Me wears: A dress and blouse from Primark and Ash boots.

Today was definitely a day for pinafores and blouses, even if only consisting of running errands and making winter casserole. Even zipping up the dress this morning was more special than normal, after waiting two weeks to wear these new additions due to alterations on the sleeves (damn you tiny wrists!). And with that, I donned my most unpractical shoe attire. Since the snow has arrived, I've come to realise that maybe it's time to own some flat shoes that aren't foam brogues... It makes me wonder how I survived in the French Alps all those months! I'm also thinking that maybe tights and a dress aren't always the best for this weather, and it may just be time to invest in some womens jeans. French connection have a fair few that I'm (kinda) eyeing up, and of course, their other pieces!
Of course once I'm tucked up back inside, the pretty dresses are always replaced by my favourite pyjamas and slippers and the usual evening consisting of trashy TV and a good fudge hot chocolate continues.
Back to reality tomorrow for us Littles..

The Little Winters x

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Little Me wears: A Topshop dress, boots from New Look and a Topshop clutch bag.
Little B wears: An ASOS waistcoat and trousers, River Island shirt and TK Maxx shoes.

This snow filled weekend was spent in the small town of Oakham, dressed for a wedding and topped off with a beautiful hotel, wonderful company and many a drinks. Of course there was also time for delicious chocolate truffles and a hot chocolate that would fill your boots (but kept us wonderfully warm!).

Driving through all the villages to Oakham really made us appreciate where we live. But of course, we couldn't wait to get back to our own little cottage where we were sure welcomed by Little R who had missed us a bit too much! Now we're cooking up a big dinner for Little B's parents and mine which will most definitely end the week nicely.
And once we wave goodbye, the pyjamas will be on and a film shall be watched.

The Little Winters x
Little Me and Little B wears: Kigu's and wellies!

Just like the rest of the world and their nan's, we popped on our kigus (for warmth, not practicality of course) and headed outside with Little R. The poor guy was shaking from the cold, but this time round, he actually wanted to explore the snowdrops falling all around him. And the pawprint marks he left were just so utterly sweet too..
I vote that Kigu get onto the case for actual animal warmers. I know Little R would snap one up in an instance! 
Plus, anythings better than a pink lead right Runkle?!

The Little Winters x

This weeks snow has reminded us of our days back in the Alps, so taking a drive through the countryside with our favourite snowboarding playlist on was really fun. And nice. Of course, this called for a big mug of hot chocolate with endless cream and marshmallows once back inside. Snuggled up in our Kigus with the furry ones and topped off with some fresh colourful tulips on display and our Chinese lanterns on in full swing.
Tonight is spent baking chocolate fudge muffins, and having a mexican dinner date. Perfect!

p.s - We're selling some clothes.. All items under £10! Go have a look :)
p.p.s - We've also set up an advertising page. If you're interested, information is here.

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: An Oh My Love jumper*, a pretty Ever Ours dress* and Ash boots.

Today is all about pink and cream. And pleats. Because every once in a while it's OK to mix all your pleats and pinks and have a bit of a girls day. And my that I mean that I sure looked the snazziest when cleaning the house this morning! Once we'd eaten our hot cross buns and finished our warm drinks, we headed out for some fresh air in our town which was really quite nice. Except, I must invest in snow shoes!
We're currently debating where to go tomorrow. It seems a bit of a toss up between Cadburys world or Harry Potter world. I've never seen Harry Potter (que gasps) so wondering if I'll still enjoy it. Personally, I'd rather sack them both off and head to Beatrix Potter world! Not sure Little B would be thrilled...

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A Mina dress*, and Primark coat, bag and wedges.
Little B wears: An American Apparel top, Topman jeans and Primark boots.

Oh how wonderful it was to not have to set an alarm this morning, and awake when we felt like it. Although Little R had other ideas and at 7am decided that actually he was quite hungry, and so when he gets up, the rest of the household should. Even playing dead didn't fool him..
Today we popped on our simple outfits (and super thick coats) and ventured into town for house things, haircuts and lunch with the parents. My haircut wasn't that successful, and made me realise why I'd put off going for a year.. So with that, Little B treated me to a new set of fary lights (because 5 sets really aren't many) and in exchange I finally agreed to the kitchen needing a bread bin. On the condition it was girly enough!
Little B has now tottered off to get a chinese takeaway tonight, whilst I am browsing the many beautiful Warehouse dresses. Hurry up payday! But for now, it's time to slob. To the max. With a huge bag of biscuits too! Delightful.

The Little Winters x

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It finally feels like Christmas is over. Not that we're scrooges or anything, but all we've all longed for these last few weeks with cosy nights in, the curtains drawn, a soppy film and the leftover chocolate. Because that's what January is for. Especially after a busy few weeks consisting of London trips, lots of shopping, endless meals out a fair few wild nights. For Little R and Little S too!
Next week we're all off work together, which will be filled with house decorating, furniture shopping and finished up with a cheeky wedding (not us don't you worry yourselves!) So we're pretty excited for that.
I guess those January evenings we're dreaming off, will have to wait till February...

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: An Urban Outfitters dress, Primark socks and boots from New Look.

I'm not too sure whether it's the lighting of these photos, the dress, or just myself that makes me look a little dumpy and oh so pasty. Because I am neither pasty, not that dumpy (we'll forget the thighs this time). I'm going to go with the dress as it's a little different from my normal shape, but I was hugely drawn to the colour and the smock style of it. It reminds me of something Leigh would wear, which probably swayed me to buy it, in my forever effort to look a little bit on the cool side (do frilly socks count?!).
I'm a little fed up with my hair at the moment.. We worked out that the last time I braved a hairdressers was in February. So I'm probably due a trim and I'm actually debating this look.. Although the last time I went shorter was probably when I was 7, and urm, it kinda grew outwards instead...
I'm now off to laugh at Little B continue training Little R to 'fetch'. So far, Little R has managed to walk around the house with my pants in his mouth. That'll be interesting for the postman!

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A River Island coatigan, a Primark snood, a Topshop dress with my Ash boots and Marc B Bag*
Little B wears: A Jack & Jones shirt, Topman jeans and Primark boots.

It must just be us and our not so old age, in the fact that we've gone back to being a little cold. It also may have something to do with us ditching our Winter coats in favour for our lighter ones (or in Little B's case.. nothing!) My brother got me this coatigan for Christmas and said I look like a granny. Sure enough, when my Nana came over, she loved it!! Well, call me an old granny and pass me the sherry.
Little B's a fan of Jack and Jones (our house is full of their boxers.. I think I've turned him into an underwear hoarder like myself!) especially their t-shirts! He picked this shirt for Christmas too, as he's a bit of a lumberjack fan (and it matches his new pyjama bottoms!) Funnily enough it seems my whole family are when they get together!
And I'm not sure where he ever got that idea to pose like that from...

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A Lashes of London dress* and Ash boots.

I know I once said that I didn't wear bodycons, and made an exception. Well I made another one again (although in these photos I look terrible with my lumpy bumpy frumpy pants) for my Christmas work meal. And yes, this is so overdue! The embellished shoulders and thick material won me over, oh and Kim rocking it too!
Finally I have a few weddings to go to this month, so I'm sure this dress will make a cheeky appearance. And much to Little B's delight after he asked me to dress more sexier!! Haha. In all fairness, he did say I dressed nice, but he just wants a bit more, you know, skin... But he should remember that I like my collars up high, my tights under my armpits and my dresses swishing to the knee. I couldn't do sexy if it hit me in the face!

The Little Winters x
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