So I've joined the other 5000 and posted a year in outfits posts. At least there's not millions.. Just merely 12. One for each bloody good month that was had. And still, my useless camera!
The Little Winters have been busy since Christmas doing housey things, snuggly things, and basically sleeping! Now we're off to make pre cocktails for tomorrow night. We wish you all a Happy New Year!

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A Topshop dress and some Ash boots.
Little B wears: A Primark hoody, Topman jeans and t-shirt and Nike trainers.

So we're completely opposites today. On one hand I look like I'm heading either to a funeral or for a boogie, and Little B, well, basically looks like he's rolled out of bed. He was hungover. And he did change shortly after. To be fair, we'd just come out of a tricky car journey with Little Runkle. It wasn't easy. He was pretty disturbed. We were both tired and full. And let's just say, we won't be having any other Little's for a while..
I treated myself to these Ash boots the day before Christmas Eve. It's always nice to give yourself a Christmas present right? Plus they kept looking at me at work.. So it only seemed right. And Little B did good, buying me this dress.
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of nice exciting things. We really appreciated the time we spent with our families and the celebrations are still continuing! We now have one worn out Little Runkle, a happy holidayed Little Schmidt and two very full bellies. We love Christmas!

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: River Island dress, New Look boots and Primark socks.

Oh that, I don't know what to wear on Christmas fiasco. The one where you'd quite like to wear your new fitted dress that is all so sparkly and shiny because it's Christmas, but then you realise that in fact you'll be planning on eating a lot so fitted isn't appropriate. Or the one where you think you'll go for baggy so that you have room to eat, but then actually it just isn't as sparkly, or just as Christmassy. 
So instead, you decide on your number one dress that never lets you down, somehow manages to work for every occasion and of course, makes you feel a little bit special, kinda.. Yes, this is my dress.

The Little Winters x

 Whilst flicking through my phone on a day of hiding under the duvet and wishing the weather would sort itself out, I found it cheering me up. It's always nice to be able to take a photograph of the simplest of things. The things that in fact more important than we think, because they make us happy.
I know that when I wake up, I love seeing the morning light coming through the window, with Little R gazing out at the world. I love opening up my Frankie diary, and wondering what adventures will be filled into the dates. I like a hot ribena and toasted teacakes when I'm not feeling well. I love making my pretty dress even prettier with a pretty handbag. And most of all, I like my Little Winter family. All tucked up in bed together.

The Little Winters x
Little me wears: A beautiful dress by Ever Ours

This is about as much of a picture as you'll be able to get from us Little ones. It seems (I think I say this every week) that my forever old camera is definitely not well, and can only perform under sunlight.. Which we never seem to have here in this little old town of ours. So that's my plans out the window. But in all fairness, it's the festive season, and we're going to embrace this and spend plenty of time with our wonderful families and rest. And eat lots of chocolate. Because that's what we all like to do in December. And if we can't get away with it then, when can we?! 
Although chocolate isn't welcome in the Little Winter house at the moment. It seems we've come down with the smelly bug so water and toasted tea cakes are our friends right now. And lavender smelling fresh bed sheets too!
So I shall leave you with this photo of Little R and me playing Lady and the Tramp. I'll let you decide who's who..

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: H&M jumper and hat, Primark dress, New Look boots and a Marc B bag*

I'm starting to doubt if I'm turning into Harry Wormwood with this hat becoming a permanent fixture to my unkept mane. With my constant fight to look a little cool, I told myself that the hat added to any outfit, is on the right road.
This dress is one of my favourites this Winter, it's so easy to layer up with a jumper and a chunky cardigan. The only downside is that the velvet collar makes me really rashy which is a bit of a bummer. So I'm trying to figure out ways of stopping this. We've established that plasters don't really work..
I'm really excited for the weekend as I'm off to the SWBXMAS partayyy..!Sadly it's only me, the three muskateers aren't fully fledged bloggers just yet, so they're having their own little party. I'm a bit jealous.

The Little Winters x

Today has been a real Winter day. After finishing work at lunchtime, I headed out for a late lunch before hurrying home to snuggle up with the three Muskateers. A delightful evening filled with our favourite soup and buttery bread, the Christmas lights in full flow, and a good film. Not forgetting the fleecy pyjamas.
This is becoming a regular thing lately..

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: A jumper from Oh My Love* a playsuit from Glamorous* a Megan Jane necklace, a H&M hat, New Look boots and Primark sparkly socks.

Oh, I really do not like how I've become that girl with the stars by items in pretty much everything I'm wearing. But in all fairness, this outfit is my favourite for me right now. I have this thought in my head, that maybe I look kinda cool.. So of course I wear it a lot. And pull silly faces.
I'm not a jewellery person (I pretty much cried when my Mama had wrapped my birthday present in a jewellery box to wind me up!) but Megan Jane sent me this sweet necklace, and I think I may just like it a little bit. Plus it's cool right? Although, it won't make turn me into a rapper and rock 36475 chains just yet..!
Saying that, my rapping is pretty impressive. Just ask Little B...

The Little Winters x
1: Birthday morning cupcake. 2: Watermelon cake from Naomi. 3: So excited to write in this!
4: Little B and Little Me. 5: Cocktails are flowing. 6: Posh drinker!
7 Hello nice friends! 8: These two ladies are sexy. 9: Best haribo holder.
10: Amazing vase.. Thanks Carly! 11: The perfect Sunday. 12: A little hangover lunch.

This weekend has been truly delightful in the Little Winter household. It was my birthday on Friday, and grown up celebrations were had. I felt like a little lucky egg getting three lots of cake too (yes, we totally demolished them!) and some absolutely super presents..! 
Last night was spent in our favourite wine bar, picking random cocktails every 20 minutes, and well basically,  getting pretty merry. Of course it meant that today was totally a write off day, spent watching the first two Home Alone's (I hate to admit I'd never seen them before!) eating soup and hiding in the warmth of the duvet cover. And now we're going to finish our weekend with my favourite doughballs, another cheesy Christmas movie, and snuggles with the two little furry friends.
This is when I love Winter the most. Hurry up Christmas!

The Little Winters x
Little Me wears: Primark jumper, Pussycat dress and Primark boots and socks.
Little B wears: Topman jeans and shirt, Matalan tee and Nike trainers.

So we had a bit of a change around here! Caught up in Cake is no more, instead we decided to go a little more personal and include the three muskateers. Because I secretly think they were missing out!
I'm not really sure how long Little B's outfit shots will last.. He only has one pose, but I'm sure that'll change.. And well Little Runkle is a bit too fast for the camera at the moment, plus Little Schmidt's always sleeping.. So this will definitely be an interesting read!
I also just want to make my peace and be done.. But please don't always assume that we may look like the perfect couple/animal family.. Remember that everybody has their ups and downs, it's just that we don't tend to capture those moments. Instead, we'll document our fun days(when we're not sleeping!)
So grab a cup of tea or hot ribena and pretend you're in our living room.. And imagine Little Runkle in the Christmas tree! And Little Schmidt in a tea cup.

The Little Winters x

This is the Little Winter family. The small family. Where we all sleep a lot, and eat a lot, and certainly play a lot (two of them poo a lot too) Little B makes nice food in the day and reads many books whilst Little Runkle likes cuddles and falling off the bed. Little Schmidt is a genius and has an unhealthy obsession for seeds and then there's Little me who likes fairy lights and has hot ribena every night.
And that is the Little Winter family. Stop by for tea one day..
The Little Winters x
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