Here's how we wear: Orange Circle Tee's


1: Heather from Effiesmakeupbox. 2: Charli from Charli... 3: Oh hello. 4: Steph from Stephanie Dreams.

Well hello there 3 sexy bloggers standing in something similar but yet so different. Of course, it's this weeks Here's how we wear. Admittedly, I blogged about one of these items this week, and it seemed popular so it only seemed right to find some fans of the brand too and give a little love back. They're simple, yet individual, and there's plenty too choose from. This week it's all about:

Heather says "I am a huge fan of Orange Circle and their t-shirts and I'm sure you've all seen THAT infamous Givency Rottweiler print so when OC brought out their own version, I was stoked. I decided to keep it simple with black disco pants, chunky boots and a bit of bling, basically keeping the rest of my outfit quite basic, letting the tee do the talking!"
Charli says "I love Orange Circle because there is literally every design you can think of, perfect to wear with a pair of jeans and a jacket. I tend to wear my t-shirts with my staple of a blazer and jeans but today I mixed it up with double denim - ooh!"
I say "I never used to be a t-shirt fan until I was introduced to Orange Circle. I wear mine over a dress in the hope I look cool. But stick to my roots with a collar sticking out. They're so easy to wear, and the price tag is always a winner!"
Steph says "I love Orange Circle tee's but sometimes I find t-shirts hard for my style. Putting it with this skirt makes it more me and wearable."

Do you own an Orange Circle tee? Have you checked out the site. There's really so much choice, and hopefully something for everyone and with such a great price, they'd make a pretty good Christmas present too!


  1. Yeeey :)
    Was looking through my google reader and then up pops my face haha!
    Thanks for having me :)


  2. I swear I just read that as "here's how we wear crocs" - my brain is messing wiht me! thank god you're not wearing crocs! you all look super duper cool in your orange circle tees :) x

  3. its amazing how gorgeous ye 4 can make t-shirts look, wow! i absolutely love orange circle tees, the 4th tee is my fave! xo

  4. I never used to wear t-shirts but now I always wear them! They're so versatile and I live live in mine! Never tried orange circle tees though so I will have to take a look! xox

  5. I love orange circle t shirts, I really want one! You all look great


  6. You all look fabulous!! I mentioned you in my last blog post as a blog I view daily - hope you don't mind :)

  7. Very happy to be on your blog, I feel very privileged and loved. Because I love you & your very pretty blog more than lots <3


  8. Everyone looks so great! These are great inspirations for outfits for a week :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  9. These T shirts look great. I love how you styles yours. I've been looking at their website and I have a list of ones I want!

  10. I love the way heather wears hers!

    Rose x

  11. I love their tees so much, planning a purchase for payday! x

  12. I love orange circle tees! im dying to buy a few (by a few, i really mean all haha). Great post :) x

  13. Great to see how you all styled your tees. I love Orange Circle. Xx


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