Here's how we wear: Blouses/Shirts


1: Sarah from Fashion Is My H20. 2: Fringe kid. 3: Alice from Schadenfreude. 4: Charlotte from Girl Next Door Fashion.

Oops sorry about last week's missing of Here's how we wear. Hope you didn't miss it too much. But fear not, this week I'm back. With some wonderful wonderful bloggers too. And we've even chosen something that pretty much everyone owns (I swear I say this every week!) and if they don't.. Go ask your nan! It's simple, comes in all shapes and sizes and all us collar people love them.. 

Sarah says "I like my shorts short and my shirt tucked in. Creating a waist and making me look slightly more balanced out. Add a little red lippie and I'm ready to go (after hours perfecting my hair and eyeliner obviously!)"
I say "I am one of those collar people. So blouses are perfect. Teamed with a skirt and a nice chunky knit, with a little collared blouse peeking over the top is perfect. And  yes, I do this every other day!"
Alice says "I love pairing a studded blouse with an otherwise dull jumper and jeans outfit to keep warm during the winter months." 
Charlotte says "The preppy trend that exploded last autumn really introduced me to blouses and shirts. I love that a nice blouse can smarten up an outfit and make it feel much more sophisticated even if it's just jeans and a jacket!"

Are you into ladies blouses and shirts? Do you like them for the collar, and popping a jumper over them or simply dressing them down with some jeans? There's so many styles of blouses out there for everyone too!

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  1. I love Alices outfit! I'm putting a studded collar under a plain jumper quite a lot at the mo - I think it's a good way to jazz things up too. Blouses / shirts can suit anyone as they come in so many cuts and fabrics. They're one of those fab versatile pieces of clothing!

    Glad your back this week I really enjoy these posts :)

    ps. your hair is looking rather lush and healthy.

    Robyn Mayday

  2. love your look Alice! I love to do my studded collar under my jumper it a little 'oompf' ;)

  3. alice's shirt is gorgeous, all looking lovely though ladies! x

  4. all look great. each a different style worked so well! xxx

  5. I really like Alice's outfit too - love a big collar over a jumper!

  6. Seeing this makes me realise how much I miss wearing blouses. It's time to get them back in my life!


  7. I love a jumper over a collared shirt, I think it looks great.

    Looking good ladies! x

  8. Ooooh i love both yours and Alice's outfits! I think it must be the studded collars! ;)

    Lovely post as always missy!


  9. I love shirts/ only problem is when the buttons stretch over my breasticles! :(
    You all look pretty - Love how bright Charlotte's outfit is! x

  10. You, Sarah and Charlotte all look lovely. I love your studded shirt, Sarah's shorts combo an the brightness of Charlotte's outfit :) thanks for asking me to do this one, I loved it xx

  11. I love all of these outfits! Pairing a blouse with a cosy jumper is one of my faves for Winter!

    louisejoyb x

  12. I love how differently everyone's worn them!xxx

  13. always hate wearing blouses in case the buttons gape but I'm going to wear one tomorrow with a jumper over it!

  14. Love your outfit! The studded collar looks awesome!!

  15. Wow! I love Alice's look. xx :)


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  17. I really like the style of Charlotte, something which i want for my girlfriend, simple and amazing with some very nice bright colors.


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