Faster and faster I see the sun rising higher


1: Schmidt snuggles. 2: Good morning world. 3: Today I am a mint humbug.
 4: Heart hallway! 5: Afternoon tea for us. 6: All cosy and snug.
 7: The best kinda dinners. 8: Naomi's incredible emporium. 9: Date night!
 10: Hello Christmas present! 11: Playing Lion King. 12: Matchy matchy.

This week has been non stop. I can even say I have a social life. OOOOH. And so tonight, I am having a well deserved 'slump'. Yep, trashy TV, all the food I can find, and my cosiest pyjamas. Heaven. Until tomorrow!
Today I branched out to the shops, and I've come to the decision that I shall attempt the Christmas shopping from my own sofa.. I don't know what it is, but people just turn rude around this time of year... Literally, a big scrap formed in Primark today. I mean SERIOUSLY? There's plenty o things for everyone!! I'm not a bar humbug at all (except picture 3) but it should all be fun!
So on that note, I'm off to find a tin of Christmas chocolates and begin the festive season early.

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  1. I know want you mean about primark ! I went in yesterday and there was a huge clump of people surrounding the onsies harrasing the lady who was doing her best to get new ones out as quick as she could !!!!!

  2. Rude people is pretty much the only thing I hate about this time of year [oh, and my inability to find gifts for males as they are so bloody hard to buy for!], there's no need for it really - we're all in the same boat!
    I want your bedroom. Too pretty. So much floral! xx

  3. I definitely can sympathize about the rude people, I'm scared to leave my home in case I get trapped in Primark haha! I find it hard to move around in there just because there is so many people barging everywhere I go! xx

  4. Primark drives me insane at this time of the year!
    I'll be doing all the xmas shopping on-line this year as we just haven't got time with the Wedding & honeymoon. 3 for 2 Boots products all round! Xx

  5. I love your posts, you look great


  6. Youre too cute! Love all the duvets and florals :) x

  7. I love your pyjama bottoms, are they from Primark? x

  8. you made your house look so cozy! can I come and steal everything I can, please?! :d

  9. One advantage of being on crutches is being able to hit the rude people.

  10. I love seeing these snippets of your life :)


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