This weekend was spent trawling through the rain and floods, and heading down to Hertfordshire, to enjoy some Little B family and friends time. And of course, I wasn't going to turn down an opportunity at my favourite restaurant either.. Tzatziki, pitta and spicy sausage thank you very muchly.
We spent our mornings eating fresh bread, whilst feeling festive with our Christmas mugs. With that, we pottered around the shops, in the hope of getting some shopping done. But in reality, it was spent deciding between dresses for my birthday.
A nice weekend really. And to put the icing on the cake, we now have a new addition the family, Little Nala. She's absolutely gorgeous, and so diddy! And yes, we're pretty smitten. Little B especially!
Jumper: Primark. Skirt: TK Maxx. Hat: Primark. Boots: New Look.

I like yellow. A lot actually. I like how it brightens up an outfit, kinda like you're wearing the sun. I say this as though I wear yellow every other day of the week.. Yeah, I haven't worn this skirt since last year, so in reality, I just like to think that I dress like a bumblebee more than I actually do.
I've turned into one of those old people, you know, the ones who buy the same items but in different colour. I also have this jumper in white.. And as Little B says"if it ain't broke, don't fix it." DAMN right! And I hate to admit it, but wearing this little hat, does make me feel slightly Rachel Berry in it.. And it wouldn't be the first time people have mentioned it!
If only I could sing like her...

This is what Sundays are made for. Pyjama's, slipper socks and a big cosy knit. Throw in a piping hot mug of tea, add a sprinkle of fairy lights and candles, and put on the easiest TV that there is. Perfect.
Until you have to get dressed for a road trip...
1: Megan from Wonderful You. 2: Jade from Dotty Dolly. 3: Lizzie from Blue October. 4: Hello!

Hello Friday! Finally time for the weekend. And what better way than another Here's how we wear post! Three absolutely delightful ladies are up today and most certainly looking delicious. Today, we opted for something that is used more and more as a casual item every day outfit. Yet is still a very classic piece worn by many. Of course, this week we're wearing:

Megan says "I am thoroughly in love with my black Topshop blazer. Having no pockets, it's completely for show and not practicality; but I just love how it can smarten up any outfit. And it goes with anything, whether it's my skinny jeans and a plain tee or a skater dress. Plus the pink lining makes it feel pretty so it ticks every box for me!"
Jade says "I absolutely love this velvet blazer I picked up at a vintage store! It's warm, versatile and the perfect staple item in my wardrobe. I've styled it with a boucle dress and tartan scarf, in an attempt to include 3 trends in 1! Brave of me right?"
Lizzie says "I wear blazers most days for work - they dress up the most casual of items and ensure you look sharp and stylish. Perfect for those who like to look a little smarter for work, or dressing up a casual outfit!"
I say "For those days when I'm running late (pretty much every morning!) adding a blazer is the easiest to put with a dress or a blouse. And it gives a smarter look. A blazer is my best friend on a night out as it completes my look. Oh and it also keeps me warm!"

What are your thoughts on the blazer? Do you like to slip it on over a dress or put it with your jeans and a tee? Or do you think they're best kept for more formal things? There's plenty of printed blazers on the high street.. The choices are endless!

I love Winter for it's brisk mornings, calling for piping hot soup, the smell of candles and the glow of fairy lights, a reason to hibernate in your pyjamas, the warm scones and tasty jam, a soft snood and thick coat, the most snug bed waiting. And Christmas. Pure happiness.

Apologies for the camera quality. Samsung phones ain't in the know!

Blouse: Primark. Jumper: Primark Mens. Skirt: MSGM. Boots: So You Shoes.

Why hello, quite possibly my newest favourite skirt! I know there's this thing called Christmas lurking around the corner, but I decided it came early last week! Mama Mcfred and Papa G ever so kindly bought me the skirt, and of course, it was on straight away. Yep, no time for it to sit under the tree.. It needed wearing! And of course, it already has been. Lots!
Littlebum says I look like a strawberry with icing on top, when I pop on my lace blouse. I'm going to pretend that's a compliment, and think that the strawberry look is in. And for that, I stole his jumper! Plus I told myself they go with my new socks. Sparkles!
I've been going a little crazy on my Instagram  (@katymitten) taking snippets of my house. It seems to get a good response (amen to the florals and hearts!), so I didn't know whether people would like to see a post on the house or various rooms..? 
I'm not quite sure I dare brave a video tour yet! I'd need to pick up my pants for that...!
Dress: Ever Ours. Blazer: River Island. Shoes: Primark.

Decided to be a normal kid, and dig out an old favourite dress today. Plus I was off for a coffee and a scone so it only seemed right to don my pretty one. And I must admit, I forgot about this blazer. I just love a bit of polka dot. Thanks Mama (it's her's of course!).
So yes, I joined the rest of the world and their nan last weekend, and attempted the dip dye. I was still unsure about it to begin with, but I'm slowly warming to it.. Although, it does make me despise my fringe now.. I guess we just never win!
My house has finally gone overboard fairy light crazy. Like literally, it's all I seem to buy every single time we're out shopping and I think Littlebum is getting a little fed up of these "but I don't want to wake you with the bright light's in the morning" stories. Oh, but they're just so pretty and cosy. I want to actually snuggle up WITH my bedroom. 
I think I like this time of year more and more.

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1: Schmidt snuggles. 2: Good morning world. 3: Today I am a mint humbug.
 4: Heart hallway! 5: Afternoon tea for us. 6: All cosy and snug.
 7: The best kinda dinners. 8: Naomi's incredible emporium. 9: Date night!
 10: Hello Christmas present! 11: Playing Lion King. 12: Matchy matchy.

This week has been non stop. I can even say I have a social life. OOOOH. And so tonight, I am having a well deserved 'slump'. Yep, trashy TV, all the food I can find, and my cosiest pyjamas. Heaven. Until tomorrow!
Today I branched out to the shops, and I've come to the decision that I shall attempt the Christmas shopping from my own sofa.. I don't know what it is, but people just turn rude around this time of year... Literally, a big scrap formed in Primark today. I mean SERIOUSLY? There's plenty o things for everyone!! I'm not a bar humbug at all (except picture 3) but it should all be fun!
So on that note, I'm off to find a tin of Christmas chocolates and begin the festive season early.

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1: Heather from Effiesmakeupbox. 2: Charli from Charli... 3: Oh hello. 4: Steph from Stephanie Dreams.

Well hello there 3 sexy bloggers standing in something similar but yet so different. Of course, it's this weeks Here's how we wear. Admittedly, I blogged about one of these items this week, and it seemed popular so it only seemed right to find some fans of the brand too and give a little love back. They're simple, yet individual, and there's plenty too choose from. This week it's all about:

Heather says "I am a huge fan of Orange Circle and their t-shirts and I'm sure you've all seen THAT infamous Givency Rottweiler print so when OC brought out their own version, I was stoked. I decided to keep it simple with black disco pants, chunky boots and a bit of bling, basically keeping the rest of my outfit quite basic, letting the tee do the talking!"
Charli says "I love Orange Circle because there is literally every design you can think of, perfect to wear with a pair of jeans and a jacket. I tend to wear my t-shirts with my staple of a blazer and jeans but today I mixed it up with double denim - ooh!"
I say "I never used to be a t-shirt fan until I was introduced to Orange Circle. I wear mine over a dress in the hope I look cool. But stick to my roots with a collar sticking out. They're so easy to wear, and the price tag is always a winner!"
Steph says "I love Orange Circle tee's but sometimes I find t-shirts hard for my style. Putting it with this skirt makes it more me and wearable."

Do you own an Orange Circle tee? Have you checked out the site. There's really so much choice, and hopefully something for everyone and with such a great price, they'd make a pretty good Christmas present too!
Tee: c/o Orange Circle. PU Skirt: River Island. Boots: Primark.

I always wanted one of these tees, you know, to make myself.. dare I say it, look edgy. Be a bit hip to the hop happening. But it seemed that everytime I had money in my younger youth, pretty floral dresses always won. Actually, this still happens now.
And when this delightful package came through my door, I was one Cheshire cat. And with a little hope that I could still be a bit hip and 'down with the kids' (I still look and feel 6 now!) I teamed it with my pleather skirt. Because that's the cool thing to do right? Basically T Birds, listen up, this is how we wear our white tees and leathers now OK. Take that Danny Zuko.
Tonight however, my tee and skirt has been switched for my super snug pyjamas and my bed. I'm off to watch Dirty Dancing and get some new inspiration from Johnny. Oh Patrick, let me carry your watermelons.

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Jumper &Playsuit: Primark. Blazer: Old. Bag: c/o Marc B. Boots: So You Shoes.

Good old Mondays, being our day of pottering and what not. Oh and wearing this jumper. It seems to be my Monday jumper. On second thoughts it's my everyday of the week jumper. Yep. Polka dots do it for me!
I'm a bit of a tit, in the fact that I basically have my bumcheeks out, and yes, it has been raining all day today. So I got cold. And now that must have been the reason why I bought another jumper today. Seriously, can't stop buying jumpers in various colours. That, and candles. Oh and slipper socks.. I mean, when did I become 65 all of a sudden?!
Oh and one last thing, before I go pour myself a glass of sherry.. I've set up a blog sale, because it's coming to Christmas and all that jazz, and one needs to go out and buy the tackiest decorations (and presents I guess) so take a peek. And spend too!
 1: Good morning world! 2: Pretty presents in the hallway. 3: A guest for dinner.
 4: Too many choices! 5: Finally a working TV! 6: Hamstershoe.
 7: The warmest place yet. 8: Lunch date in Starbucks. 9: Welcome to our household.
 10: Flaming Katy flower. 11: Organised clothes. For once. 12: Hot 'bena.
13: Stickygram love! 14: Morning milkshake. 15: I joined the rest of the world..

For once in my life (I sounded like I'm about to burst into song!) I've actually been a busy Belinda. Of course, there's still been time for cosying up in my floral bedsheets with a nice mug of hot ribena and some chocolate. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
The house is finally getting more and more like a home. By that, I mean, there's more and more flowers and heart shaped things. Oh and the bedroom? If you've never been to fairylight city, then it's right here! Our fridge has also had a makeover.. We bought some sets of Stickygrams, which basically connect to your Instagram and magically turn into magnets. Actually, not so magically, you do have to buy them. But fear not, I have a code for $2 off.. Enter this FRIENDC7PD if you fancy getting some. They're fun!
Time to get my slippers on, cook some dinner, and just basically be a housewife for the night. One night only!

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1: Sarah from Fashion Is My H20. 2: Fringe kid. 3: Alice from Schadenfreude. 4: Charlotte from Girl Next Door Fashion.

Oops sorry about last week's missing of Here's how we wear. Hope you didn't miss it too much. But fear not, this week I'm back. With some wonderful wonderful bloggers too. And we've even chosen something that pretty much everyone owns (I swear I say this every week!) and if they don't.. Go ask your nan! It's simple, comes in all shapes and sizes and all us collar people love them.. 

Sarah says "I like my shorts short and my shirt tucked in. Creating a waist and making me look slightly more balanced out. Add a little red lippie and I'm ready to go (after hours perfecting my hair and eyeliner obviously!)"
I say "I am one of those collar people. So blouses are perfect. Teamed with a skirt and a nice chunky knit, with a little collared blouse peeking over the top is perfect. And  yes, I do this every other day!"
Alice says "I love pairing a studded blouse with an otherwise dull jumper and jeans outfit to keep warm during the winter months." 
Charlotte says "The preppy trend that exploded last autumn really introduced me to blouses and shirts. I love that a nice blouse can smarten up an outfit and make it feel much more sophisticated even if it's just jeans and a jacket!"

Are you into ladies blouses and shirts? Do you like them for the collar, and popping a jumper over them or simply dressing them down with some jeans? There's so many styles of blouses out there for everyone too!

*sponsored post.
Tee: Asda. Jeans: Dorothy Perkins. Brogues: c/o Tribeca Shoes. Bag: c/o Brand Village. Coat: Topshop. Snood: Primark.

So being a little unlike my normal self, and being a, dare I say it, casual lady! You see, after picking up this top from Asda whilst doing my standard overloading food shop, it's gotten me a little bit crazy for thinking I'm a tee bird...Or just a cool kid for the day. And yes, I even went a little wild and turned my trousers up, slipped on my favourite brogues and doubled up on the stripes.
Mama Mcfred's been eyeing up this bag lately, so I doubt it'll end up in my house for much longer. She likes the colours as apparently in her books "it's so hard to find black and tan together these days." Guess that's me back to my one bag a year life!
Today has been a sad day. I went to a close family friends unexpected funeral, and it was sad. But also wonderful and so him. He will be truly missed by a great deal of people. And for him, I'll let the nickname Maty continue. Sweet dreams Mitch.
Time for the kigu, Schmidtla cuddles and a nice mug of hot ribena. Enjoy your evening!

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Jumper: c/o Oh My Love. Skirt: River Island. Boots: Primark. Bag; c/o Marc B. Coat: Topshop. Snood: Primark.

You know when you have a go to outfit, that you stick to for weeks on end, till you erase that outfit with a new one? Yeah, well this is what's happening right now. See ya later grey dress, this skirt and jumper is coming everywhere with me. And I mean literally!
I normally stick to same style skirts, but when I saw Miss Olivia P in her fabulous leather skirt, it got me craving one. Of course, because I'm a stingy old hag, I opted for a cheaper alternative. Partly the reasoning for this was that I was adamant my thighs would look hideous. However, you know what? I actually really bloody like it. (Although hello Starbucks tummy in there!) So much so, that I popped it on with my new Oh My Love jumper. Littlebum says this is my tissue paper jumper but I think he's just jealous!
As much as I do love this skirt, tonight it's been swapped for my kigu, to keep my tootsies warm. Oh Winter!

P.s Don't forget to enter my giveaway to be in with a chance of winning TWO Glamorous items!
Blouse: c/o Glamorous. Skirt: SheInside. Boots: Primark.

I'm not going to lie.. But the studs aren't my usual attire, let's be honest.. However, I decided to embrace the 'trend' and with me trying to forever be cool, it seemed the right option. Plus it spruced up my black vest I normally wear!
I wore this skirt out the other weekend. The other weekend that I really believe I'm still paying for! I must admit, I looked 'different' to most of the girls in my town. You see, they're all for bodycons, bralets, and well basically.. as little as possible. And then there's me, with my dipped hem skirt (that's prettyyyy long at the back) my buttoned up blouse and a leather jacket over the top making me look a right little nun. But hey, at least I was warm right?!
Enough of my jibber jabber, and old lady moaning. I have a giveaway for you. Which is about time really..

I've been meaning to do a giveaway for possibly 3439 years but I never got round to it. And when Glamorous sent these studded tops to me, I knew a lot of bloggers who'd be able to rock them a lot better! It's also a big thank you to everybody for helping me reach over 1000 followers (and yes I am aware I'm 295 followers late!) so a big snog to you all. It still amazes me that people enjoy reading my blog!
So you can win these two items. We have the Glamorous studded cut out jumper in a wine colour. Ooh fancy. And there's also a studded tie dye vest that's also pretty cool. These are both in size 10, but they will fit a size 6 -small 12. 
This giveaway is open to the UK only (so apologies overseas people!)
Good luck!

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