By the cracks of the skin I climbed the tree to see the world


1: Cats can cook too y'know. 2: The littlebird in the blue nest. 3: Black cat came early.
4: I make the best breakfasts. 5: Packing. Again. As always. 6: Coffee very much needed.
7: Lunchtime. Totally acceptable. 8: Leaves make me childish. 9: Procrastination. At it's finest.
10: HELLO new house. 11: I'm the one with the blue door. 12: Attempting to organise.
13: Bright and early. And smiling. 14: Finally. Much needed. 15: Mama buys the best presents!

This has basically been my life lately. And yes, these have been on Instagram already, so big fat apologies for that. I will organise my life soon. But for now, follow me on Instagram at katymitten. 
Enjoy your Sundays!


  1. Your new house looks so lovely! Would live like a mini tour :) x

  2. I love everything on your instagram! As you've probably guessed from my constant 'liking'. xx

  3. So many cute animals and yummy looking treats :) xx

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  4. I want a pretty blue door. Dammit! X

  5. Happy new home! Is it weird that I'm jealous of your door?
    LOVE that cat onesie! Please come cook me an amazing breakfast like that while wearing your onesie! xx

  6. I love frolicking through leaves! xo

  7. Aw such cute pictures, I'm obsessed with jumping into leaves too ha-ha!


  8. Your new house looks beautiful!
    Also, think I need your onesie. Cooking looks far more fun when you're dressed as a giant kitty cat.
    Kaz x

  9. I love black cats with green eyes - so halloweeny :) x

  10. Aww what a nice front door ! Our house had a blue front door but then we changed it to red, but I am still a fan of blue doors.

  11. That cats face is hilarious! What a cutie! They have this knack for looking at humans as if they're mental! x

  12. yay!! I just found you from another blog I was on and I'm so happy I did! I am loving your photos and the way you write. I JUST started blogging..literally earlier this week..I've been wanting to do it for many thanks for the inspirational blog!

    ..and don't beat yourself up too bad, I spend my wages in 2 days as well :/ Going to find you on twitter now.


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