Jumper: Primark. Dress: H&M. Boots: Primark. Bag: c/o Marc B.

Call me old fashioned, but I tend to stick to the same bag till it breaks. And then I buy the same one again. Yes, that's weird! I used to be a bag lady, but it's just so much effort moving all your old receipts, skanky tissues, and 4364 pens to a new bag every other day.
But in all honesty, like every other blogger, I was totally over the moon when this bag popped through my door. I'm quite fussy with them, you see. But not this time, I immediately moved all my belongings into this before my mother got her mitts on it.
Although, I probably should lend it to her, considering this little jumper is hers. I guess you could say I'm being a wild Wendy lately, I don't 'do' tight knits. But this seems to make it's way over my shoulders in the evening.. I like to tell myself that it goes with the bag.
Ooh look at me being all burgundy this Autumn. Just call me Burgundy Belinda.
Dress: c/o Chi Chi. Heels: New Look.

Alright.. Look at me being a fancy pants in a fancy swish dress. Let me tell you, this doesn't happen on a regular basis! But alas, I am embracing it. Maybe I can even call myself a real girl in it..?
I'm not normally one for fitted dresses (she says with a bodycon) so being sent this by Chi Chi was a bit of a step. Now in all fairness, besides the slight taking in at the breasticle area, it's not me. But it's bloody nice. Would I wear it out on a Saturday night? Realistically, no.. I'm more of a boots and casual dress kinda person. Got an invite to a wedding? Hell yes.. This would be perfect, and I'd even have room to get on the dancefloor! Now I'll just await a wedding invite...
You'll probably have noticed that I'm in fact indoors too! Because I am in love with my new cottage, I thought my snazzy old style living room wall needed some love on the blog! So I did just that. Plus outside was wayy to cold for this little number.
Time for a standard hot chocolate and epic amounts of hot chocolate, I think. Heavenly!

Mmm hello delicious chocolate chip cookies that are heart shaped! Yes we made these this week, because, well, you have to bake when you move into a new place right? And as for the heart shapes? I've taken my heart shape addiction to a whole new level..!
So anyway, here's my attempt at helping you along with these (really easy!) yummy cookies..

What you will need... (These make approximately 16!)
140g Butter / 200g Sugar / 300g Flour / 100g Chocolate chips / 1 Egg

Firstly, pre heat your oven to 180 degrees, so that it's all nice and warm. And get your bowls and spoon (or whisk if you're fancy) out.
Mix together the butter and sugar until it's (as Littlebum says) pale and fluffy! Then add in your egg (whatever size you fancy.. They all seem the same to me!) Beat this in thoroughly until the egg has disappeared.
Once the egg is fully mixed in, sieve in your flour (the messy bit.. Or is that just me?!) Until it's soft dough. You may need to add more flour, depending on the consistency (this is why I dated a chef right?!)
Once you're happy with this, add in the chocolate chip cookies or whatever you feel like if you're adventurous!
Once you're happy with your dough (and haven't eaten all the chocolate chips!) place some cling film on your work surface, and sprinkle some flour on this. Also, you may want to grease proof your baking tray ready. Next get your rolling pin, and get rolling. We made ours quite thin so the mixture made plenty more. But if you like thick ones, then amen.. Go for it! 
Get busy busy cutting away your heart (or circle if you're normal) shapes, and then place them gently onto your baking tray. And pop them in the oven to work their magic for 20/25 minutes.

This is the boring bit where you wash up now. Or if you have a dishwasher.. Make yourself a cup of tea.
And once you seem happy with them (lightly crispy, yet still soft inside) take them out, and leave them too cool.
Serve with a lovely pot of tea, in a nice cosy house. Perfect.
1: Frances from FrancesCassandra. 2: Eloise from Frolics and Fashion. 3: Amy from The Little Magpie. 4: Hi!

Friday again. And another Here's how we wear post. With some right delicious ladies too!! Now the weathers getting chillier (has it ever not?!) we've probably not chosen a practical item, but nonetheless a fab choice,and also one that actually works dressed up or down! And of course, we wouldn't be without a love hate relationship with them. Yes, it's most definitely:
The bodycon.

Frances says "I like to reserve bodycon dresses for nights out. I keep accessories to the minimum and let the dress do the talking! :)"
Eloise says "I tend to buy bodycon dresses, keep them in my wardrobe then not actually dare wear them out! With this dress, I'd keep it simple as the mesh and low back is all the detail you really need! However, I promise I would actually bother to do my hair and makeup! Tan and lashes a plenty."
Amy says "I used to save my bodycon dresses for nights out, but recently I've been spending my weekends in, like an old lady, so decided it was time to bring them out during the day. I paired it with a leather jacket and flat boots so it didn't look too fancy! Must remember to add tights next time!"
I say "I've never been one for bodycons, food always wins over one! However, this one caught my eye, and I dressed it down with my boots and some tights, making it seem not so bodycon. Plus if I fancy getting my party feet on, I'll ditch the tights and pop on some heels. And I'm good to go."

What are your thoughts on bodycons? Have you braved it and worn them in the daytime yet? Or are they best kept for evening?
Dress: Carven. Boots: Primark.

Ooh HELLO fancy new dress that I am still really unsure of but totally spent way more than I should have this month. Yes this is what I 'treated' myself to from work the other week. It's a bit bold, and a bit not me to be honest. Well actually, it is me, so I'm lying really. But yeah, I just need that push a little (ahem Naomi) And anyway, it's Carven.. which is definitely my favourite this season..  It's like collar city there! Must.stop.stroking.it..
I mean, I do love this dress, and would even more if I didn't resemble J Lo daily...Oh and if you're wondering where my thighs have disappeared to.. Well, you see, I'm just currently standing with my bum stuck right out. I'm sure the neighbours had a chuckle...
But bum and thighs aside, I shall wear it. And just let it all hang. Or maybe it'll stop me from eating all those cookies..?
We'll see.. At the moment we have about 8 to get through.. So the dress will have to wait!
Dress: Primark. Top: New Look. Hat: H&M Kids. Boots: Primark.

Feeling a bit like I should be in Mary Poppins today in this attire. Saying that, I've been baking cookies and scones so I would be a bloody good Mary P at that too!
Trying to rock the hat again. I will not give up, and I shall wear it forever more and look a tit still. That'll be until my Papa G tells me I should be cleaning chimneys in it. Not sure the dress would be good to clean chimneys in! I bought this last year, but it seems Primark have won us over and done pretty much the same this year! Wins. Oh and I promise, I shall stop wearing these boots soon..  
Also, going to massively apologise for the lack of blog commenting that one has been doing.. Being internetless has made me feel a bit Victorian! But I guess I should embrace it.. And maybe I should pick up a book and start reading...
Or just sleep.. That seems like a better idea!
1: Cats can cook too y'know. 2: The littlebird in the blue nest. 3: Black cat came early.
4: I make the best breakfasts. 5: Packing. Again. As always. 6: Coffee very much needed.
7: Lunchtime. Totally acceptable. 8: Leaves make me childish. 9: Procrastination. At it's finest.
10: HELLO new house. 11: I'm the one with the blue door. 12: Attempting to organise.
13: Bright and early. And smiling. 14: Finally. Much needed. 15: Mama buys the best presents!

This has basically been my life lately. And yes, these have been on Instagram already, so big fat apologies for that. I will organise my life soon. But for now, follow me on Instagram at katymitten. 
Enjoy your Sundays!
Jumper: c/o Ever Ours. Shorts: TK Maxx. Boots: Primark.

Yes, this is definitely a 'I put on whatever I could find first' kinda outfit. It's actually what I wore during moving week.. And the jumper is super snug, the shorts are flexible.. And well, the tights are just bloody tights! Littlebum says this jumper looks like a bathmat.. I think he's just jealous that he can't snuggle in it. Saying that, there is still time to find him in it one day..
I promise, I'll stop wearing these boots in every single photo I take soon. These were the only ones out, and well, they're just bloody comfy. So yes, this outfit is a right win at the moment. Screw YOU weather, I'm winning for once!
We're all settled in the cottage.. And honestly, I love it! Let's just say, that if I could marry a building... Oh and now, I want to invite literally EVERYONE over for a cup of tea and cake. Or cookies. COME ON OVER!
1: Gemma from Fat Frocks. 2: Lauren from Laurenella. 3: Fringe head. 4: Rachel from Cold Knees.

Oh haiii there another set of 3 bloggers. And myself of course. Look at us all rocking something pretty similar, but yet oh so different. YEP. This week after curling up on the sofa and watching the new series of New Girl, my Here's how we wear idea came to me. Jess loves it, a lotta people wear it, and hey, it's pretty fun.. This week we're styling:
Polka dots!

Gemma says "This polka dot skirt is very versatile. I have worn it to work with a smart blouse, to the beach with a vest top and to a gig paired with a biker jacket to give it a more rock and roll edge. Forget trends like aztec print, polka dots are timeless."
Lauren says "Jess from New Girls says she rocks a lot of polka dots and I can definitely see where she is coming from! Something about a polka dot dress screams cute and girly. This particular outfit makes me feel like a fifties housewife, and instills a massive urge in me to go and bake some yummy cupcakes."
I say "Polka dots over stripes anyday of the week for me. I love this polka dot dress, it's more of a simple dot than a bold one and I let the dots do the talking today. Plus whenever I get bored, at least I can play dot to dot to occupy myself.."
Rachel says "I love this polka dot shirt! I've worn it quite casually but I love the all black look here which means the print really just stands alone. Saying that, I do like styling polka dots with more colour or maybe another print to mix it up a bit."

Are you a secret Jess.. and love polka dots too?! How do you style them? ASOS have some amazing polka dot dresses and tops here. A tea dress with polka dots is the perfect ingredient for a tea party!
Knit: Topshop. Skirt: Topshop. Snood: Primark. Boots: Primark.

I've turned into a right little slouchy Susan this week already! I like to call it my 'running around on my week off' look. Although wearing two baggy items isn't really a good look..Because now I look like I've rolled out of a marshmallow packet by accident. Oh and  my snood is weirdly co-ordinated with this outfit. It wasn't intentional. Honest.
And also, you will probably not know this, nor do you really need to, but I'm going to tell you anyway.. That in fact, I'm not wearing a bra. Nope. My breasticles aren't in bra prison currently (hello New Girl quote!) and it's been quite delightful.
 I think I could get used to this.
Tee: c/o Orange Circle. Dress: Primark. Hat: H&M Kids. Boots: Primark.

I'm going to tell you now that you're pretty lucky you don't bump into me on the street.. Since I bought this dress last weekend, I've worn it every day. In some way, shape or form. And this one being my favourite. So of course, it had more outings than one. Hello cinema, food shopping and seeing family. They must not think I wash.. Bet I'll get a washing machine for Christmas now!
Look at me with my little hat. I found it whilst packing (I say, the only good thing about having to pack up your things)  and popped it on. I look a right ole muppet in it with my big mop fringe. But oh wellz, I'm trying to get down with the kids innit. Quite literally with it being a kids hat too. I swear I'm 23 going on 7.

Things I love about Autumn: 
Copious amounts of marshmallows and cream on hot chocolates. Constant snuggles with Schmidtbum. Cosy bright knits. Thick dresses and black boots. Warm fruit bread and sugary macchiato's. Slippers and fleecy pyjamas.
1: Christy from Another Weekend without Make Up. 2: Hello fringe. 3: Laura from That's So Yesterday. Julia from Julia Alice.

Friday, Friday, Friday. Hooray for the weekend! But boo to the dark evenings! Winter has definitely sprung upon us pretty quickly, so the thicker tights are out, and the snuggly knits are on. But we don't have to always look like marshmallows in the cold. Nope we can still look feminine and, dare I say it, svelte too. So this week, I decided to pick what shows us off as real beautiful women, and also keeps us pretty snug, yet stylish, throughout the Winter.. 
The Pencil skirt.

Christy says "I love how ladylike pencil skirts make you feel, and a peplum top really emphasises your curves! They're versatile too - smart for work and sexy for play :)"
I say "My lace pencil skirt is a favourite. I always try to keep it simple, by wearing an oversized tee or blouse to make myself look cool. Although, it's kept for those 'I'm being healthy days'.. I totally can't eat in it!"
Laura says "I tend to dress pencil skirts down. I usually wear them with a t-shirt and for night you can always throw on some heels to instantly add some glam."
Julia says "The material drew me to this pencil skirt as it's a lovely soft fitted jersey, making it perfect for casual days. I paired it with this studded jumper to create a kind of 'vamp' look and also wore my heeled boots which never leave my feet for winter."

Are you a fan of the pencil skirt? How do you wear yours? Lavish Alice have some lovely ones in at the moment.. My favourite is definitely this wine coloured one! Perfect for Winter.
Dress: Primark. Knit: H&M. Coat: New Look. Scarf & Boots: Primark.

Ooh a proper winter outfit if I do say so myself. Although funnily enough, I'd so win the award for the worlds worst winter dresser. Yes, I'm that one who still wears her 40 denier tights, and only a thin dress over a coat during the snow season. I guess I'm just useless at layering. But then totally contradicting myself, I look real snug here.. I think it's the fact the coats a little tight..!
I bought these boots at the weekend, and sure enough, I've worn them everyday. Standard procedure for a new item in my wardrobe. Littlebum isn't so sure of them, but I like them a lot actually. I feel cool in them.
And tonight I shall take my cool looking feet to the cinema. I think I'm more excited about having a milkshake. Chocolate fudge brownie, and mint choc chip please. Ben and Jerrys for the win.
Top: Topshop. Shorts: Primark. Boots: Primark. Bag: Matalan.

I feel like I've been such a busy Belinda lately. But all I have to prove for my business, is a pot belly and a hole in my purse. Brilliant.
As soon as it hit payday, I decided it was definitely time for a work treat. A big work treat. So I bought a dress and I planned to wear it every other day of the week. But then today I went back to my standard ways, and bought a Primark dress and boots, and within an hour of paying my dollar, I popped it all on. Anywayz, I didn't want to ruin my new fancy dress...
So more importantly, you're probably wondering why I have the kitchen mop on my head. Yep, I got a fringe. I always debate one. Get one cut, and hate it after a few days. Sure enough, I still feel the same way but I feel one step closer to Zooey D. If only..
And lastly. I finally got cool, and joined Instagram. Give me a pervy follow. I'm katymitten.
1: Kristy from Smug Pug. 2: Standard face. 3: Claire from Jazzpad. 4: Hayley from Frock Me I'm Famous.

Why is Friday so close to Sunday, but yet so far from Monday?! ANYWAY enough jibber jabber, Friday means one thing. Three new bloggers (and me.. BORE) and maybe some new styles for you, or your friends. Or even your nan.
It's so crazy how now that it's October, it definitely feels like Winter. So with the chill approaching, it only seemed right that we dug out our favourite things to keep us warm and snug:
The chunky knit.

Kristy says "I got this jumper for £4 from a local vintage market and even though I enjoy feeling flowery and girly sometimes, I decided to toughen it up with lots of black, leather and a sturdy collar!"
I say "I'm such a chunky knit bum. I live in them. My life is basically like 'if it goes with a knit tucked over it, then I'm sold'. Plus the longer you leave them unwashed.. The more snug they are! Gross right...?!"
Claire says "I've got short legs and a long body - unfortunate - but all the same I like messing around with proportions and lengths. This is my way to wear an oversized knit, with a cropped jacket, embellished leggings, and kick ass boots (and, apparently, the wind in my hair)."
Hayley says  "I love being cosy in the winter and chunky knits are the perfect solution for being styling and comfy as they are so effortless stylish."

Do you own a super chunky knit? My new found favourite snug one is this beaut from Ever Ours. I genuinely feel like I'm wearing a duvet whenever I step outside the house. Heaven really.
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