Dress: New Look. Pumps: Primark. Bag: Matalan.

Last week when the weather was a bit hit and miss, I knew just the thing to forget about the rain. A tea party. So that's what I did. 
Jess from the Lady Of Vintage Bakery got in touch, asking if I'd like to review some of her cupcakes and what not. It seemed ideal, I'm from the Midlands, and so is the bakery. I like cake. She bakes cakes. Heavenly! Admittedly, I was a little unsure about eating cupcakes after baking them for so long, I lose all the excitement. But not this time, the excitement was immense!

Now I love cake as much as the next person, so imagine being surrounded by cupcakes, cake pops (incredible creation), banana bread, chocolate cake and cookies! It's fair to say, I didn't end up eating any dinner that night.. But cakes count as dinner right?!
To top it all off, Jess even sent us some adorable pink lemonade! Because I'm uncool and all that, I'd never actually tried it.. But rest assured, it's now on my shopping list. Quite possibly my favourite tea party ever. 
I declare one rainy Sunday, each month, national tea party day!
1: Rhiannon from Vintage Fashion. 2: Same old. 3: El from A Thrifty Mrs. 4: Naomi from Naomi is Great.

Ahh Friday. The time everyone gets ready for the weekend. Although most weekends now will be spent snuggled up with some good TV, and lots of biscuits. It's allowed. Friday is also that time when I share some bloggers with you, and their super fabulous styling.
This week, my three bloggers are actually BIG fans of the chosen piece. I don't blame them, they look ace! So, whether it be a hand me down, something that probably costs less than a bag of chips, or those one of a kind finds... Yep, this week it's all about:
A thrifted piece.

Rhiannon says "This is my new favourite outfit. I can't stop wearing it! These velvet shorts from a charity shop were actually trousers which I shortened! I found this little sailor collared blouse for £4 too, and I think the cream colour and floaty fabric looks beautiful with the velvet shorts!"
I say "Finding a vintage item is always the best feeling. Knowing it's a one off! I chose this vintage dress, and teamed it with a simple blazer and boots, so the dress can do the talking. If only it did.. I'd love to know who lived in it before..."
El says "It is a vintage cape which nurses wore from the incarnation of the NHS up until the mid 1980s. I found it in a charity shop a few years ago when capes were a huge deal on the catwalk. Everytime I wear it, I have some lovely compliments about it although I'm not sure old nurses quite 'get' me gallivanting around wearing their old uniform!"
Naomi says "This vintage pencil skirt is one of my favourite items of clothing ever. I've styled it with a short sleeved knit, a denim biker jacket and fail safe tan belt and brogues for a daytime look."

Are you a fan of vintage shopping? Vintage Style Me have some dresses that would make any lady weak at the knees! And even better prices too! Let's pop on our tea dresses, grab the picnic basket and go eat cake!
Jacket: New Look. Knit: H&M. Scarf: Primark. Trousers: H&M. Boots: Primark.

When people always associate ill people with green faces, yeah, I look like that in the last photo. Although I'm not actually ill. So basically this sentence is really and utterly pointless right now. But I'll keep it here.
Look at me in trousers, again. I love these too! I spotted them when doing a "I just went in for some sunglasses" shopping, and thought at £9.99, they seemed the perfect investment to lure myself into cool trousers. And we'll just keep the side zip a secret for now.. 
Actually on second thoughts, big shoutout to the side zip.. Best invention ever for eaters like myself. 
So day one of the no bad food situation, and I'm already crying inside. Grapes did help a little, but cake would have been better. Probably doesn't help that I'm also phoneless.  And yes, I hate admitting it, but it really.does.suck. 
Does this mean that I can eat chocolate tonight?
Blouse: Nelly. Skirt: Topshop. Boots: Primark.

You know those really uncomfortable outfits that we all have, and every time we wear it after forgetting it, we regret it. Well this is one of them. The blouse is a little on the big side around the collar (is it really possible to have a small neck?!) and the skirt has a tight underskirt which constantly wants to ride up all the time. And I don't know how it manages it, when my thighs are already filling up the skirt.. I guess they just want in on the closeness action.
Talking of thighs, I've decided to bite the bullet, and diet. I'm not fat, but the fact I have to really hoist myself into some clothes lately, have made me realise that I need to sort it out. So here I am going cold turkey from chocolate, cakes and sweets. I couldn't part with my beloved carbs just yet. And with this, Littlebum has decided to give up smoking, and Schmidtbum is giving up sunflower seeds. He didn't really get a say in that, but the way I see it, at least they still get a few a day as they're slowly cutting it out.
So if you're thinking of coming over for tea and cake soon.. Our household probably won't be the best place...
1: Trying to pretend I'm a ballerina. 2: Being a wild cat in Leicester. 3: Another weekend of too much alcohol.
4: Testing out some new potential properties.. 5: The countryside life. 6: Mexican drinkys!
7: The man. And the big plate. 8: Windy willies up north. 9: Attempting the country bumpkin.
10: Sometimes I like to be a T-Bird. 11: My corn buddy for life. 12: The best pink lemonade ever.
13: Tea, pyjamas, and snuggles. 14: Schmidt's adventure in the garden. 15: Priorities in the car.

Life lately, has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. Literally, even with the crap bits. You know, when the rollercoaster is heading upwards, yeah that. But right now, I'm currently on the fun bit. And with that, I thought I'd share some photos.
I really need to get back into outfit posts.. but it appears that pyjamas and cups of tea seem to be taking over after 6pm. And now this new Matalan cardigan is in my life, I'm going to be even more of a sloth. Delightful. But for now, Instagram shots will have to suffice. Oh and on that note, I declared it time to takeover Littlebum's account, so you can follow us over at @mchounslows for gay photos. 
Not literally thought.
1: Lyzi from Being Little. 2: Hello. 3: Char from T*Rexes and Tiaras. 4: Caroline from All About The Girl

Apologies for the shortage of Here's how we wear post last week. I hope you didn't miss it too much, but alas it is back. And it's a good un. Now today's style never fails to make people smile, and it's always a great ways to brighten up a simple item. Everybody loves them somewhere along the line. Even Kat Slater's a huge fan. Yep, this week we're wearing:
Animal print

Lyzi says "Don't be afraid to think outside the box and mix patterns. Animal print doesn't have to mean leopard print, as lush as it is! I made the skirt myself out of duck-print vintage cotton!"
I say "I always add a bright colour with my animal printed pieces (I say, in a burgundy knit!) You don't have to be as safe as you think with animal prints. The more animals, the better I say!"
Char says "I've always been drawn to quirky prints, especially animals, so when this became an actual trend and I no longer looked like Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, I must admit I was freaking thrilled! This bee print dress is perfect for work with a plain cardigan and I've managed to get a little print-mixing in with leopard print shoes!"
Caroline says "I can't get enough of animal printed dresses right now, this is my third one, and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. They're easy to wear, dressed up with heels and clutch or dressed down with brogues and a belt.. ta da!"

Are you a fan of animal print? Do you rock the leopard print? Sugarhill Boutique have endless choices of animal printed things, ranging from pony dresses to adorable fox knits.
Dress: H&M. Bag: Topshop. Shoes: New Look. Belt: Internacionale.

Apologies if you've already seen these photos.. as yes I did a guest post on Eloise's blog this week, whilst she's been fannying about being married (I'm just jealous really.) It's worth a look, and a laugh at how rubbish I am at guest posting.
I wish I could wear this dress more than just a "OH MY CHRIST IT'S HOT TONIGHT, LET'S WHIP OUT THE DRESS" moment. You see, I have fear of bra straps on show with a cutout dress. It's just wrong. So indeed, I rock the braless look (it doesn't happen often, let me tell you) but with the weather turning a bit nippier.. HARHAR.. It's not really, let's say ideal. However, I have finally invested in a stick on bra, in the hope that they shall work. But personally, I think they're a bit crap. They never seem to stay on?! It probably doesn't help that I stand there with just the bra on, wondering why it keeps falling off...
Enough bra talk, I'm off for a tea party with my dear friend Naomi. Zumba what?!
Playsuit: c/o Glamorous. Cardigan: c/o Glamorous. Belt: Internacionale.

Oh look, the wanderer returns. And in an extremely creased playsuit. I am disgusted by myself for this. But the story behind the creases, is the one where it's been sitting on the bedroom floor after a wild night out. And today I popped it on to show you.. Especially considering I've worn it out both weekends, yet not managed any snaps because I've been epically drunk, followed by huge hangovers.
But whatever, it's not about the hangovers. Nope. It's about this beautiful playsuit I received from Glamorous . They sent me the most generous package a few weeks back, which really did cheer me up a treat. And being a playsuit hussy, this has not left my sight. I think my friends are getting a little sick of me wearing this all the time..! And I'm also quite fond of the cardigan. Not my usual type, but actually I think it really spices up a simple outfit. I feel like a Christmas tree a little. In a good way.
So yes, I am back after a week or so away from blogging. To be honest it seemed like the last thing on my mind, after a bit of a tough time. I won't go into detail but things are slowly getting back on track. And we also signed papers to move into a cottage next month. This is like the best thing that's ever happened to me, probably more than discovering chicken satay last month.
And on that note, I promise that once I become a cottage bum, I'll iron all my clothes.
1: Megan from Wonderful You. 2: Tan boots me again. 3: Jade from A Little Lipstick. 4: Hev from Farewell to the Fairground

Another week, another Here's how we wear posts. Thanks for all your tweets/emails asking to be involved. Sure enough you all will!
So this week, I actually struggled on what to go with (I know right, there are just endless options!) and after much rattling about in my wardrobe, I chose a fail safe, simple piece. Something majority of us women own, and never have a bad word to say about:
The skater dress

Megan says "I have a lot of love for this dress, so much that I have it in two other colours (oh dear Megan). It's such a versatile piece; perfect for dressing up or down. I chose to team it with my favourite boots, belt and blazer to give a smart/casual look."
I say "Majority of my dresses are skater style, and this one is probably the queen of them all. It does the job in all the right places, leaving enough room for a cheeky collar to peek through. And you'll never tell what I had for my lunch in this.. Fantastic!"
Jade says "Contrary to its name, a skater dress is not reserved for skaters - though I suppose the floaty skirt and the floral print of this one in particular makes it graceful enough to fit the bill. Liverpool is constantly chilly these days, so a thick knitted jumper and tights are the perfect counterparts. I also love teaming this outfit with a statement necklace, something to contrast the smaller details of the outfit."
Hev says "I have developed a bit of a soft spot for skater dresses, but what is there not to love? They can be worn in lots of different ways and are very forgiving. A dress that allows you to eat more is my favourite kind of dress!"

How do you feel about skater dresses? Are you a fan? Why not add another style to your skater dress collection. Topshop have a brilliant selection... The choices are just endless!
Tee:  c/o Orange Circle. Skirt: c/o She Inside. Boots: Daisy Street Shoes

Let's all just spend a few minutes laughing at my attempt of trying to look cool. Oh and my not so great hairstyle. After deciding that actually, I did like my hair up in this post (yes I did the go back and check every so often thing) I thought I'd brave it again. And again. But now my messy bun, isn't so messy. Just greasy. What a shambles.
Anyway, the reason I am trying to look like I know my stuff, and as though I used to hang at the skate park..  (is that where the cool people hangout?!) is because I was so desperate to wear my Orange Circle tee. I like tee's. But they just don't like me. We don't normally work well. So when it arrived, I did a pretty bad thing, and I cut the sleeves (sorry Orange people, I still love it!) with my mind telling me I'd totally be able to rock this look. It lied. But you know what, I don't care. I have a cat WITH GLASSES on a tee. 
And even when I try to get away from the girly kind.. My cat lady nature always manages to catch up with me. Quite literally.
Midi dress: TK Maxx. Belt: Primark. Boots: Primark.

I spent an age deciding if I even liked these photos or not. Because of the dress. You see, this is the dress I bought yesterday.. I did the TK Maxx test "I'll give it a week and if it's there, I'll get it". And it was. So I did. 
Personally, I thought it was different, maybe even a little vintage, and with my love affair for my black midi, it only seemed appropriate to branch out for a new colour. And style. I couldn't wait to get it home, and show it off to Littlebum.
But. Then he decides to tell me today, that he doesn't really like it on me that much. What a bummer. I reckon it's because it's a size 12, so is pretty big on me (hello saggy underarms!) However, I love the bagginess of it.. Especially after being in a pencil skirt today, that literally made me nearly puke from it's tightness. Food over fashion anyday I say.
So does anyone else fancy date night with me, so I can wear this dress?
Top: H&M Kids. Shorts: Matalan. Plimsoles: Primark.

Ooh look at me embracing the stripes now. Although, sure enough, after these photos were taken I decided I didn't like the tee anymore. They give me saggy tit look effect. And I'm not a fan, not just yet anyway.
But with the ray of sunshine we had today, I took the opportunity to get my legs out. Especially in my new THREE POUND shorts.To be honest, I get my legs out as much as a nana gets their sherry out. Why not hey?! And of course my smelly little plimsoles. 
This weekend was spent eating a lot. Like literally a fridge load of things. And house viewing. Well, we only visited one house, and hated it (OK that was just me).. So instead I tottered off to the shops, and got a new dress. Because that's OK right?!
Tonight is spent eating, again. And finding new ways to procrastinate. Because packing is boring.

Currently curled up in bed in my Kigu, attempting to get out and tidy the house, but failing due to one too many cocktails last night. And a huge picnic filled tum, the night before. But it's OK.
Little Schmidtbum has been a right old treacle this week which has cheered us up no end. Grown up woes... But it soon passed when I sat in a field. In the rain. Watching Patrick Swayze on the big ole screen. Before I die, I WILL have mastered that lift.
Although it'll probably be me holding Schmidt, rather than someone holding me...
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