Here's how we wear: Playsuits


1: Leanne from Leanne Marie. 2: Emily from Emily Charlotte. 3: Hello. 4: Lizzie from The Dust on the Ground

Friday is so close to Monday, yet Monday is so far from Friday. But whatever is close or far, it's another Here's how we wear posts. I'm featuring two ladies today that I've had the SUPER chance to meet, and one little lady who deserves a lot more followers!! So anyway, some weeks I struggle on what to decide (I know right, there's millions of options!) So we kept it quite light, but also with festivals left right and centre, this seemed ideal (if you don't mind the toilet situations...)  Yep. We went with:
The playsuit

Leanne says "I love pairing my playsuits with my trusty studded jacket. It's like I'm on autopilot. I always pick it up as I find whatever style playsuit I wear, the jacket always works well! Admittedly playsuits are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to the toilet but it's something I'm willing to put up with! Just don't go wearing them to festivals..Playsuits and portaloos really don't mix..."
Emily says "I like that a simple bit of material between your legs means you can wear a playsuit shorter than a dress or skirt and still not reveal (too much of) your bum, which is a plus if you have short legs like mine that need all the help they can get to look longer. This might even outweigh the issue of having to totally strip off for a toilet trip.."
I say "I love a playsuit. As much as an old lady loves a sherry at night. It's always something I pop on when I'm unsure what to wear (all the time then!) I love adding a big ole knit and a belt. Although, it's really not the best after a few too many drinks.."
Lizzie says "I love an item you can dress up AND down so this Urban Outfitters playsuit (courtesy of my sister) is just perfect - dressed up for a night out, or down for a gig (I'm thinking check shirt, plimsoles..) I've gone for somewhere inbetween!"

So if you haven't been put off by a playsuit because of our toilet issues, Glamorous have a lovely range here and they really are great for all year round! Go get playsuitted up!


  1. oh I love the playsuit, a definite style staple for me! I almost made the fatal error of wearing one to reading last weekend before I remembered the horror of the portaloos!


  2. playsuits are so pretty and you´re wearing it perfectly!

  3. Why am I the only indoors chump, how did the rest of you stop the rain?! Boo.
    But I love the 4 of us. Lizzie is gorge, how did I not know about her til now?! Also big yes to us being boot twins. xxxx

  4. We all look fab. You cant talk about playsuits without mentioning toilet issues! x


    1. Linked a similar one in my blog post!

  6. I'm new to your blog but I'm flipping loving this feature, I'm going to stalk all the other posts like this now. I love my playsuit (own one, pretty proud of myself as I was voted 'most unfashionable by my friends). I love the idea of putting the chunky knit over it.

    Agree with Emily about the taking it all off for the loo, I feel weird in my bra in a public loo, but once that's all over the merits of the playsuit erase bra memories.


  7. I love this feature, such a great idea! I would never consider teaming a playsuit with a jumper, but looks fab on you, you style guru you!! :)These ladies all look lovely, I'm going to have to go and check out their sites now!! xx

  8. You all look so gorgeous! xxxx

  9. I'm still strangely scared of playsuits which is ridiculous when there's 4 times the proof of how amazing they can look! I adore Leannes floral + leather combination + yours is the perfect summer playsuit! Emily proves how smartened up and chic they can look and Lizzie has the most amazing rock n roll edge! So beautiful!


  10. gorgeous! i love this!


  11. I've never worn a playsuit actually, but these are all gorgeous. I love Leanne's jacket! x
    Sirens and Bells

  12. Love all of these looks, you all look great!

    Pip x

  13. All these playsuits are gorgeous, I've never ventured into playsuit land since I don't think I could deal with the whole toilet terrors issue, especially on a night out, but maybe one day I'll brave one just in daytime! (: xx

  14. its the going to the toilet issue that stops me buying more! I only have two. you all rock it though!

  15. These are so lovely! I love playsuits and you all wear them really really well! lots of love.

    Nafisah xo

  16. Love all the outfits :) would love it if you could do a jumpsuit how to wear! x

  17. I love how differently you've all styled them!

  18. Argh you all look so gorgeous, I love how the outfits are all COMPLETELY different - Really nice compilation here!

    Also - I wanna do it! My turn please! ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Oh its jellypigs/sarahb/fridayisforever btw oops!

  20. I don't even own a playsuit, but you girls (every week) are persuading me to buy things I 'need' to own haha! Curse you Katy, curse you. Ah well, at least you're all adorable!

  21. I missed this feature, I havn't had half as much time for blog reeading as I would have liked :( I love playsuits but they are a pain for going to the ladies!


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