1: Leanne from Leanne Marie. 2: Emily from Emily Charlotte. 3: Hello. 4: Lizzie from The Dust on the Ground

Friday is so close to Monday, yet Monday is so far from Friday. But whatever is close or far, it's another Here's how we wear posts. I'm featuring two ladies today that I've had the SUPER chance to meet, and one little lady who deserves a lot more followers!! So anyway, some weeks I struggle on what to decide (I know right, there's millions of options!) So we kept it quite light, but also with festivals left right and centre, this seemed ideal (if you don't mind the toilet situations...)  Yep. We went with:
The playsuit

Leanne says "I love pairing my playsuits with my trusty studded jacket. It's like I'm on autopilot. I always pick it up as I find whatever style playsuit I wear, the jacket always works well! Admittedly playsuits are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to the toilet but it's something I'm willing to put up with! Just don't go wearing them to festivals..Playsuits and portaloos really don't mix..."
Emily says "I like that a simple bit of material between your legs means you can wear a playsuit shorter than a dress or skirt and still not reveal (too much of) your bum, which is a plus if you have short legs like mine that need all the help they can get to look longer. This might even outweigh the issue of having to totally strip off for a toilet trip.."
I say "I love a playsuit. As much as an old lady loves a sherry at night. It's always something I pop on when I'm unsure what to wear (all the time then!) I love adding a big ole knit and a belt. Although, it's really not the best after a few too many drinks.."
Lizzie says "I love an item you can dress up AND down so this Urban Outfitters playsuit (courtesy of my sister) is just perfect - dressed up for a night out, or down for a gig (I'm thinking check shirt, plimsoles..) I've gone for somewhere inbetween!"

So if you haven't been put off by a playsuit because of our toilet issues, Glamorous have a lovely range here and they really are great for all year round! Go get playsuitted up!
Knit: H&M. Dress: H&M. Scarf: Primark. Bag: Matalan. Boots: Primark.

Will you think any less of me, if I tell you that since I've had this dress over 3 weeks ago, I've probably worn it every other day. And I wish I was kidding. It's like my friend says, I get something new, and I wear and wear it, and see how many ways I can style it, so it looks different each week. Then I move onto the next newest thing.
So as you can see, I have my hair up. Extremely unusual if you have been a follower for quite some time. I seem to have i'mtooscaredtowearmyhairup syndrome. I have a bad case of it. But actually I have Emily to thank for today's post. I've been eyeing up her hair bow tutorial for weeks now. But with my lack of hair up knowledge, I tried to master the messy bun first. It took some time and hairspray but I got there.. And took it out to the cinema this week (sorry person behind me, who probably couldn't see!) And actually, I quite liked it. When I asked Littlebum what he thought of my hair, he said "It's a bit sloppy isn't it?".. 
Guess he just doesn't understand that sloppy is cool. Actually best not let him in on that secret!
Dress: c/o Lavish Alice. Shoes: New Look

Sadly, I am not Cinderella. I don't own one shoe. I do infact have two shoes on in the top photos, but the grass decided to show otherwise. I will be passing on my information to my parent's neighbours, and telling them to mow the lawn sharpish.
So now we're over the shoe situation, we can all have a slight chuckle at the fact, that the peplum trend may not be for me. Now I love this dress, I really really do, it's lacy, it's white and black, and it's pretty. So so pretty. But in all honesty, I just think it highlights my already there hips. And I ain't not eating no more chips... Let me tell you THAT!
Littlebum says he likes it a lot, but I think that's just because it's tight! And so does my mama, but I think that's because I actually look my age for once. However, I'm not convinced that I actually look good. Like you know the kind, REAL good?! 
Maybe this'll be a proper reason to sort out those thighs, and Cha Cha on down to Zumba more so that in, say three years time, the peplum trend and I can be friends. Probably a few years too late!
So Apologies Miss Piggy, I won't steal your limelight again, the spot is yours. You can have it back.

The upstairs for you. This is a lie, semi upstairs. Basically our room and the bathroom. I don't ever venture up the next set of stairs. There's a bed in there. That's all you need to know.
I am aware that the bedroom is a tad floral. I just can't stop myself from bringing home flowers, in a different form of package. I just think they look nice in jugs, bottles, tea cups and bowls. Oh and they're not real. 
We're not good at looking after real flowers, so fake one's have to do!

Five months ago, when we moved (for the second time) I promised to post some photos, or even a video, for all to see. So maybe this is a little longer than expected, and the fact it'll only be for another month, till we pack up and move on again, I thought it best to show you my home. Part of my home. The downstairs.

I thought I best clarify too that Littlebum and I aren't in fact gypsies who travel about. We like to call it more 'finding our feet'. As much as we love this big ole house, we're only small people, so a three storey is quite a bit. Plus I just about manage one set of stairs..
Come back tomorrow too see the life of the upstairs.

Quite possibly one of my most expensive weeks yet. I'm not talking jager shots for the whole bar, and champagne.. I mean grown up things. A new car (which I may add, I think is love) and a new house. Again. I promise we're not always moving.. We like to call it more "finding our feet". Plus it gives me a new excuse for more gay floral things. And birds. Lots of them.
I think Schmidtla will most certainly be the most travelled hamster once we move again. I don't think he cares though. As long as there's corn and seeds, oh and ice cream, he'll be happy.
So with our lavish purchases lately. I think Littlebum and I will be eating the free apples in my parents garden for a few weeks, as they're free. They also come with bugs and mud too... What a great offer.
On second thoughts, I'm off to another BBQ. I really do think I live the high life...
1: Katie from Tatty Boots. 2: Laura from Only Half Dressed. 3: Rebecca from Its Cohen. 4: Baby. In corner.

Friday's always come around super quick. Which is good for most of us, because ola weekendo! And also because it's a chance for new friendly faces on this blog! What more could we want in life. Oh a bank holiday too. Check.
So anywayz, with the weather (always back to the same story!) being hit and miss, and that awkward in between stage, where Autumn is creeping up on us, it seemed like the perfect time to dig out a popular item that everyone and their mothers have..
The stripey tee.

Katie says "I have a real thing for pairing navy and burgundy, so thought this stripe top and skirt worked pretty well together!"
Laura says "Stripes are my favourite, because they go with anything whether it's another plain garment or patterned - although mixing stripes is the best!"
Rebecca says "Whenever I wear stripes I like to think of myself as a classy parisian chick. Unfortunately, I still manage to walk into inanimate objects, but at least I feel chic when doing it."
I say "Funnily enough, stripes scare me. Like massively. I'm not sure why, but they do. So I played it safe over a dress. One step at a time. Thinking about it, it's not that funny.

How do you style your stripey tee? Is it a go to piece for you? Or are you like me, and a little afraid of them?  River Island have a great selection at the moment, perfect for this weather!
Dress: New Look. Boots: Primark.

I wish I could pretend to take the cool credit for this bodycon dress, but yes, again Mama Mcfred's wardrobe has done it again. We're so onto a winner. Especially considering I'm not even a bodycon fan! And I bloody love it!
I had a little sleepover at theirs this weekend, and as soon as she was out that door, I was straight into her wardrobe.. Kinda like the cat really. It's literally like a shop in there! But this one caught my eye, so of course I popped it on with my trusty Primark booties. And thought it a great opportunity to totter down to the bottom of the garden and pose like a little lost fairy.
I reckon, on those skinny days, I'll find myself wearing this! Although I can't say I'm a converted bodyconner. Smocks anyday!
Plus it's doughnut day tomorrow.. Right before Zumba. Yep.
Top: c/o MissIkon. Shorts: Topshop. Shoes: c/o Tribeca Shoes. Bag: Matalan.

When the weather's nice, the legs come out to play. To be fair, the legs always come out, regardless of if it's raining or not. But lately, it's been dresses. I've kinda sacked of my shorts recently, so when this amazing giraffe top popped through my door, I thought I'd get back into my shorts mode. And now I am, I can't stop wearing them. I always do this with clothes!
I also very kindly got sent these lovely little brogues which seriously haven't left my little tootsies. With my job being hands on, I had to put the heels to rest (trust me, I tried) so these seemed the perfect replacement. And what's not to love about the pink sole?!
And in other news, HELLO I just got a new car!! After 6 years using my first ever car, it was time to 'treat' myself. So I did. In style of course. Although I couldn't get my head around not being able to take it home right there and then.
Seriously, they should sort that. Because I want it NOW! I need the cool factor.

Another weekend of BBQ's and endless sausages. Too many sausages in fact. Added in a little road trip, and copious amounts of tea with some close friends. And finished up with some blackberry picking and cat chasing in my parent's garden.
This summer is planning out quite nicely. When we get the sun.
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