Dress: c/o Madam Rage. Top: New Look Generation. Belt: Pop Couture. Wedges: New Look.

Today is a day, when I realise that sometimes I am such a bore. Such a bore with my shopping habits. By this, I mean that I always head straight to the dresses. The dresses that either go in at the waist, or are a straight down, no fuss, eat as much as you like kinda dress. With vest type sleeves. Oh, and printed too.
And of course, when Madam Rage contacted me, I went straight to the dresses, the one with the cutest print, and a pulled in waist. Because I'm a predictable Penny. That's what I am. But actually, I just want to be an adventurous Audrey.
I want to go for things I don't normally (YES like the shiny leggings situation!) and "Oh my Christ" (hello Pamela quote from Gavin & Stacey!)  I even dreamt about jeans today! I KNOW right.
So look at me branching out, children's t-shirts over dresses and what not. Actually this is a lie. It was a bit on the breezy side, so instead of a vest, this seemed like a cooler option. And you know what? Next week, I AM going to wear jeans. For the first time in 32975932 years. And I AM going to try and enjoy it.
I'll just make sure I'm standing upright and still for a few hours. Not sure how that'll go down..
 Katy x
Top: Matalan. Maxi skirt: River Island. Belt: Matalan.

Right I'm going to be well and truly British right about now, and moan about the weather. BUT SERIOUSLY, what is wrong with it?! Can it not make up it's mind at all? I know I'm bad at decision making, but hello, weather controller is far worse. And by that, I mean. I like the sun. I like to get my legs out. I don't mind the cold, I wrap up warm. But this awkward not cold enough for tights, but too breezy for short dresses, is no fun in the morning. Even Littlebum agrees.
Honestly, I got changed 7 times before leaving the house today (Littlebum counted). I desperately wanted to wear my maxi, thinking it would be just the right outfit. But then I struggled. What to wear with it?! I've always struggled how to layer a maxi.. I'm forever eyeing up people wearing chunky knits, and beautiful jackets with them.. But I just look a right old plonker if I'm honest.
So, yes, I waited till I got back home from my lovely afternoon, to change back into this, and sit in my garden drinking a milkshake.
I really do live on the edge sometimes.

P.S I'm selling some of my many clothes.. You can look here if you want to take them into a good home.
1: Missguided dress. 2: Holiday snap lurking about. 3: The greedy goblin.
4: Littlebum is a hungry bean. 5: Best puddings maybe? 6: Fringe please.
7: My best friend. 8: Breakfast heaven. 9: Glamorous dress.
10: Chilling at the seaside. 11: Man V food. 12: Man won.
13: Pose pose pose. 14: My ribena cup thanks. 15: Icecream at midnight.

I haven't done one of these for a while, so thought I'd see what photos were lurking about on Littlebum's phone. Not too many actually. I think I've finally accepted the fact I don't own an Iphone. 
Finally getting used to my weekends being Sunday and Monday. It actually feels like it's longer.. Although I'm sure that'll change! Plus I secretly love staring at all the beautiful collections at work. And I've decided my favourite is definitely MSGM.
I'm now off to do my housework, in preparation for when I marry a rich man, so I can live the high life.....
1: Helloo. 2: Eloise from Frolics & Fashion. 3: Michelle from DaisyButter. 4: Mel from MediaMarmalade.

Here we are again. That time that, apparently, some people just love! I know I sure do! And this week's a right treat of bloggers, one's I've actually gotten to meet so are definite babes! We've had the little black dress, and with our (not so obvious) Summer, we thought we'd go for a simple, chic and extremely summery choice this week:
Little White Dress

I say "White dresses excite me. My wardrobe is full of them, but I'm not sure why.. I'm a spiller! In Summer I love adding tan coloured accessories and keeping it simple. Easy for anyone to do.. Just remember your white panties!"
Eloise says "I put this with a leather jacket as I'd already done a summer post with this dress! However I do like the contrast between the flowy (is this even a word? I'm being spell checked on it) cut out dress and the masculine-ish jacket. If I looked like Taylor Momsen this would be a win!"
Michelle says "White dresses have a special love/hate place in my wardrobe. Being on the pale side of olive, I can just about pull off white dresses on their own, but true to my own style. I always pair them with tougher, chunkier elements and set off with eclectic accessories"
Mel says "White is a scary old colour, one I've always felt should be left to the bronzed goddesses of the world, or brides for that matter. But since finding this white cut out Glamorous dress, I haven't looked back. It makes the perfect summer day dress or a glam evening dress for sunset cocktails."

Funnily enough - Michelle and myself are both wearing Ever Ours, and Eloise and Mel are wearing Glamorous
Two shops to check out for white dresses!

A selection (trust me, it is!) from the weekend. It's official,I want to move to Aldeburgh and live in a yellow house serving tea and cakes for the rest of my days. But for now, I'll just stick to drinking my capri sun on the pebbled beach.
Top: New Look. Leggings: c/o OMG Fashion. Knit: Topshop. Heels: New Look.

OMG Fashion sent me these, and to be quite honest when I took them out the packet, I laughed. I laughed so hard at the thought of trying to get my Kim K rear into them. So I left them for that night. Then last night I decided to bite the bullet and hoist them on. Funnily enough, there was no hoisting, and no heaving. Infact they slipped on quite nicely.
YI opted for a snug knit and my trusty Office shoes, where my bum and ladybits are kept firmly hidden from beady eyes.
It's like they say.. 'Just take baby steps'. And in this case, quite literally.
Dress: c/o Glamorous. Blouse: Primark. Belt: Pop Couture. Pumps & Sunglasses: Primark. 

You may be aware that I'm one of those people who seems to be drawn to one colour for a certain time, before moving onto the next. Yeah, this month it's blue. Finally the green has gone, and the blue is in. Like this blue. When I saw this dress, I genuinely wanted to marry it. And can completely agree with the name of the dress. To be honest, I don't think I'll be the only one wanting to marry it.
Of course, being a collar freak, I added on my little blouse underneath. Probably not the wisest idea considering the heat. Which by the way is bloody incredible, and my legs are having a great time seeing the world.
Had a smashing time down in Suffolk, the circus was bloody amazing, an all you can eat chinese (totally ate my moneys worth!) fish and chips by the seaside and even a bit of toe dipping in the sea! I tell you, my days are getting wild..
So wild, that I'm taking a glass of wine to bed (sure it'll be there in the morning!!)

Just a selection of life lately, as I haven't taken many lately. Yes the camera is still a bit dodgy. But I'm going to knock it into shape for this weekend (our weekends are Sunday and Monday) as we're off to the circus! Hello!! I haven't been to a circus in bloody years!
I think if I could, I would take Schmidtbum with me, but he's gotta look after the house. I left him a few chores, but I know he'll just spend his day repeatedly finding the eaten sunflower seeds. What a little cheeky mare!
Lastly, thank you for your, quite possibly, nicest comments on yesterday's post. It's so refreshing to see that a lot of us feel this way, so it's also nice to know that we can all stick together. Oh us women are funny creatures!
And on that note, I'm off to be a women, and pack a suitcase for one night!
Dress: New Look. Blouse: Primark. Belt: Glamorous. Shoes: c/o So You Shoes

Oh, here she comes, slowly rolling back down the hill to blog again. Yes I am here. Where did I go maybe you ask? (Probably not!) Basically, I came down with that thing us women sometimes get. The one where we don't like what we see. So much so, that the thought of taking photos of myself revolted me (I tried it one night this week.. It ended in tears) And so I diagnosed myself last week with 'I don't like what I see in the mirror' syndrome. Sometimes I've had it before, but this week I really got it. I even stopped reading blogs ,because I was comparing myself to everybody. Picking faults at everything about myself, and wanting to be and dress like all you other bloggers. It's weird. I appreciate my body, I'm not big, I'm not small and yes I've been called just the right size at times, which is lovely, and I really do appreciate every comment and compliment... However as women, we only ever listen to ourselves.
I think it's hard as a blogger, and that's why it got to me more than I've ever felt like before in the past. There  seems to be this pressure to look a certain way as a blogger, pull a certain pose, make your photos look the best they can, and have this outfit that is above and beyond. And it just made me start hating the smallest of things about me. I mean seriously, who even cares about the size of my ears??!! (for your information.. I have small ears, but that's the point I'm trying to make!)
It takes time, for us to love our bodies, but we can get there. If I'm being honest, right now I'm still looking in that mirror unsure of everything, and I am trying my hardest to take compliments and actually listen to them, and that's why today I decided to get in the garden and snap away. Because I actually quite liked what I saw.
I gave myself a pep talk last night. I said that I will not compare myself to everybody else, because at the end of the day, that's what makes us all so different. So what if I want someone's beautiful hair or so and so's smaller thighs, maybe somebody want's my boobs or even fingernails? But we're never gonna get them. And with that, I'm going to just accept it.
I have my wobbly bits and my lumpy bits. But I am Katy. No one else.

1: Sarah from Temporary Secretary. 2: SOZ it's an oldie. 3: Becky from MilkBubbleTea. 4: Amy from Babyface.

Oh hello stranger posting I hear you ask. Maybe? Maybe not. Whatevs. It's Friday, which means it's that time for 3 lovely dashing ladies, different ones too! Don't forget you can check out the other Here's how we wear here.
This week, instead of deciding on any item to style, I narrowed it down to a more specific item. One that I know is pretty popular, and a personal favourite of mine. Comes in assorted colours, and a favourite for the peterpan collar fans:
The Topshop Blouse

Sarah says "I have a weakness for fancy collars and ribbon neck ties! I like wearing this with a body con mini or a black maxi skirt."
I say "I think I wear this top with anything. Tucked in skirts or shorts, sometimes over dresses and even under knits. And on rebelious days I let it hang loose with some form of trousers. Wild. And a winner"
Becky says "I love this pretty chiffon blouse, the contrasting collar with ribbon is so pretty! I played it safe and dressed all in black to really highlight the crisp white collar"
Amy says "This is one of those items that's perfect for doing 'day to night' - it can be just as easily dressed down with a pair of skinnies, or dressed up with a skirt. The material is lovely, and the lace detailing on the collar is perfection."

If you like to pose like us ladies and want to join in.. follow me on Twitter and every Monday I'll tweet what i'm looking for that week, and then DM/email me if you're interested. Exciting times.


Holiday snaps. Promise I'll shut up about it now. But oh how I'm peeling like an orange, my forehead is the worst.
Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon, and get crackalacking on blog photos again. To be quite honest, I'm feeling a little self conscious lately (not the forehead situation) so haven't felt like posing in all my glory. But alas, I'm sure I'll be over it soon.
Enjoy your weekend. It excites me that I have Monday's off.. Time to paint the house!

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