1: Steph from StephanieDreams 2: BONJ. 3: Shabna from Scheine. 4: Leigh from Fox and Feather

Another successful Here's how we wear feature and again so much response. Am I going to keep saying this ever week? Yep. Otherwise what else am I supposed to write here? This week, we went a bit clashing crazy as there is just too many prints out in the world to choose just one...So what better way than to pop it all on together. So today's theme:
Clashing prints

Steph says "Don't be too crazy with it and some times more is less. A printed scarf or pocket can do nicely. I found working a bright colour (skirt) with the more neutral colour of the shirt goes well"
I say "Clashing shows your personality and can work with the right colours. Majority of my wardrobe is printed. So I tend to clash my prints together, because I always want to wear them at the same time.. It's either that, or buy some new tees..."
Shabna says "I love this top and I try pairing it with everything. I wouldn't think to pair it with florals and the prints don't really work together; but that's the beauty of it! I think this is great for Summer"
Leigh says "You can't really go wrong with clashing prints as long as you have something to break up the two different prints to stop you looking like a patchwork quilt, whether that be a belt, a cheeky flash of your midriff or some opaque tights like I've worn"

If you like to pose like us ladies and want to join in.. follow me on Twitter and every Monday I'll tweet what I'm looking for that week, and then DM/email me if you're interested. Exciting times.

Dress: c/o Oasap. Belt: Primark. Shoes: Primark. SocksL H&M

Totally a windy Wendy today. Good job I had some big fat panties on, to scare off all the people who like to look at blowing up skirts. Unlucky for them really. I definitely had the last laugh. 
I can't work out if I like this dress or not. I do like it, I like the colours, I love the collar (standard) and I like the length (hooray OASAP you managed a longer length!) but it just doesn't seem to sit that nice on me. It probably doesn't help that my arms look like they did when I was a baby who needed suncream in the fat creases. And my legs too. OH and here's me moaning about all this, yet tonight I will most likely indulge in some chocolate and sweets once I've gotten over it. As always.
OH YEAH and look at my little belt. I think it's awesome. It was merely £1 from Primark. I needed some new belts, so I sacrificed a pack of biscuits for this belt. It did good. I may turn it into a bow tie on special occasions. Wild.
Time to go pack for the weekend. Heading to London to see my brother tomorrow night, and to do some touristy things with my family on Saturday. By that I mean, stop for coffee, go for lunch, have another coffee, eat some cake and go for dinner.
MAAN I need to think about other things in life than just food.. Like getting into a bikini?


Knit: Topshop. Shorts: TK Maxx. Shoes: c/o Daisy Street Shoes

Please, before you all think I am strange. I am most certainly not a snake charmer, and neither is that a snake in my hair if you noticed. It's just what this thing we have a lot, called the wind, does to my hair most of the time.
I'm actually being a dork today, because I wore this outfit at the weekend, minus the shoes (plimsoles saved the day!) I did try to wear them, but super high heels and myself are two things that shouldn't be together. Doesn't mean I don't try! 
I felt in a slobby mood.. As we all do on a Sunday right?! so threw on my new knit. This is such a lie, I didn't throw it on, I merely took it off whilst I changed into a new outfit. Yep, you betcha.. I've worn it everyday. I feel like I'm wearing a blanket outside. Heaven.
I'm going to keep tottering in these heels, in the hope that maybe I can wear them out with my tall friends one day. My other alternative is too see if the heel can be cut shorter.. Men can do things like this right? 
Well that's the impression I get from Littlebum.. 

Top: Internacionale. Skirt: c/o SheInside. Boots: So You Shoes. Belt: Zara.

Whenever I go to the bottom of my garden (actually that's a lie, it's at the side) I always pretend I am a little fairy that lives in a mushroom house. I think it's what these kinda skirts do to me. Although this is the first skirt I've ever had that is like this.
These skirts have always taken my fancy. I love a good (now how can I put this without sounding gross..?!) floater! They make me want to run about in a big field like Cathy from Wuthering Heights. If that's what she does.. I'm saying this as though I know. But I really don't, it just seems like she would be that kind of person.
So as I don't have a big field in view at this present moment in time, I'm going to swift around Littlebum's parents garden.
And if they ask what I'm doing? I'll pretend I'm sweeping up the leaves with my trail.

1: Mushroom dress. 2: Hello Kitty tissues are a lifesaver. 3: Tissue journey.
4: Sometimes I love the postman. 5: Lotsa pretty things. 6: Heavenly.
7: A game of hide and seek. 8: Schmidtbum a la morning. 9: Man. And his friend.
10: Littlebum is a poser too. 11: Fancy hat dash. 12: Petrol stations aren't changing rooms.
13: I'm gay. 14: Weetabix factory YESPLEASE! 15: Roadtrip food.

Have I been busy this week? Nope. Why are there lots of photos then? Because I took lots in approximately two days. Rebel right?
I've still been dying this week, but still plodded to work. And quite literally plodded. Littlebum and I had a slumber party on Friday night... On second thoughts, I ate the popcorn before falling asleep, and he got to watch a gay romcom film! Ideal if you ask me really! It's been nice spending time together actually.. Preparing ourselves for two weeks, when I'm in MY house. 
I quote MY house because he thinks it's his now. I don't mind that he says this.. Only if we're talking about washing and hoovering. 
Today me and my cousin booked a last minute holiday deal. Four days away in Majorca, all inclusive. And I am totally going to make myself sizzle. Now I'm not laughing at the fact I've chocolate overdosed for the past few months as 'oh I'm not going on holiday!'
So yeah. Now I'm not laughing. My belly is. Although, I don't own a bikini. Now no-ones laughing.
It won't even be the children at the hotel, not when they see my wibbly bits

1: Charlotte from Charlestown. 2: Gemma from GEMBEAR. 3: Vicky from #GOLLYGOSH. 4: Heya!

So it appears last week's first feature was a success! And the response to join in was overwhelming.. Remember there's only 3 bloggers at a time (of course I want dibs too.. because I am vain!) but keep checking twitter for details! And all the Here's how we wear posts can be found here! So with the weather being a bit hit and miss this week, we decided upon a classic (difficult for some?):
The maxi skirt

Charlotte says "I've had my maxi for a while but always felt extremely wary of wearing it. The weather isn't too good today, so I styled it with a loose fitting stripy jumper, and brown brogues, adding my floppy hat to make it a little bit different!"
Gemma says "My style this summer has so far been very feminine, bright florals and light maxi skirts. Perfect for warm days when I want to keep my legs covered!"
Vicky says "Everyone knows I love a good maxi, I think they are one of the easiest items to style and make suitable for any occasion. I am short but I think they make me look taller ironically, especially teamed with a tucked in vest or crop"
I say "I've always struggled styling a maxi. I feel that I need to wear a tight top half, in order to prove that I don't have a hidden cow under my maxi skirt. So as long as you stick to the bandeau's, you can hide those animals as you wish..

If you like to pose like us ladies and want to join in.. follow me on Twitter and every Monday I'll tweet what I'm looking for that week, and then DM/email me if you're interested. Exciting times.

Playsuit: c/o Glamorous. Jumper: New Look. Bag: Matalan. (similar here) Wedges: New Look

When the sun comes out, it always gives us an excuse to get semi naked. So I think anyway. And of course, a chance to pop on my trusty playsuit. You know what, I'm completely lying... I wear this playsuit come rain or shine. I get so many compliments on it, so it's only fair I parade in it all the time right?
Every Sunday night that I pack up my bag ready for Hertfordshire, it automatically goes into my suitcase.. Without a thought. And thankfully it's brought a bit of shine today. With my hungover state on Sunday, I packed all black and boring clothes and now I have 'nothing to wear' for this week.. Do you ever do that? Pack for the mood you're in RIGHT at that moment? 
I've not been feeling well this week, I think Littlebum gave me the lurgy. So I plan to spend my weekend building a better relationship with our bed. Heavenly! And attempt to look at holidays.. A last minute plan for 5 days away with my cousin!
Although not sure how long that'll last, I'm so impatient at searching through them all.. I just want to go NOW.!

Dress: c/o Ollie May. Blazer: Internacionale. Boots: So You Shoes

I hate to bad mouth you camera, because I know you have been there for me for 7 strong years, but really.. I think your time is coming to a quick end. You're just not living up to your standards anymore and I think it may be time to say goodbye. I will however take some blame, for the fact I do drop you on occasions. Many occasions maybe. 
Anyway, HELLO mushroom dress! I'll be honest, I don't like mushrooms. The real sort, the ones that people eat. I do like those pretend ones though in fairytales, that people sit on. And although I'm not a fan of edible mushrooms, I thought I'd show my appreciation in this Ollie May dress. If I'm being honest, I haven't taken it off since it popped through my letter box on Friday! How grim is that?! BUT it's sure had some lovely compliments from everybody. So yeah, mushrooms dresses for life thanks!
Be sure to check out Ollie May as they have some perfect pieces for your wardrobe. Everybody needs a mushroom dress in their life!
And lets all finally laugh at my windmills and bunting. I really don't think I'm cut out to be a gardener..

1: Schmidt bum. 2: Congratulation flower delivery! 3: Pretending to be camera shy?
4: Frappes galore. 5: Littlebum is too kind! 6: Mama Mcfred's ace shoes.
7: Friday night dinner. 8: 7am shouldn't be allowed. 9: Pimsoles!
10: TOWIB ladies. 11: Who needs real business cards? 12: Fit birds (this is Stephs snap!)
13: Thank the lord for the sun! 14: Fishing friends. 15: Her favourite place.
16: And he's meant to be an adult.. 17: The worst face you will ever see. 18: Outfit.

I'm totally rotting in bed right now. How grim is that? Just look at the picture of my turtle face, and you'll see why!
Headed to TOWIB yesterday and met up with some wonderful people indeed. Who needs to go to London to see the queen?! Had a good ole time full of giggles and orange juice, if a little short! And only my retarded self could walk off with 1/3 of a train ticket, resulting in some 'childish tears' to the customer service lady and declaring that I'm not good at getting trains, and ending up with a hand written note to let me on the train. I knew this baby face would come in handy one day..!
We had a BBQ last night, and the weather was very kind to us. There was burgers galore, and cocktails that never existed, invented. Yum! Now I'm paying for it.. And I have to drive back to St Albans in a bit.. Hopefully the pizza delivery man can cure this for me.  
Not him literally. The pizza.

1: Amy from The Little Magpie. 2: HIYAA. 3: Livvy from Tea.Toast.Fashion. 4: Sarah from Fashion Is My H20.

Oh hello a new feature on my blog that will be taking place every Friday. Unless I get caught up in food. Each week three bloggers and my vain self will have an item or word (whatever I feel like innit) and style it how they wish. This week we chose, perfect for Summer: The cropped jumper

Amy says "I'm pretty short so prefer to wear jumpers and tops that are slightly cropped so I can pretend that my body isn't the same length as your average ten year old. I picked up this one from Forever21 last year, it used to be white but thanks to my great washing skills, it's now a bit grey. Thankfully I quite like it that way!"
I say "Cropped jumpers are so easy to throw over anything, without hiding it all. You still get to see the pretty little dress you're wearing, and that print on a blouse. Oh and your food baby too!"
Livvy says " I teamed my cropped jumper, with a trusty floral playsuit. The best thing about cropped jumpers are that they make you look taller and longer (nothing wrong with that eh?!)"
Sarah Says "I like to play up my waist and forget about my stomach, a flattering draped dress with my favourite cropped jumper over the top skims my problem area and leaves me feeling confident. Top me off with some retro tights, studded shoes and a bit of dark lippy.. and I'm good to go!"

If you like to pose like us ladies and want to join in... follow me on Twitter and every Monday I'll tweet what I'm looking for that week, and then DM/email me if you're interested. Exciting times.

Dress: Vintage. Pumps: Primark

Hey, sometimes it's OK to put on your favourite vintage dress, make a cup of tea and pretend you're Zooey Deschanel.
And yes it's a little tight for me where my breasticles are squished together but I don't care right now.
I'm off to TOWIB this weekend, so if you see someone sitting in a corner, looking for a watermelon.. That'll be me!

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