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Dear myself,
Sometimes it's OK to not be OK all the time. Your human.
Things may seem a little strange and challenging right now, but like everybody keeps telling you, things WILL get better. And sure enough, before long, you will be able to enjoy your time in your new house baking and decorating it with plenty of floral things, much to Littlebum's dismay. And your mug of tea will still be waiting. Like Littlebum. Schmidt does miss you also, although he does manage to sleep more whilst you're away, but he'll also be waiting for the day he can see you every morning and night.
Stop beating yourself up over your body, you are not fat. People always tell you this, so why don't you listen to them? Because you're thighs stick out? And sometimes you get bloated? Everybody does! You're allowed to eat lots of cake and not feel guilty, but maybe a little exercise would be good.. Who knows, you may even enjoy it? And still get to finish off the chocolate stash without worrying!
And lastly myself, you may have a lot on your plate right now, BUT SERIOUSLY is there any need for all these moany tweets? I know you dress like an old lady, and sleep as much as a baby, but FOR REAL, be a bit more rebelious... And no wearing your tights for 6 days running isn't rebelious.. It's just GRIM.
Yours forever (literally), myself.


  1. I can relate to so much of this, and I couldn't say everything in 140 characters. So here's a comment.
    First of all, you are not fat, but I also know what it's like to think you are when everyone else tells you you're not. I think you just have to try to believe them. But you're gorgeous. Promise.
    And I promise even more, things do get better. I am living proof. In the past year I have gone through a break up, lost two of my grandparents, and gotten through without a doubt the worst year of my degree. But yesterday I finished my degree. I'm moving out of my apartment this weekend and after the months of hell, the clouds are finally parting. And now I cannot believe it's all over and that I've finally finished my degree. It's something I knew would happen eventually, but it felt like it was never coming. But the hard times are finally over.
    You have so much to look forward to. You have your own house and you're settling down with Littlebum. Just try to take solace in the good moments and know that eventually the cloud will part.
    If here if you ever wanna drop me an email on a DM!

    Charlotte x

  2. You're beautiful, and honestly so brave for posting this. A lot of girls (myself included) feel this way, and knowing others do provides a lot of solidarity.
    That's not to say it's true though. Hell, I doubt any of the girls identifying with this are describing themselves realistically. The body you've been given is the body you're beautiful in. And if you want to eat cake, go ahead and eat a bloody big slice!
    Keep calm, take a deep breath, get round to drinking that cuppa and know that it does get better. Focus on what's important and smile at the smallest of things - it really will cheer you up.
    And another thing - we all care! Talk to any of us at any time, we'll be there xxx

  3. katy you lovely little lady, i am so glad that you have written yourself this letter. It rings home so true to myself and many people, i am sure, this was certainly me a few weeks ago! and i think once in a while we all need to give ourselves a little reality check, a little less pity and some much needed love, acceptance and pride in who we are :)

    i look forward to hearing your happy tweets once you get nice and comfy in your new house! wonderful blogging as always.



  4. This a brilliant post, you're so beautiful and lovely, you really deserve to be happy :-) All girls feel like this sometimes, most just aren't as brave as you! Hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

  5. N'awh Katy ): I loves you! It's perfectly normal to go through phases like these! You are an utter babe and we all know it. Don't put so much pressure on yourself girly, take it all a step at a time. I mean, I'm pretty jel that you have a ridic nice house and a cutiepie hamster...! xxxx

  6. Not even 7am and I want sweeeets!

    What a beautiful post sweetheart,

    much love xo

  7. I love this post, you have an amazing style of writing :) and your bloody gorgeous! xx

  8. Such a lovely post. The first one I've read this morning on the train to work. Now you just need to believe in everything it says xxx

  9. Things will get better! Don't you worry! I was in a similar situation, my bf got a job in london, he moved there, I lived in Somerset til I could find a job in ldn, and the going between gets really hard. In the end I just quit my job and moved, but within 2 weeks I found one. So don't worry, I'm sure it'll come good soon, it does get easier :) xx
    P.S you're gorgeous, don't be silly :)

  10. Love this post. Really touching.

    Thank-you for your comment on my blog!
    Little Miss Sunshine
    A Great British Style Blog

  11. I hope you things get better soon Katy!
    I hope things work themselves out soon :)
    Now go grab a slice of cake :D

    Laura xoxo

  12. I know i've already tweeted you quite a bit about this, but I hope you're okay. Everyone goes through stages like this, I mean just the other week I can sooo close to clicking the delete button of my blog, but I didn't because of people that I met through blogging, you being one of them!
    You're a beautiful person, inside and out, who is SO funny and always leaves the nicest comments!
    I hope you feel better soon though, love you xoxoxo.

  13. Katy i'm always here for you, just drop me a text or an email whenever you fancy. It helps to have a rant sometimes. You're such a beautiful person inside and out and i'm so glad I can refer to you as one of my friends. Although if you don't feel the same way, i'm afraid this friendship is over ;)

  14. Such a lovely post! Think most of us ladies can relate to this, really need to spend more time focusing on the future possibilities instead of all our daily woes

  15. Things have to suck a bit before they get awesome...and think how awesome it will be when you get to live in your new house COS YOU'LL LIVE WELL NEAR ME, I can always come over and eat your chocolate stash for you, I mean if that's what you want I'll totally do that for you, cos that's just the kind of thoughtful person I am
    p.s errr...I think I love you

  16. Aw this is such a brave post you little munchkin! Everyone goes through phases like that, and sometimes cake is the only answer till it all sorts itself out. and (you BETTER listen to me when I say this) you're not in any way fat. When you get a bloated belly ENJOY IT, all that extra warmth is good in such a cold summer. And it feels nice to hold your bloated belly like a prego belly. Only me? Ohhh


  17. You look amazing and I love your blog :)

  18. Lovely photographs and post, hope you feel better soon lovely! x

  19. Lovely post, very honest and probably the way everyone feels sometimes :)

    Keep your chin up!


  20. genuinely adored reading this post, it was like listening reading my own thought trail :) I bet it was therapeutic to write :)

    Mel x

  21. Oh gosh, I'm far too emosh at the moment to deal with a post like this
    Literally everything you've said is right and it's just so gorgeous. I'm always here for you hun if you do need a chat, by email or whatever is good. I like twitter for a good moan some times, I know when to stop though as I feel I do do it a lot.
    I've had emotional few days, renting people are just a waste of space! Stupid little things like the freezer being in the wrong place and us not being able to watch tv at the moment is literally just too much for me to handle
    I miss Alfie and Tilly more than anything and I feel like an actual MONG- I can't be bothered to even wash my hair or try and look nice.

    BUT it's all okay, nothing is seriously wrong and soon too this will pass
    xoxo Lots of love my sexy twitter lady friend x

  22. you my friend are beautiful and a mega babe.
    some would say even better than cake (which is vvveeerryyy good and i say this)
    i feel like this sometimes as well lovely and its poo but it gets better.
    i am also considering coming to hamster-nap schmidt, just sayin'
    love livvy xo

  23. My thighs are bezzy mates. And I've got to be on a beach in 2 weeks which I hate the thought of, but I'm too lazy to do much about it and now I'm going to make myself NOT CARE because really, it doesn't matter. Not that I'd say no to supermodel legs but I'll try not to sweat it! You are the cutest little button ever, and I miss you and will have lots of love for kdogg forever because you are a total babe. Also for Schmidt because he's pretty damn handsome. And you know, Littlebum is alright because he looks after you. So until I oust him and become your lover-in-chief, he'll do for now.xxx

  24. This Post is amazing. After the week I've had your post has really hit home. Your a top girl Katy cake!!!!! xXx

  25. I love this post, I hate my thighs and I'm trying to loose weight for summer and holidays but so far its not going well. I've just got over illness and didn't realise how much I was relying on food. I know exactly how you feel but you are very beautiful, you'll feel better. Literally feels like I'm reading my own thoughts.

    Thank you for sending me the link to your blog on twitter, I'm now a happy new follower of yours:)
    Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime:

  26. Love this post and lovely photos X

  27. I know exactly what you mean. Keep smiling :) lots of love.

    Nafisah xxxx


  28. These pictures are amazing!



  29. touching post :) smile always!

  30. Katy your stunning and your ootd posts are always incredible you always look lovely!


  31. what a great post - Stay happy and healthy! Eat your chocolate and don't beat yourself up too much! We are all guilty of this!

    I need to write to myself to re-read in 3months/6months/12months and I am hoping things are much better for me then :o)

    Inspiring! Thankyou xxxx

  32. Know I tweeted you about this but thanks for a great post! The photo's are all so pretty too!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  33. aw i know this was posted ages ago now, but i hope things have got better for you and that you believ in yourself. everything always works out okay, even if it doesnt feel like they will, they always do. life is going to be full of crazy moments, but make sure you try and see the beauty in the tiny things. it sounds like you are good at this anyway darl! xx


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