Keep your mind set, keep your hair long


1: Hair is finally growing. 2: The swear hat, my new BFF. 3: Schmidt says heyy!
4: Best hangover cure. 5: Messy lunchtimes. 6: Life right now.
7: Just chilling. 8: A delightful treat. 9: Hello new favourite playsuiit
10: Working class. 11: It's been a while, Costa. 12: I hate hairwash.
13: A gossip girl moment. 14: Playing taxis. 15: Littlebum the grumpy banker.
16: Cringeworthy karaoke. 17: Freeze is his best game. 18: The housewife bakes.

I look like I've done a lot this week. Totally haven't though... Except worked, all week. That was tough! I've gotten quite used to half weeks, but alas, one needs money! And hurry up payday too please!
We managed to get a few more things for the house, along with a few arguments, because I want to buy everything I see. Whereas Littlebum is Mr sensible grandad. YES Littlebum, I think those perculiar shaped mini vases WERE a necessity. Honest.
The best part of the weekend for me, was baking cupcakes again. I used to love baking, but hated the washing up situation. So I'd just like to say a huge thank you to the dishwasher for helping me get through that yesterday. And then I held afternoon tea at my place for my family, and little Laura bum. It was like a dream. 
So now I'm going to put up the punting, get out the table cloths and turn the living room into a tea shop.
I best do it before Littlebum get's home from work...!


  1. Those cupcakes look real yummy.

  2. Your new playsuit is lovely! :) and the cupcakes look so yummy x

  3. Sounds awesome, hope you are well :) xxx

  4. great pictures!

  5. I will be your best customer when you open your tea shop! And I think you ought to have an oddity on every table, so those vases are 100% necessary.

  6. great blog, i love the layout - when i had blogspot i couldn't seem to get it as pretty as yours :)
    good job.
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin? let me know. xo

  7. Haha, you and littlebum sound like me and my Ben...he's the sensible [read 'boring'] one with money, whilst I want to buy everything in sight!
    Your cupcakes look so good! Love a good afternoon tea. xx

  8. Your hair has gotten really long, it suits you so well!
    Looks like you've had a lovely week, I can't wait till I have my own place and can decorate it!
    And a teashop?! I HAVE to come! Especially if those cakes will be there!
    Love Charlie xox.

  9. I love these posts of yours! The playsuit looks very cute on you! :)

  10. Love the idea of having afternoon tea in your house, I may need to vintage my house up, get my bake on and get the girls around! x

  11. This all sounds perfect... minus the work part!
    those vases DO sound like a necessity!
    you're tea shop/living room sounds great! I need to do this...!


  12. I think I need to make my room into a teashop with cake on tap, can never get enough of the stuff! (: Making me hungry with those cakes mmm. And I love the swear hat haha xxx

  13. Your cakes look so yummy, I'm glad the dishwasher has meant you've been able to enjoy getting your bake on again, dishwashers really are amazing contraptions aren't they! Please can I come for afternoon tea sometime? I'll bring the pimms and the cucumber sandwiches! X

  14. Haha love the sound of the swearhat! That would no doubt be my BFF as well :P

    The cupcakes look yummy! xx

  15. A potentially creepy question, but where is the underwear from? It's gorgeous!

    Emily Wears Things

  16. i keep seeing cupcakes everywhere, i think its a sign i need to bake today! really cute knicker sets too


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