I hope it's not as long as a country mile


Jumper: Topshop. Skirt: Topshop. Blouse: Primark.

Woah there Bulky Belinda today. I'm giving macho man a run for his money that's for sure. And yes, my mother did teach me to tuck my things in, but because I am rebelious (or messy, you decide) I forgot. As you do. Well, and the fact I'm packing as we speak to go home. I tell you something, you'd think after years of living abroad I'd be a Pro Packer. But no, I'm getting worse... Imagine someone with their stuff in carrier bags. Asda carrier bags. Yep, that's me!!
I just want to send over a virtual snog and naked cuddle to everyone who commented or tweeted about my latest post. I wasn't trying to be a depressed old bag, but I just wanted to show, that we don't all have these perfect lives all the time, like you're lead to believe. We're all human, and we're all allowed to cry and hide away in the darkness every once in a while.
And one last thing before I swan off (back to my swan trousers) I keep debating on the old Youtube scenario.. I absolutely love people's videos, but I'm weird enough already, without talking to myself on camera.
Would you really enjoy watching me watch you?


  1. love the simplicity of this outfit, gorgeous :)
    ahh, i think you'd make awesome youtube videos, i lovelovelove reading your posts, they constantly have me giggling; go for it! :)xo

  2. I love this outfit, it's simple but really classy :) Love that jumper, it looks perfect for the 'in-between' weather in England at the moment. your post yesterday was beautiful, I hope that everything works out for you <3
    Love Holz oxo

  3. Love the outfit, especially the shape of the skirt :)
    I always forget something when packing. I am big on writing lists , but normally lose them...silly me haha

    Karys x



    Also, you look lovely as always x

  5. ahhh you're so adorable! I love the texture of your sweater! And of course the collar :)

  6. paaaa you no macho man you beauty!
    please do videos!!!!
    lovely as ever
    love livvy xo

  7. I love the layerings!

    p.s i know this is informal, but d you have any LBD outfit post i could feature on my blog for some ideas ? :) i promise i will credit u and link u back up! <3


  8. Your jumpers so cute, you look so lovely


  9. i love the jumper and skirt! great outfit xo

  10. I'd love you to do YouTube vids! Your posts have so much personality and I think a video would be soo good!

  11. This is so cute! You should defo do youtube videos! Your blogposts make me laugh out loud most the time so your videos will be amazing! xx

  12. You look lovely! I love your jumper! You really should do YouTube videos! I would watch every single one of them! :)

    xx Laura

  13. You pretty thing you :) can I please have your jumper? thanks xx

  14. I feel the same way with youtube! I would love to do it but...I might be a little too "quirky" for it haha! I think you'd be amazing at it, you only live once and all that! Your style is such effortless glamour! Love this outfit!



  15. I'm the same about youtube - i kind of love videos more than blogs at the moment but would feel weird doing my own. also what the hell would i talk about? haha. where did you/do you live abroad? sorry if you've mentioned this before! also apologies for that poorly constructed sentence. and i choose to transport all my belongings in bin bags so no shame about the asda bags! haha.

    lovely outfit, i love that skirt. the pleats are awesome xxxx

  16. YESYESYES do youtube. I want to do it more but I get a bit uncomfortable.
    Annnd your hair has grown loads, TELLMEYOURSECRET


  17. Why do you always look so amazing?!
    I'd love to see you do videos, I bet they'd be so lovely and funny at the same time!
    Hope the packing's going well!
    Love Charlie xoxo.

  18. Pretty outfit, it looks real comfy!

  19. Awww I have this jumper too, I love it so much! You look so pretty!



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