Dress: H&M. Pumps: Primark. Bra showing: BHS

Look at me trying to be all cool and neon like Mr Motivator. Just need my sweat bands and a bum bag, and I'm good to go. Although I'm sure I'd fall at the first hurdle if someone made me run.
Bought this dress on one of those days. I think I have these days every day. You know the ones, where you buy things just because. 
I linked my bra in this post, because after many many years, I realised I've neglected my little breasticles. I mean I would always treat them on a weekly basis, bra's that is, not squirty cream, however it wasn't until a few weeks back (when I was having one of those days) where I splurged out £40 on two bras. I like underwear. A lot. But I've never spent my pennies on expensive ones.. (Don't feel sorry for Littlebum, I buy nice ones for nice days!) just because, I don't know why actually. 
ANYWAY when I put this one on.. MY LIFE WAS COMPLETE. I genuinely felt like a changed woman. I no longer have to worry about my straps constantly falling down, or the fact I need to pull up the cup because it's uncomfortable. And by golly, it doesn't even feel like I have it on. I know, my breasticles are a lot happier now too.
So ladies, don't let your breasticles suffer in silence... Because they ain't exactly going anywhere!
(Well only to meet your knees when your sixty years old!)

Dress: New Look. Belt: Matalan. Wedges: New Look. Bag: Matalan. Sunglasses: Primark.

It's funny when the sun comes out and we have our photo. We all of a sudden look like we're trying to be a celebrity, with our big sunglasses. Now don't get me wrong, I love playing celebrities, who doesn't? But no, I'm not trying to be one today.. I blame the sunglasses for this. Maybe it's time I invest in some a little smaller..?
I wore this to work this week, and the jokes were flying about my hair telling me that I'm in the wrong building, and the school playground is next door. Genius. But funnily enough, it's true. Something about my fringe back makes me look younger than I am. To be honest, even with my fringe I still only look 16.
And all this crap about "Enjoy it while you can".. No thanks, I'm fed up of a 16 year old getting alcohol without ID whilst I have to beg that my ID is me just for a lottery ticket! They won't be laughing when I win the big bucks...
And even though I hate all this, I guess there is one good thing to come out of it.. the fact I'm wearing children's shoes.
I guess I just have to look on the brightside. 

Tee: H&M (Cannot find the link?!) Dog print shorts: c/o OASAP. Pumps: Primark. Hair piece: Matalan.

Ahh shorts. The things I spend majorty of my life fighting with. Now for me, I like them either high waisted, or baggy around the thigh. The bagginess (so I tell myself) helps make my thighs look smaller. And the high waisters suck in the stomach. 
So when I saw these dog print shorts, I was kinda taking a risk. They were one size. I was really pushing it, thinking they'd fit over my rear. But alas, they did! And they aren't high waisted. Nor are they baggy. But they're also not tight!
And I actually really like them. To be quite honest, they may have even converted me!
I decided to not make them girly, like I always do. So kept it simple with a tee and some pumps. Quite a different look for myself, but I'm preparing for festivals. Because I even know myself, I'd look a tit with my wedges and summer dresses in a field.
And so yes, I am trying the cool approach. And if all else fails, I'll just be happy my thighs aren't spilling out!

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1: Driving back to St A with Littlebum in tow. 2: First cooked dinner. 3: It still fits, just!
4: IKEA meatballs.. YES! 5: Most adventurous hamster? 6: Chinese takeaway!
7: Alright Hank Moody? 8: Heaven is this. 9: Driving. Again.
10: Heading home in the sun. 11: Standard Starbucks. 12: Windy Wendy.
13: Pimms in the garden. 14: Hiding away in bed. 15: Catching some rays.
16: Feathers in hair? 17: This is a loner lunch. 18: Raisin friend.

Judging from these photos, all I do is drive, eat and take Schmidt to places no hamster has been before. And yes this is true. We've driven here, there and everywhere. Of course I've still managed a few cheeky drinks in between. And spent a lot of time eating salad,  meatballs, chinese, chicken and every coffee shop known to man.
I'm also not a crazy hamster lady and take him everywhere with me. That being IKEA! He just travels a lot with us back and fourth between the two places right now. It's OK though, he loves it. As long as he has a raisin he's happy!
Funny story last night. Littlebum woke up and shouted "WHY did you punch me?" And I was all like OH man. Basically had been dreaming that he put a spider on my chest so I went to punch him. Turns out I'd punched him in real life! I swear I'm nice really.
I also gatecrashed a BBQ last night, because I wanted fun in the sun... I think I need to tame my rebelious ways.

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Ooh something different going on round here? Why there isn't any half naked, braless greasy haired photos of myself. For once! No, instead it's a poor attempt at some photo editor, trying to create a picture of house things. House things that I have recently bought, instead of buying clothes. I try to say it's hard. But it's actually quite fun. I finally think I'm becoming a grown up...! 
So apologies for my terrible TERRIBLE editing.. I shall link you to everything I have bought, however the stuff I don't link, I probably can't find anymore..! And yes, it's not all practical stuff. And YES there is a lot of flowers in vases, jugs and tea cups.. 
BUT I LIKE FLOWERS. You can never have enough flowers right?

Three bathrooms equals a LOT of. cleaning. And I didn't think this through when I stood in Matalan today buying every nautical ornament just for fun. Littlebum would describe them pointless...! Dusting isn't my forte. But making a dull place nice is. 

Living Room: 
Keeping it quite simple in the living room, with a purple theme running throughout. We have a huge room divider, and finally I have gotten my way after 10 months. NO DARK BOOKS! Instead, lots of flowers, birds, photo frames and candles. Heaven.

Everywhere else:
Treating the third floor as a full guest room, we want nothing more than the best for them. Simple, warming and snippets of a holiday. And hey, if a sofabed and two beds isn't enough. for guests. There's always the deckchairs in the garden!

Dress: H&M. (cannot find it on the website.. Boo!) Belt: Matalan. Wedges: Primark.

This month I'm a green eyed Gwendaline. Not the jealous green, the colour green. Everytime I pick something up in a shop, Mama Mcfred screams "STEP AWAY FROM THE GREEN". But this one was an exception. I think it's because it requires no bra, and she's a fan of going braless (please note: Mama Mcfred does not get her breasticles out for fun!) and it's definitely my kinda dress...So she ever so kindly bought me it. What a gem. The both of them that is.
I've spent the last two days actually unpacking the house. After 6 weeks, we've finally gotten round to doing it. I say unpacking.. I merely mean, buying floral ornaments, bed spreads and cushions and placing them everywhere in the house. To be honest, my argument for buying all the not-important-right-now-things is that I'm helping Littlebum not have to build them. He can sit there surrounded by floral cushions instead. Much to his dismay..
And after laughing so much at him looking ever so wonderful in our rose, polka dot bed spread.. He got up and went off to his manly place. The kitchen. To cook dinner. Which works for me! This was my plan all along.. !

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Hello. Today is a special day. OK so today isn't a special day, but a few days ago (Friday to be specific) this perculiar blog turned ONE. Yes. I didn't realise, because I was possibly too busy stuffing my face with chocolate, after some Wispas staring at me all day. You kinda have to then don't you? Well that's what I thought.
Now I love Ever Ours as much as the next person. But I REALLY love it. If I could own every single dress from there I would. But I also spend many evenings drooling over the jewelry. Especially the perfect pumpkin carriage necklaces and the super ace moustache rings. However, sadly for me, call me weird, I don't seem to wear it. Unless it's a haribo ring. But that doesn't last long.
Ever Ours have a Be Your Own range, where all proceeds go to Children in Need. So not only are you helping out those children, BUT you also get to treat your necklace. I guarantee your neck will love you forever more!
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All you need to do to be in with a chance to be a lucky egg:

You need to be a follower of my blog via GFC.
Leave me a comment and don't forget your email address and twitter if you have one!
This is open to all lands floating on the sea and will end on Thursday 31st May
And that my friends, is it!

For an extra entry: Tweet: @kfedland is having a giveaway on her blog http://bit.ly/JmE08R
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Sadly the tray, heart bowls and flowers don't come with it! Boo to me! Good luck beautiful ladies!

Playsuit: c/o Glamorous. Leather Jacket: New Look Generation. Boots: Unknown.
Littlebum: Nike trainers: Office. Jumper: Primark. Jeans: Topman.

I'm going to be one of those annoying people in today's blog post. For two reasons. The first one is that I'm basically wafting in your face a mushy photo of me and Littlebum. URGH. VOM. GET A ROOM. Yeah I took note. And secondly, I am genuinely in love with this playsuit. Like quite literally. I haven't taken it off kinda love.
Glamorous sent me this. Because they're kind and stuff. And I was a little unsure of the sizing. I had a dress from them a while back, which turned out to be a great fit. But playsuits can be a hit or miss. Especially when you have no breasticles but a triple bum. And whilst waiting for it to arrive, I thought up many ways I could wear it, should it happen to be tight. A body double even crossed my mind. Well, it was more, how I could persuade Littlebum to pose for me in it?!
So when it did arrive, I was extremely surprised that it fitted me like a dream. Honestly. It may give me saggy tits (what doesn't these days?) but no word of a lie, my bum looks smaller than it's ever looked before. And my thighs, even dare I say it, look thin. My dreams have come true. Thanks to THIS playsuit. Glamorous. I think you are my new favourite shop.
Playsuits are no fun for toilets, nor festivals. But this will be attending with me to Y Not Festival for sure.
As for the portaloo situation? I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.!

1: Hair is finally growing. 2: The swear hat, my new BFF. 3: Schmidt says heyy!
4: Best hangover cure. 5: Messy lunchtimes. 6: Life right now.
7: Just chilling. 8: A delightful treat. 9: Hello new favourite playsuiit
10: Working class. 11: It's been a while, Costa. 12: I hate hairwash.
13: A gossip girl moment. 14: Playing taxis. 15: Littlebum the grumpy banker.
16: Cringeworthy karaoke. 17: Freeze is his best game. 18: The housewife bakes.

I look like I've done a lot this week. Totally haven't though... Except worked, all week. That was tough! I've gotten quite used to half weeks, but alas, one needs money! And hurry up payday too please!
We managed to get a few more things for the house, along with a few arguments, because I want to buy everything I see. Whereas Littlebum is Mr sensible grandad. YES Littlebum, I think those perculiar shaped mini vases WERE a necessity. Honest.
The best part of the weekend for me, was baking cupcakes again. I used to love baking, but hated the washing up situation. So I'd just like to say a huge thank you to the dishwasher for helping me get through that yesterday. And then I held afternoon tea at my place for my family, and little Laura bum. It was like a dream. 
So now I'm going to put up the punting, get out the table cloths and turn the living room into a tea shop.
I best do it before Littlebum get's home from work...!

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