Heaven is a place on earth with you


1: Cheeky lunchtime Mcdoodles. 2: Finally hung away! 3: Candle dinner.
4: I love receiving MMS of my two favourites! 5: I wear these too much. 6: Tug of war.
7: Standard footwear now. 8: Cuddles with Schmidt. 9: Littlebum's bright socks.
10: H&M POSE. 11: Mama's been let out! 12: Best salad ever.
13: Sambucca's please. 14: Camouflage. 15: Best place on earth.

I pretend I've had a busy week, but in all fairness most of these are my weekend photos. I also want to pretend I've had a super wild weekend too, but that would also be lying. I obviously just managed to get lots of photos...
Actually went and got very merry happy at the weekend for Juicy Lucie's birthday so lots of shot's were thrown into it. Thankfully I wasn't sick either. Round of applause maybe. Yesterday I was hairdresser and carer for Mama Mcfred. And let's be honest... All round chatterbox. Bet she was glad with the peace when I finally buggered off to my own home!
Today me and Littlebum are off to Northampton.. HELLO I HOPE I BUMP INTO SOPHIE AND ELOISE.. where we are going to spend a few pennies. Or he'll spend pennies, I'll just spend hours crying over what I can't afford right now.
So now I'll go fill up on hash browns and sausages. Delightful.


  1. Have fun in Northampton :)
    wah, I want hash browns now!
    www.emmerliejay.co.uk x

  2. lots of hamster lovelovelove this week. I approve. How are you getting on with PLL? xxx
    Glad mumma is on the mend xxxx

  3. Love your h&m dress :) And I hope Littlebum treats you to something today! Just give him the puppydog eyes, that's what I do with my boyfriend [doesn't always work, mind]. xx

  4. I love your kitty shoes! Avid reader as ever :D x x

  5. Love your pictures this week! Schmidt is looking as cute as ever! xx

  6. Lovely photo's! How cute is that candelit dinner!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  7. Such a cute selection of photos :)!

  8. I am loving the Lana Del Rey reference in the title! I'm still adamant that Schmidt should have his own blog for he is always the star of the show in these posts! I HOPE YOU BOUGHT THAT H&M DRESS, BY THE WAY - NAICCCEEE!

    ♥ Leigh

  9. I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HAVE BUMPED INTO YOU except I was lazy and stayed inside my house... xx

  10. Don't know if there's anything I've craved more than a Maccy D's right now, waaa! That salad looks incredible as well hahah (: have fun in Northampton lovely! xx

  11. Love that lacy dress! I want a maccies SO BAD now!


  12. Schmidt must be the most loved hamster everrr. PS I'm loling at the cat, quite a lot haa xx


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