Dress: Matalan. Kitty flats: Ebay. Belt: Matalan.

Please, don't be fooled by this sunshine. Sadly I am not just a lucky old sole who has the sun shining over me whilst everyone else gets soaked through. Nope, these photos were found today hidden away in a folder containing 46574930 photos of myself. .. You know that one right? And whilst the rain has caused us all sadness, what better time than to dig these out. HEAR THAT RAIN? We want you to disappear, the sun to reappear and our legs to be tanned. Thanks.
Oh and yes, that is a dead pigeon in the background of the last photo right there. Yep, bet you've never seen that before on a blog post right? I hold no responsibility if this becomes somewhat of a game on blogposts. Spot the pigeon.
I have only JUST gotten round to showing my kitty flats. Well that's such a lie, since I've had them for a month, I've genuinely worn them everyday. OK most days. Considering I wasn't a flat shoe kid, I am fully converted.
Plus when my head is hiding away from this rain, those little faces just make it all worthwhile.  If I could sleep in them, I would. 
Move over Littlebum... Looks like we got ourselves some company for the night.

1: Sunday breakfasts are the best. 2: Cloudy roadtrips. 3: Call me Van Gogh.
4: Bored of being bored. 5: Hard at work making posters. 6: This is strange, having a bath.
7: Lunch time treats. 8: Grape cuddles with Schmidt. 9: Just chilling as you do.
10: This cat loves this a bit too much. 11: Pigeon love. 12: Trouser love.
13: The best things in life. 14: THE BEST BUTCHER IN TOWN. 15: Funniest thing.

I would apologise for not posting any vain photos of myself this week, but you probably don't really care. And to be honest neither do I. I really would love to pretend I'm living this wild lifestyle where I am out every night till 4am and then heading to work.. But I am merely doing nothing. Nothing I tell you. Except thinking about my house, the hamster and what to buy Littlebum for our two year anniversary next week. A ticket outta here maybe..?
This weekend has been a delight, my beautiful little friend Laura came over yesterday to the McHounslow hotel, where wine was consumed, lunges were thrown and laughs were made. Oh and her dressing as a butcher for the walk home. Who cares about the rain when your friend is dressed in chef whites and heels. Actually priceless.
I shall be another Brit now and say I WISH THE RAIN WOULD STOP. I have new clothes that I really want to wear. 
I declare today slobby Sunday for you. That is all.

Dress: H&M. Tights: Charno Simply Bare Moisturising. Boots: Unknown.

Hello there. Did you think I was Gillian Zinser in this dress? Thought not. But however, wearing this ensemble, I like to think I am her... Just without her luscious locks and never ending legs.
I'd been eyeing this dress in the purple for months and would try it on numerous times on my lunch break. But I just never got it, something wasn't right. Then last week I NEEDED something (obviously as you do) for a night out, so went and got it in the white. And added it along with my other 7463 white dresses. Standard.
I'm also wearing tights. True story. Now I've never been one for nude tights, maybe it's because of their sheerness, which results in them laddering as soon as I get them out the pack, or the fact I'd rather just brave the bare leg than look strange pulling up my legs. So when I was sent these Charno ones, I was a little unsure.. Partly down to my butter fingers, but also because I ask myself "WHAT IS THE POINT IN THEM?!" Anyway, today I wore them. And no-one believed I had them on. 
In all fairness, they DID actually moisturise my legs and surprisingly didn't require epic amounts of hoisting up. They didn't itch once throughout the day, which, if you're anything like me and buy cheap tights, then you'll understand me.
Do I think you should go buy them? If it's black tights or no tights, then I doubt you'll be swayed. And if you're a genius who manages to not ladder tights, then I think these might just be worthwhile for you.
Tights aside. I'm off to cry that my laptop charger blew me up last night. Well nearly. Now I need a hobby for the week...

1: Cheeky lunchtime Mcdoodles. 2: Finally hung away! 3: Candle dinner.
4: I love receiving MMS of my two favourites! 5: I wear these too much. 6: Tug of war.
7: Standard footwear now. 8: Cuddles with Schmidt. 9: Littlebum's bright socks.
10: H&M POSE. 11: Mama's been let out! 12: Best salad ever.
13: Sambucca's please. 14: Camouflage. 15: Best place on earth.

I pretend I've had a busy week, but in all fairness most of these are my weekend photos. I also want to pretend I've had a super wild weekend too, but that would also be lying. I obviously just managed to get lots of photos...
Actually went and got very merry happy at the weekend for Juicy Lucie's birthday so lots of shot's were thrown into it. Thankfully I wasn't sick either. Round of applause maybe. Yesterday I was hairdresser and carer for Mama Mcfred. And let's be honest... All round chatterbox. Bet she was glad with the peace when I finally buggered off to my own home!
Today me and Littlebum are off to Northampton.. HELLO I HOPE I BUMP INTO SOPHIE AND ELOISE.. where we are going to spend a few pennies. Or he'll spend pennies, I'll just spend hours crying over what I can't afford right now.
So now I'll go fill up on hash browns and sausages. Delightful.

Top: Topshop. Skirt: Primark. Boots: New Look.

All I've done this week is sleep, watch trashy TV and been woken up to nice cups of tea courtesy of Mama Littlebum.
Oh and I've also learnt that I must always put the phone on hold at work. Especially if you're going to call them a snotty cow.
Well at least it gave everyone in the office, something to feel better about!
Hurry up Friday. Oh and payday if you'd swing by this week too please.

Dress: Primark. Jacket: New Look. Boots: Unbranded

I obviously thoroughly enjoy putting my hand up in the air like a soggy rich tea biscuit been dipped for too long, whilst longingly looking at the non existant birds. Or ladybirds. You choose. Basically, call me a terribly awkward poser.
This dress is old, old like me. Well so it feels, it's been an item that has been a dear friend in my wardrobe for quite some time now. It has been around a bit. Then it got pushed aside for my new clothing friends. But then today I decided I would be kind, and hang out with it. Along with my kids leather jacket (I don't have a kid. It  IS a kids)
I had an interview today, I won't get my hopes up because I'll end up crying if I don't get it. BUT it went well so I think. Can talking so much go well?! So if you could keep your fingers and toes crossed and braid your hair too, for me, that would be absolutely splendid.
Now I'm back in the small smoke, where I can take a break from being an awkward poser and catch up on all the rubbish tv shows, and the sleep that I deserve after being the best nurse possible to my falling apart parents.
Much love to the parents. And my two smelly boys back in the shire. BE GOOD. OR ELSE.


1: Who needs a washing machine when you have Schmidt? 2: Peanut butter YUM. 3: My favourite place.
4: Hello Kitty shoooes! 5: Latest purchase. 6: Doughballs are the best.
7: Schmidty bum. 8: I am part of a stationary set. 9: Someone won't let me leave.
10: Tidy kitchen. For once. 11: "Don't take a photo of my cheap converse" 12: Doormat.
13: My ride for 6 weeks. 14: Hamster in the muesli? 15: Cuddles.

A whirlwind week. I feel like I've been on holiday in a tumble dryer. Truth. Considering we only moved in the other weekend, we still haven't got everything done! Doesn't help that I'm back in the city during the week and this weekend was spent between hospital visits, food shopping and driving a car too big for me.
But who am I to complain, I get to spend my mornings snuggled up in my new favourite bed ever with my favourite teeny tiny furry friend Schmidt. And funnily enough he does sit still. More still than I ever could.
Littlebum is trying to train him. It's hilarious. I don't even think you can train a hamster...?!

Top: Primark. Shorts: Primark. Blazer: Nikka. Socks: New Look.

I bet you're thinking "URGH why IS she wearing white tights with those shorts?" but actually they're just my pasty legs. Which is funny, because I'm normally asked if I have any Spanish/Greek in me. But obviously my legs lost their colour. 
SO YEAH I'm not in tights. But I am in knee length socks. And I'm not so sure about it.
Being the school kid replica that I am, I'm also wearing the same top as my last post. Just a different colour. Don't you ever do that? Buy something, wear it a lot. Then go and buy it in another colour. Well that's what I do anyway.
Today I was a driving instructor. It was pretty fun, although I was secretly holding onto the door! Littlebum has been put onto my car insurance whilst I have Mama Mcfred's for a few months. It was also very strange, I've never been a passenger in my own car. Now here's hoping I get driven around everywhere.
I reckon before long he'll turn his phone off every time he knows I'm going out for cocktails.

Top: Primark. Pencil Skirt: Charity shop (via Marks and Spencers) Heels: New Look.

I feel like I should either be hanging out with Victoria Beckham, or sitting at a desk on The Apprentice, in this ensemble. I say that, I've never watched The Apprentice (stop shaking your head at me) and Vikki may not really be that much fun to be about.
This is my first ever pencil skirt. Shocker I hear. Well yes, it saddened me too that I've spent many moons without one. But I'm that girl, with the small waist and big bootay. So pencil skirts really are hard to find that DO fit a dream. Believe me, I've spent many intimate hours in changing rooms, trying to squeeze my bum into a tight one, or hair gripping the waist on another.
And then came along this one. This £3.50 one I must add. Just in my local charity shop. Sitting there, waiting for me to home it. And I did. Because it fitted like a dream. A really soft dream.
I say it fits like a dream. It managed to get over my rear. Which in my eyes made it a winner all round. I also love how perfect it sits on my waist. Not too big, but still enough room to consume huge amounts of cheese.
I think I'll stay clear of the tubes when wearing it though. Because if anyone sees me from the back, they'll take one glance and think they've struck lucky with a seat.

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