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Hi I'm Yasmin,and I blog at OverlySelected
First of all I am honoured to be guesting on Katy's blog, she is an absolute BABE. (Yes Katy you have to keep this in the post!!) I got to meet her at LDN Lunch on Saturday and we had a quick chin wag :) was lovely to put real life person to a blogger who's posts I read religiously aha.
Haven't done a guest post before and I wasn't really sure what to do but I was playing around with my nails this weekend so I thought I'd share them. Ombré nails are everywhere at the moment and mine aren't brilliant but hey, for a first time- to do these I just painted my nail one colour and then the other half of my nail a darker shade and got a sponge and dabbed the two colours around the middle to blend them. 
I stole the rose nail idea from Kristy's Cath Kidston nails so if you want to know how to do them just check out her post, they're so easy to do and so cute. Apologies to those who follow my blog too as you may see these nails reappear and if you don't then feel free to pop over and have a browse :) 
Thanks for having me guys, I know I'm no Katy but I tried ;)


  1. Cute nails...axx

  2. a.woman.like.me7 March 2012 at 12:02

    I love this! looks amazing :)

  3. oh haiiii Yasmin! Love the ombre nails, I seriously need to grow my nails so that I can start trying out some of these xx

  4. iyerrrr beaut!!! I love the rose ones!! sadly its a design I never seem to of cracked <3


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