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OUTFIT // Dress - Vintage Slip / Jacket - Topshop / Belt - UO / Bra - AA
NECKLACES // Fashionology + Dixi 

So hello and welcome to my little takeover of Katy's wonderful blog Caught Up In Cake. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. My name is Vicky and my blog is #GOLLYGOSH, In short I am a recent graduate trying to get my big break into the world of Marketing. I drink far to much tea, addicted to jewellery, I have my nose pierced and I am currently in pursuit of the perfect lilac tips.  

Above you will see my second attempt, ie my worst attempt (any tips please leave below or over at my blog). You know when you wear something and the night goes badly wrong and then all that you think about is that night, this is that dress for me. I wore it in a hopeless attempt to impress someone, obviously didn't work and now its ruined. Which is stupid, as I went into eBay war mode to get it as I loved it that much. I love the whole slip as a dress thing but sometimes I find it hard to pull off, especially where I live - odd look overload. This dress makes it easy because although the lace section is rather large the polka dots just make it feel more like a actual dress.   

I would describe my style as part punk, part flowerchild, quarter girl and a third boy, then add a bit of goth indie rock. Basically I don't really fit a box. One day I will dress pretty, next like a tramp BUT I am never without my eye flicks. These days I get most of my inspiration from other blogs but I would never say no to a Fearne Cotton, Mary-Kate Oslen, Lykke Li or Gillian Zinser binge.

It's been an absolute pleasure, so thank you to Katy for allowing me to do this, if you have liked this little insight into my world feel free to join the madness over at hashtaggollygosh


  1. Vicky you need to come to Brighton, most of the vintage shops in the Laines have a rack of various designs/colours! I used to wear slips with mens shirts over them, to man it up a bit, but not for a good few years now, maybe time to resurrect this! I'm glad you don't fit in a box, nobody should fit perfectly into the same box as anyone else, or life would be boooorrrring!!

  2. You're so pretty! Love the dress :) xo

  3. I love your jacket and your necklaces! And I am the exact sime with you not fitting in a box with my style, sometimes I'm happy with that but other times I get quite mad at myself. Will definitely check your blog out, too.

  4. lovelovelove the vintage slip! :) x

  5. well I for one think you look just lovely - loving the lilac tips - I've recentley entered the world of ombre and I'm finding it quite addictive! I want my ends to be lighter!! hehe!

    I''ll definitley be checking out your world of madness :)




  6. Yay can't wait to sort mine out for you! :) Love this outfit of Vicky's. You're both baaaabes! <3

    sweet monday

  7. musicandmollie6 March 2012 at 15:51

    I love Gillian Zinser, she has just the perfect laidback yet cooler than i could ever be style. Your hair looks lovely by the way :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  8. got so confused then! clicked on this post automatically assuming it was Vicky's blog! had to click back and do a double take! haha great idea doing guest posts Katy! You know where I am if you ever need another ;)
    Vicky's gorgeous, love love her lilac tips!

    Marie x

  9. YES please HA <3

  10. Whatsimonsaidemail8 March 2012 at 16:36

    Hi Vicky, nice to see you over here and read your post. I'm on the lookout for a cute, vintage biker jacket right now, my old one has died :-( They just look so great with everything!
    Good luck with the ultimate lilac tips pursuit!




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