Top: H&M Kids. Trousers: Zara. Brogues: Dorothy Perkins. Bag: Matalan.

I tell you what, this week I've been all sorts. First Rebelious Ruby, then Clashy Clarissa, NOW I'm being Daredevil Deirdre! Well, basically not so daredevilish BUT I am wearing trousers. Like I mentioned before. And here is the proof. 
AND not only did I wear these trousers outside my house, I also wore it with my big fear, the stripey tee. When littlebum and I went on our walk I explained to him that as of yet I still liked this tee, and only one small terrible photo could change this so quickly. Thankfully he took some alright one's so this tee is still a friend! 
Plus I think me and the trousers could become friends. Besides the penis shape I get around my crotch and the fact my ass could rip them any second, I actually like them. I do. I did feel ultra casual, but it was different.  Nice different.
Maybe they'll teach my thighs a thing or two, and sort out some separation time for them. That'll be nice. And if they succeed, I may just add to my list and become Adventurous Adele, and buy some pink trousers. As you do of course.


Pachuca sunrise


Dress: River Island. Skirt: Rokit. Wedges: Primark.

Today I am Clashy Clarissa. And a Skank Susan as always. Since I bought this dress, I've genuinely worn it non stop. It's not even a lie. I wore it all weekend and then again today. Only after coming home from work did I get changed for a few hours where I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore TROUSERS. OH YES.  TROUSERS. 
I treated myself to this skirt. Actually I take that back, I always treat myself. Technically I didn't treat myself because I originally wanted two skirts, and spent a good 15 minutes making my friend want to kill herself because I am so indecisive. Obviously I am not that cool, so have to stand there making important decisions in life on which item to buy. It's always a tricky choice. Sigh.
I want to be rich and never have to decide in life again. Ever.

Lace top: Primark. Vest: H&M Skirt: Topshop. 

Basically been a rebel today and had a hangover at work. Well littlebum is calling me a liar, and saying that I am not hungover. I had two drinks last night, so I shouldn't be hungover. But it wouldn't surprise me. 
I'm a lightweight. Let's all throw rocks at me. 
So I spent the day wondering why the computer screen at work was so bright, and seriously WHY IS EVERYBODY ON THE PHONE SHOUTING? And because I realised I was feeling a little poopydraws, I obviously thought it was totally bog standard to get my legs out today. As you do. As I did. I'm sure I didn't appreciate it first thing this morning. But alas, the legs are out, the sun is here.. let's all have BBQ's and get naked.
Well, let's start tomorrow. I want to go to bed right now.

1: Schmidt likes playing hairdressers. 2: Job hunting is tiring. 3: A chilled evening.
4: The mirror I have to deal with. 5: Still haven't quite unpacked. 6: Snuggles with Schmidtybum.
7: Date night. 8: FIT starters at Chiquitos. 9: Polished the LOT.
10: Obviously know where he gets his hunger from.. 11: Doctor Littlebum. 12: Lacee

 Funny how another week has gone by, and I still haven't unpacked. Actually that's really not funny. It's quite annoying every morning when I'm faffing and declaring I just cannot see (insert clothing here) ANYWHERE.
I've spent the week eating, a lot, playing with my BFF Schmidtybum, which I must add has been a right barrel of laughs, and attempting to find one good reason why this mirror should even be classed as a mirror.
Now I have to decide whether I want to finish off 90210 (yes I am currently 3 episodes away from catching up!) or get my legs out and snooze in the sunshine. Because let me tell you, being in this house alone with just a snake isn't that fun. 
I hope he's had his breakfast. Or I may be just that.

Dress: River Island. Belt: Matalan.

Today I went to London in my new dress, to see my posh friends. They're not really that posh. Just a little. 
It was ever so lovely, we ate some delicious food, soaked up the sun and quenched our thirst in Diet Coke.
Then we sat in Covent Garden basically dying.. My friends had hangovers, I was just a wimp. I soon felt better when we spent our pennies (the hat IS essential HICKS!) in Rokit. Hi new skirt!
To end a perfect day, I got sat on by a fatty on the train. I thought she was going to eat me. Thankfully she didn't.

1: Lunch! 2: Ice creeeam. 3: Hicks love. 4: HEY Schmidt.

Blouse: Topshop. Leggings: Primark. Shoes: New Look.

Really being a right rebel this week. Firstly the stripey tee virginity got broken, and now leggings are being worn outside of housing walls. Actually this is a lie... On very rare occasions I wear leggings. And today was one of them. Not sure why. I'm going with the reason I had clean black pants so thought it best to abuse this privilege.
You may laugh when you realise why I tend to stay clear of leggings, and would rather flash my bum in a short dress with tights, but basically I don't have those "IHATEYOUOTHERTHIGH" thighs. Nope, my thighs are the best of friends. so close that in fact they're never apart (well for some reasons maybe!). And for me, leggings just don't help this situation. At least with tights (man alive let's not debate about the falling downs/pulling up) they pull you in. Suck you in so much that you can see a small clearing in between your thigh BFF's. And that is why I put aside the hatred of tights, for this one small chance, that one day I WILL see.
Oh but leggings are good when you've been to chiquitos the night before and ordered starters, mains and 2 sides all to yourself, then heading out for a big Italian meal with pudding the next night.
Guess it's 1 - 1 on the leggings and tights debate.

Top: H&M Kids. Skirt: TK Maxx. Boots: Unknown (I've just noticed, they look GRIM)

You will probably never believe me when I say that I've never owned a stripey tee until today, but whatevs it's true. I bought it on my lunch today because I wasn't hungry due to this stooopid cough that just won't do one, so yeah as you do... You buy clothes instead. Normally I would do both. Shop then eat.
When I (sorry Mama Mcfred) bought me this skirt at the weekend, I had in mind stripes.. But I was held back. I have a fear of stripes (along with denim, and buttons). Not literally a fear of them, more so that every time I try one on I look double the size.
So when I saw this one by the front door of H&M I had to try it on. Try it on like I did the 483 times before. And right there and then for once, I decided enough was enough. I had to man up. Eat less. And buy it. I'm such a daredevil.
To be honest, I'm not quite sure if it was the £5 price tag or the fact it was an age 12 that made me feel happy inside.
Either way, mission accomplished. I wore it. But when I saw the mini eggs tonight, it 'accidentally' got lost.

1: Chilling in the sunshine. 2: Care Bear. 3: Breakfast with the boys.
4: The love shack apparo. 5: Schmidt is obeseing. 6: BFF's.
7: The brothers drawing of moi. 8: Schmidt is a hungry bum. 9: Goodbye flat.
10: Weird animals in the family. 11: I like nerds. 12: Big fat gypsy wedding yeah.
13: Run fatboy run. 14: Illness, healthy and badness. 15: HIYA.

Hi I like animals a lot. So much that I take a lot of photos with them because they're weird. Kinda like me.
The cat in particular has proper picked on me this weekend. Firstly as I was packing up my many belongings in the car, he decides to jump onto the boot whilst it was opening, resulting in me with one headache. THANKS. AND THEN this morning, he only went and threw up in my bedroom so I had the pleasure of walking into it unknown. GRIM. 
Thank the lord we only have a fat hamster who wees a lot to clean up. I don't mind that, because one day he'll be in the Olympics.  

Knit: Topshop. Skirt: Topshop. Boots: Unknown.

Oh HAI skirt for the 675849th time on this blog. Yes I like this skirt. Yes it makes my bum look big. And YES it's short... But I'm still going to forever wear it more. I love how versatile it is. One day I can throw on a knit and be ready, or I can spend numerous minutes (not hours I'll have you know) by making myself a little more ladylike. It's a winner all round.
These snaps were taken at my favourite place back home. It's really nowhere special, but I'm always fascinated by it. The roof caved in last month. We won't tell anyone that I climbed the walls to the windows.. Or they'll suspect something!
As you read this, I'll be showing the M1 my fantastic over the top singing voice. I'm basically driving home AGAIN this weekend. Mother's day and all that.. Or because I needed washing/money/clothes. Jokes. I'm a good daughter. And I'm also going to get a little merry happy with some fit people I know.
Have a lovely weekend and as Hiven says LOVE TO YOUR MOTHERS


If you're still here... Reward yourself a cookie after that!
These were just some of my favourites from Mama Mcfreds party! 

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