Dress: Ever Ours. Shoes: Peacocks. Head Scarf: Matalan.

Today I didn't feel like being in colour. It doesn't mean it has been a bad day. It has just been one of those days when things have just swifted past your very eyes, and you've stared right through it. That was my day. I blame the sleepyness.
I'm assuming that I'm trying to be a hippy today.. I'm quite possibly the least hippy kid ever in the world. But alas, I will tie a headscarf around my hair and sit on a box in my bathroom. With some plum heels on. As you do right?
Now I shall finish my day, listening to Angus and Julia Stone, whilst drinking an extremely large mug of tea and attempting a cuddle with little Schmidt. I missed him last night. I fell asleep at 6pm.
I think it's time I drive past the care home, and admit myself in.

1: Screw you Mcdonalds - Lunchtime dates. 2: Excitement for pancakes. 3: The love of my life.
4: Littlebum the baker. 5: The best dinner of my life. 6: Cosy evenings with the fan heater.
7: Morning walks to work. 8: Weekly update of Bear. 9: I am now a stamp collecter.
10: Not your average teacake. 11: Playsuit posse at Lets Dance. 12: Hey there on TV.
13: This cup sadly makes me happy. 14: Sunday walks in the sunshine. 15: Blogblogblogging.

So as many of you requested a week in photos because you're all right little nosey whores (I am too!) I gave in to peer pressure and did it. I assumed you all  wanted to see just how cool my life is right? Well basically, here's the proof that I'm really not! I'm THAT uncool that firstly I get excited by plastic cups and I own a crapberry, so this post is quite some dedication.. I uploaded my snaps to littlebum's cooler phone for them to be spruced up a tad. Dedication or what? And talking of dedication, here's a secret (or not so much!)... I take all my photos at lunch, and 9 times out of 10 I actually have food in my mouth.
And you thought I was cool huh? 


I'm a Little Me


Knit: H&M. Shorts: Topshop. Collar: Little Me

Woah there, in the same shorts again. Skankzilla I think. Or not, cause actually I'm currently wearing my really slutty playsuit today. I thought if I'm going to be on TV I've got to at least show some bum cheekage right? So look out for me tonight!
Let's step aside from the shorts that I always wear, to this incredible piece of material we call the collar. I am a collar whore. Honestly. Any opportunity of clothing that can accept a collar WILL wear a collar. Styled over my dresses, peeking through my knits, or even just in their full glory... I love them! 
And my new addition to my collar clan, is this beauty.. The lucy collar. Personally, I feel more like Cruella Deville than a Lucy, but who am I too complain! I just love it. Of course, when it arrived on my doorstep, being the child that I am, I harassed the packaging an extreme amount and within seconds I popped it straight onto my trusty (not crusty) knit and headed back to work with it!
Little Me is owned by the little petite perfection that is Sophie. There is an array of choices on the website, ranging from the cute simple round edged ones to the sharper, pointed sort. Sophie makes these collars with her own bare hands (the best part OBVIOUSLY) in her spare time and is a right babe too. You should be sure to check out her weeebsite, and if you're from Northamptonshire.. Then why not pop round to her's for a cup of tea (that alright Sophie?!) Big up to the Northants kids!
And on that note, I'm off to take my Northants ass and continue being a collar whore, to the studios.

Blouse: Ribbon. Shorts: Topshop. Bag: Matalan. Boots: Truffle.

Today I wore this, but I wished I was in my bikini instead. Actually that's a lie, I didn't WANT to be in my bikini, I just thought it appropriate with this weather. Or not. It wasn't THAT hot... 
This is one of my favourite blouses. I say this, even though I haven't worn it for months because it needed washing. I sound such a skanky scrotum, but I hate washing whites. Now that I have 75745 items that are white I thought it time it got some special treatment. Opted to wear it with my penis shaped shorts,giving you the Victorian transexual look... Life is good.
Super excited for the weekend, I'm off to the filming of Lets Dance for Sport Relief Saturday evening with two friends and I found out that Ed Sheeran is performing. I may be a dribbler and that, but he's not really someone I'd dribble over, although I may allow myself to be slightly tongue wagging! Then on Sunday I'm giving Mama Mcfred and my grandparents food poisoning (unintentional I must add) as I'm cooking for them, followed by a walk around the lake. My favourite.
Time for food. Again. I haven't stopped eating today. Never mind moving out the flat, it may well be eaten shortly..

Dress: Tenki. Flats: Le Bunny Bleu. Beret: New Look.

Hi my name is Katy and I look like a 6 year old girl. I also need to learn how to trim my plants (the ones in the garden...!)
Oh the bunnies adventure wasn't quite as fun as I had planned for them.  Sadly, they are pretty big on me, and every step I took, I left a bunny behind. It was quite a mission to say the least, taking one step forward and one step back. You can only imagine how traumatic it was... I only wanted to get some food!
This week has been a little tough. It seems my plate is seriously full, and it's keeping me awake at night, which isn't great for the next day at work! Hopefully now that we have our leaving date for the flat, that's one thing off my mind... Kinda. SERIOUSLY don't want to pack. Maybe I'll just chuck everything away, and then buy all new things..?
I guess I make any excuse to buy something new. Hurry up payday please.

Knit: H&M. Dress: Republic. Wedges: Primark.

It appears that I could do with learning how to use an iron I think. My sincerest apologies to those affected by the crumpled jumper of mine. But basically.. I couldn't give two hoots... I blame the iron that's packed away (errr or not.)
Wearing my not so Sunday best today. My dress is ridiculously short, that I don't even need to bend over, and the world will still see my ass. Also popped on those super high wedges for no apparent reason, because I can and think it's acceptable. Then topped it all off with the casual knit. Call me a big fat mess. 
I've spent majority of my day watching 90210. Again. It had a week off so I could do real life things, but now it's wormed its way back and I'm finally up to season 3! Best season ever. Then I am waiting for littlebum to come rescue me from my laptop screen, and snap back into reality for dinner with his parents. Free dinner and warmth is definitely becoming my Sunday favourite. And his parent's company of course (not so much the snake though!)
A quick question for you chuckleberries (whaaaaat?!) do you personally get bored of just seeing me in outfit posts? I mean I don't really know what else to do? I don't do makeup, so taking shots of my left arm is out the equation, and I really should not make wishlists, because I am trying super hard to sort my life out and not become a clothes whore (which I already am. A ridiculous amount.) So please, tell me what you would like to see? And if I get all the naked votes...? You wish.

Dress: Topshop

Basically dying today. Well a little bit. When little Laura rocked up last night, we raced to get our gladrags on and drown our sorrows in vodka. And we certainly did just that. For once in my life, I chose to wear the first thing that I tried on!
Now this dress is what I had wanted for many moons, telling myself it was heavenly for Mama's party. I debated wearing it, then telling myself to save it. But last night I thought I'd give it a test run, and see if I could still pull my chicken dance moves. THANKFULLY I could. SO this is still a contender for the party! I'm also going to buy this black dress and decide on the night which one I'm feeling. It's going to be tricky. I want black for elegant, simple and flattering, PLUS I can eat lots. BUT the white is so feminine and beautiful, yet requires starvation! Oh sigh. Life is hard.
And with life being hard, some friends came over and we all got wasted. We danced a lot, and ate some chips and cheese, and laughed way more than intended at Laura's fail of a shoe. Seriously, should have been there!

Spot the difference? No, me neither. 

We've spent today watching stupid Youtube videos (seriously the best ever!), eating a fry up for 6 and discussing the idea of possibly marrying each other. She also taught me some ballet. Living the high life really. 
Tomorrow I am going to begin packing up the millions of things we have acquired since being in our abode. Well, I say this but it really means i'll stare at the empty boxes, move them in to the relevent room, and then  hope it fills up all by itself.
I should really be an expert at packing after 4 years of moving around. Sigh. Pass me the chocolate instead.

PeeEss. Lots of sighs in today's post. I blame the hangover? Maybe? And I already miss the little wild cat that is Laura! Do us a favour, and follow the clueless social networker.. She's a babe.

Tee: Hero & Cape. Shorts: New Look. Socks: Matalan. Hat: H&M

Completely nearly died in these shorts tonight. They are so tight that I literally thought if they didn't burst, then I sure would. But neither happened. Thankfully, I think. Although I really could have done with them ripping, because then maybe it would make me throw them out. See I always do that. I keep things and still wear them, even though I know they're too big/too small or so bloody uncomfortable, in the hope that THIS time it'll be different. It never is.
So although I didn't die from burst vein syndrome, my camera is dying from old age. I REALLY should get a new one. After all it has been 7 years since I bought the wannabe SLR (If you don't count the polaroid, the fisheye and the super sampler) which is pretty good going I reckon. It still requires AA batteries. Not cool. But being your average person in life, this idea of owning a new one has to be put aside for now. I got bills to pay (you get me ELOWEEZ?)
Spending the weekend with the Buff (BF if you're not down with the lingo. I'm not normally) which has been planned for a messy night out, followed by a nice Saturday stroll. This will really mean, cups of tea, snacks and a lazy day. But ALAS, we shall possibly be moving out sooner than we think. So I think our abode needs a good send off right?
So bring your cocktail shakers and peanuts and I'll happily let you climb over the owl doormat to party.

Dress: River Island. Skirt: Topshop. Shoes: Dorothy Perkins.

I give you permission to call me a prostitute in this post, after all my shoes sure do look on par with one. However ugly/amazing you think they are, they are bloody comfortable and funnily one of my favourite pairs!
Firstly I want to thank you all for your extremely kind words on my last post. I have been touched (sadly not literally) by all your ever so sweet comments, and I know we're not alone, and by reading, many of you feel the same way. It really helped writing this post too! I feel so much better. If I could I would give you all a sloppy kiss.
Wearing my new skirt again, after epically leaving it behind the day I purchased it! I love it, although looking at these photos.. It makes me look a bit chubster. I think it may be the thickness of the material, and possibly the shape which doesn't help. But looking on the chunk side is overlooked when it's such a babe. I teamed it with my River Island dress because I'm such a collar freak. I want collars on everything.  Currently can't wear this dress alone. I totally it ripped at work the other week when I sat down on my chair (Hilarious I must add) and basically i'm too lazy to sew it up right now.. Funny that, I THINK the skirt makes me look fat, and I ripped a dress.. Maybe I should take notice and stop getting caught in the cookie jar.
I'm spending the evening with littlebum, hunting for flats and cooking something with philadelphia and chicken in. On a chicken diet this week... Well so he says! That's pretty much the only meat I'll eat. And philadelphia on EVERYTHING! Then topped on with a romantic film, because I always win the film war, and an early night. Perfect. 
I go to sleep really early, so that LDNlunch comes round quicker. Just call me COOL.


I was going to post a photo of myself. One that you'd probably never see again (unless you had print screened and saved it) but then as I uploaded, I took it back down. I wasn't makeup less. Or naked (sadly). I merely had my hair up. It's kinda not a big deal to majority of you but it is a huge thing for me. One that has haunted me for many many years, and STILL I cannot seem to snap out of.

I am a girl. An average girl, who just like every other girl, has her insecurities. I hate the way my boobs hang (or don't hang), I hate that my thighs are practically best friends who can't get away from each other, I hate how my bum looks saggy, and I hate that I have dark hair all over my body... but I know none of this is going to change. I try to tell myself that it's OK that my boobs are weird because no boobs are perfect, that it's good to see my thighs are getting on so well, that my big sized rear seems to be what everyone wants right now (just ask Kim K) and that dark hair DOESN'T make you a man nor an ugly human being.
Every girl has issues, and we all try to deal with them. People assume that bloggers are confident because "Oh you take photo's of yourself, so you can't be shy about how you look". Really? Because I for one am not confident. I may appear it from a photo, but little do they know I've possibly taken 37 shots and chosen my favourite 4 because my legs look quite slim here, and look, I appear to have a waist in this one. And wow, nobody can see the scar on my nose or an unplucked eyebrow hair.

Bullying. Many of these insecurities came from bullying. For me, bullying bothers me. A lot. And even after a bully stops, you never get over it. Throughout school I was bullied for being dark skinned with plenty of dark hair. Everyday I had to listen to guys tell me I looked like a boy. An actual boy. I had to listen to BOYS tell ME I looked like a BOY. Just like one of them. And that, I couldn't accept. Eight years later, and I'm still questioning "Do I look like a boy in this?" I know I don't own a penis, nor have I ever owned one (that I'm aware of!) so why do I constantly assume that the minute I wear my hair up, someone's going to call me a guy and pat me on the back? Even if I am wearing the prettiest dress on the planet, I would still consider I look like a boy.
Like every girl, we have our good days and our bad days. Some days we are pleased that our hair is finally in place, and that actually our faces are glowing, and other days we hate that our love handles won't tuck under the skirt we want to wear or that we forgot to bleach our upper lip the night before. And whatever people tell us, that we're looking beautiful or super skinny, we still find it hard to accept and digest this. With the pressure from the media to look a certain way that most of us know we'll never look like, really doesn't help us girls feel any better about ourselves. And for us bloggers, we dread the day we receive the anonymous comment stating that we're too fat too be wearing that dress or how disgusting our face looks. Because in truth, we can't handle it. However much we tell ourselves it doesn't matter, it's just one comment, it actually does matter. And we take that away with us. Forever.

I cannot change the world. I cannot stop the bullying. And I certainly cannot stop people saying nasty things to us, but as an insecure woman myself,  I can try my hardest to make sure that every girl, whether they be tall, short, skinny, curvy, hairy or naked, understand that it's OK to have these insecurities and that it's not going to be easy. We will continue to have our bad days, where the bullies will have won, and we will also have our good days where we know nobody can stop us. So ladies, next time you're having a bad day, think of the good days that you have and tell yourself that no matter what anybody says.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Jumper: Topshop. Dress: ASOS. Boots: Truffle.

I was really unsure of posting today but because I had already snapped these photos I thought I may aswell use them. I wore this to London yesterday where I met some absolutely beautiful bloggers, and thoroughly enjoyed their company (once I finally realised who they all were after staring blankly, and had overcome my shyness!)
I also managed to get a cheeky drink in with my babe Hicks, who never fails to amuse me. Plus watching her unwrap a dirty present in the pub was quite amusing to say the least! Red faced or what! (HAI dickhead if you're reading!)
Tonight is spent with littlebum having a romantic dinner, followed by Californication. I don't really celebrate Valentines day (I'm not an ice queen - I just don't get the hype!) but as he is working on Tuesday we thought we'd at least have a soppy evening together.. I bet we fall asleep within an hour.

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