Dress: Pussycat @ New Look. Bag: Matalan. Boots: Truffle. Hat: H&M Kids.

I always told myself I wasn't going to join the Allegra crew, thinking that by not being cool would make me cool. But when I eyed up the velvet beauts in Topshop, I began to think again. So why did I not purchase them I hear you wonder? I am not a poor student, yet I just couldn't afford the price tag that came with it, especially with the question "I'm just not sure how much I'd wear them".
But then, on a wonderful shopping trip in Leicester avec Mama Mcfred yesterday, I found these, just tucked away, in one of those little shops you'd normally dismiss! I tried them on, I just wanted to be cool. And I HAD to have them. Why so different you ask again? The extremely fantastic price tag of £15! And If I don't wear them all day everyday then SO be it! But for now.. I LOVE THEM!
Plus the bonus of buying these, means today I have had a right old food day! A lovely lunch with my GORGEOUS friends Jessicat and Juicy Lucie in the best farm shop going! Followed by a sexual dinner date with my other beautiful friend Carly
I love food too much. And my beautiful friends... This week is definitely becoming a favourite.

Coat: New Look. Shorts: Topshop. Boots: New Look.

Today has been quite an adventure to say the least. After much debate, I decided to head on a country walk with Mama Mcfred. She stocked me up with her joggers, trainers and hoodies in prepartion. And what did I do? Pop on my shorts, a blouse and agree to wear her muddy boots! We walked to the village next to our town, which was actually lovely, and I didn't die. So that's always a bonus.
We stopped off at the pub for a cup of tea, before heading back where we befriended the Llamas.. I think as it's my job as their friend, I should have really advised they seek dental care. But I just let that one slide, I didn't want to seem a bitch. 

Once home, I raced to put my slippers on, now I'm curled up on the sofa with the folks, about to NOT eat a roast dinner (hooray!) then head next door for a slice of cake, a gossip and a beverage.
Since being home, it's already been crazy. Yesterday I went to a naming day for my neighbours baby, and I've never felt such the odd one out as I did then. Everybody, and I mean everybody had a baby. And what about me? I had ripped tights, boots on and shiny hair! And I happily tucked into the buffet, because I had no-one else to please but myself.
My diary for this week at home, is based all around food. Everyday I'm heading for lunch or dinner with a friend. And if I'm not out eating, I'll be shopping with Mama Mcfred! And fending off Bear from Schmidt!
Bear is scared of Schmidt. And tonight, Schmidt escaped out of his ball. I'm not sure who was more shocked, my parents or the cat!
On that note.. Where IS the cat?

Top: New Look. Skirt: H&M. Socks: Matalan

For once, I've not actually felt in the mood to blog. With flat hunting, and this colder weather that has appeared, I can possibly compete in the best hibernated hedgehog contest right now. And at the last minute yesterday, I got told I was heading to London today to Kings College. Must admit, it's been an awesome day, although seriously.. WHY U ALL SO SNOBBY THERE? I had a lovely day, extremely busy, and was nice to put names to faces of our students, however I really did NOT appreciate the extra early morning! 
 I cannot believe how quick this week has gone too! Tomorow I have to pack ready for my week of mayhem at my parent's house. Super excited about this! But I'm sure I'll secretly miss being away from littlebum for a week! At least we'll be saving on electricity!
And I'll be back to blogging more next week.. I'll let you decide if that's a good or bad thing.

Dress: H&M (selling here) Boots: Unknown.

Today I put a braid in my hair. I feel like I'm 6 again. I really want some beads now to make it look cooler.
I've spent this weekend in bed watching 90210, refreshing rightmove, and eating whatever I could find in the apartment. I'm now finishing the weekend by heading to littlebum's parents house for dinner, which will be lovely. They have a nice warm house.
So I best get ready. I'm already looking forward to putting my pyjamas back on.

Dress: Primark. Leather Jacket: New Look. Boots: Primark.

Today we found out we have to leave our apartment by April. It came as such a shock. So shocking that I burst into tears and cried to my parents (seriously, how old am I?!) So now the hunt is on, to find another place that ticks all our boxes, which is going to be such a struggle, considering littlebum and I normally work opposite hours. I guess we should see this in a great light, a new place to make home, and get a kitty. Although I'll be ever so sad to say goodbye to what we've made our home these last 7 months. 
So with all the crap we've accumulated, and my 6754938 clothes, I guess I should start packing.. Urm now?
At least I have an excuse for another house warming party!

Jumper: Primark (selling here) Shorts: Topshop. Collar Top: New Look (selling here) Hat: Primark.

Oh HAI again shorts. Yeah, as you can probably guess, I pretty much live in them. I love them. Maybe it's also the fact they're a little too big round my tum, which means I never feel bad eating in them! As soon as they get too tight, I'll just put on something a little roomier.. and continue eating again. That's what always happens!
 Decided upon photographing this jumper that, actually, I did quite like it again now. It looked so cute with these shorts and the collar.( Although I'm not really a long sleeve person, I feel crammed... I like freedom!) But NO - it had been left abandoned in my wardrobe for too long.. It was down to the wonders of Ebay
This has been a pretty boring week, littlebum and I have turned into domestic housewives and husbands, and cooked every night, cleaned most nights (well twice) and actually spent 'quality time' together! In our slippers. And pyjamas. CLASSIC.
I think it doesn't help that this has been the loooongest month of no pay, as I last got paid in the middle of December (winner at the time. Shit now) so I'm basically counting down the HOURS that money rolls into my bank account. And as my work colleague said "We know where you'll be for lunch on Tuesday... Topshop" True story.
Today I have to do a preee-sentation at work. I hate talking in front of people, I tend to go all shy, or even worse.. act like I have a swollen throat and the words refuse to come out. I'm actually shitting myself. Literally. Well not literally, I hope. I'm wearing my Ever Ours dress.. And I really don't fancy poop on it.
How would I explain THAT one at work?

Dress: New Look (Selling here) Shoes: New Look.

I think I had my Friday 13th come late. Today was one of those days. I got up this morning, looked at my hair and thought it was half decent, so hopped back into bed for an extra half hour - bad mistake. I ended up looking like shit all day, managing to fall off the pavement in a rush, and race through the doors at 9am on the DOT. It didn't even get any better. Four times on my way back for lunch, I lost my shoe... Once being on a pelican crossing. Embarrassing or what?! Then I spent the afternoon missing my ear when the telephone rang, resulting in a sore black eye!
What a day. But I'm such a trooper. And rewarding myself 6 rocky bars. 
I'm selling some clothes on Ebay (this was how I spent my lunch break today!!) and will be putting more up tomorrow, so treat yourself, send me the money, and everyone is a winner... It was either, selling clothes. Or my body. 

Dress: Topshop. Blouse: Matalan. Boots: Primark.

I'm really unsure of this outfit. I love the bold colour print clash situation, however.. It either works and I look like Blair Waldorf and can then claim I am really cool and a goddess. Or I am pulling off Rachel Berry which could possibly be a little uncool, and would therefore have to sing. What do you think?
And on that note, I'm off to work to stamp all my gold stars.

Top: New Look. Slippers: Matalan

OH HAI half naked, hungover, weird leg pose Sunday. YEP, this is how I plan to spend my day today.. Basically, wearing very little except the mandatory slippers, hiding under my duvet, and fending off a hangover with any bad food I can find. Till littlebum comes home, where I shall pretend I have walked to Japan and back (shit.he reads this..)

My weekend with Zoeey D's doppleganger. If only I looked like CeCe... Sigh
1 -5: Wintery walks around the lake. 5: Takeaway wine in a cup thanks. 6: The gods of all gods..

I've possibly had one of the BEST weekends ever with little laura bumbum (must stop calling everyone somethingbum) and literally haven't stopped laughing all weekend. I feel like I want to say everything that we talked about, but you'd find us freaks. We spent yesterday walking around the lake, freezing off our little B sized boobies (or as I describe - fried eggs, with cocktail sticks holding them up.. You must agree?) and drinking plenty of takeaway tea. We cooked lots of food, she ate all my chocolate, and we watched the whole season of New Girl. Again. Then we went out and danced our sexual wibbly bums off, where we epically knee jived and sweated it out with the old folk. Finishing off with chips and cheese - NOT cheesy chips.
And ended it today, by racing to Mcdonalds, braless and in our slippers, where we found ourselves indulging in the floppy burgers and salty chips, sitting in the car park. What animals you say? Yes, we are. And then she departed swiftly, taking some of my clothes with her. And in return? I got the sweet wrappers!
And a 100 thank you notes ranging from 'thanks for letting me use this teatime mug' to 'thanks for the duvet'.
Man, I love this small sized, pretty hair, fit faced girl.

Dress: Ever Ours. Belt: Primark. Boots: Unknown

Why hello pretty favourite new dress of mine... I can see this becoming a beautiful friendship, and I know you will never let me down. Together we will grow. And I shall try and wash you as much as possible, when I'm not wearing you or staring at your beautiful polka dot lace. Many thanks in advance.
And so this is my new dress, the one I mentioned about! It's from the beautiful Ever Ours shop, owned by the ever so lovely and beautiful herself, Kim. I couldn't believe how quick the dress came, after ordering it Monday night, it was sitting on my owl doormat Wednesday morning! I love the polka dot lace detail, it's possibly the most beautiful thing to look at, and the shape of this dress is amazing. I opted for a belt today just to pull it in a little bit more, however I'm sure I will wear it without. 
If you haven't checked out the shop, I really suggest you do head that way, you will be left £20 lighter (everything is under £20 - amazing!) and with a new bookmark to your computer. I possibly think this is my actually new favourite shop. Hurry up payday please, I have more dresses to romance.
And tonight, I get to romance my BFF for a whole week! HOORAY! It's been ages since I saw her, but she's heading up as I type (I should be cleaning.. Or making a pot of tea!) and I cannot wait to chill out with her, drink lots of tea, eat lots of food, go on winter walks, and discuss fat strapped bra's - Big fat no thanks.
Enjoy your weekend beautiful ladies.. Everything is so beautiful today!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: New Look.

I am alive. Pleased? Who cares! I managed to head back to work today, it was a little struggle.. But actually was kinda glad to be back (till I saw my HUGE pile of paperwork!) and what did I do? Email Mama Mcfred instead! I wore one of my new favourite work dresses, I LOVE IT, it's such a great length.. considering my short legs. And it's also very similar to the Topshop Skater dresses but covers more of your arms.. and £16 cheaper! Win win really.. Hence why I just HAD to get it! However, sadly I did swap my shoes for some pumps which I never though I'd wear again after the little Paris incident! 
So I came a cross a site the other month, RisingTaste and yesterday I found myself drawn back to it again. My wishlist is pretty long if I'm honest, but the prices are absolutely incredible. They are wholesalers in China, and stock some beautiful clothing (you just have to trawl through the hundreds of pages!) These are my favourites that are going to be purchased on payday:

I loved the simplicity of them. The pastel green caught my eye first, and such a cheap price! I could buy SIX of them! I also drooled over the black dress (a girl can never have too many LBD's), however plain it was, it was just gorgeous. The back has such a perfect cut. I struggle with backless dresses.. you know, BRA SITUATION! But this one tickd the right boxes! And the ever so lovely, princess dress, I thought the detailing on the top half was super cute! It also looks a little thick - great for this weather!
The only downside is the delivery - because it's coming from China, it's pretty pricey. However, If I order the cheapest delivery (20 - 40 days OUCH!) then all together, I could be paying roughly £29 for 3 dresses. 
I guess I can't really complain at that can I?

Blouse: River Island. Leggings: Primark. Shoes: New Look.

I found this photo in my folders, I'd never used the set of pictures because I didn't like how my face looked. Funny that, considering I wouldn't have changed it with makeup! Oh well. I like the leggings, yet haven't worn them for a while now! And this blouse I picked up a few months back.. I am starting to be a sucker for leopard print!
I finally got a doctors appointment today, and boy was I scared. I don't know what it is about the doctors, but it freaks me out. Littlebum kindly came with me at 9.30am and even carried my bag around because I was too tired. I was actually planning on going to work after, but from the 5 minute walk, I was absolutely shattered! Anyway, managed to get some blood tests.. which I'm waiting on hearing back from. I think it's more painful pulling off the sticky tape than it is actually having the blood test! 
So, a couple more days off has been advised. Thankfully I have Schmidt who is keeping me entertained (when we're both not sleeping!) Or eating apple for the first time :-)

And because I haven't spent anything this week.. I'm treating myself to a new dress! I spotted this a few months back, and now after much debate I think this is THE party dress for Mama Mcfred's birthday (I'm itching to wear the other one - thinking for TOWIB?!)
And I'm also about to purchase my TOWIB ticket, after a lot of pressure from the beautiful Annabel, Lucy and Michelle! I'm a little scared. And like I said to littlebum "I'm just shy. Well I'm not shy. But I am shy".. 
Yeah. Will I be seeing your face there?


Dear Littlebum,
Thank you for being such a good nurse. I think you're the best nurse I've ever had. Although I'm still a little sad that you wouldn't let me have a cup of tea this week, and forced paracetamol down me yesterday. But I'll get over that.
I am sorry that I have been a rubbish patient and slept for 64 hours in four days.. I guess I owe you a lot of washing up and hoovering really don't I? But think on the bright side, at least I wasn't spending my money on clothes!
For now anyway. Next week, I'll be making up for it. Don't worry, I'll buy you something nice.
Thank you again, you really are a littlebum star. The best star of all the littlebum's.
All my sleepy love,

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