Knit: Vintage. Shorts: TKMaxx. Boots: Vintage. Blouse: Topshop. Elasticband Bracelet: Handmade.

I'd like to declare that this is my audition for a new L'Oreal advert, but unfortunately it's just myself thinking I am cool...
I'm not even sure I like this get up, I know for a fact I don't really have much love for the shorts. But that's not there fault, it's my backside's fault.. So we tend to let that one slide. I just have to apologise for anyone walking behind me! I also decided that because there was a little bit of sun, and it wasn't as windy as normal, that it was totally acceptable to wear the short sleeved knit. BAD MOVE. I was cold.. But at least I got to sit indoors most of the day! 
I cannot believe it's 1st December tomorrow, which also means that it's my birthday next week. It's so mental,  and I'm off to Paris (have I mentioned that before?!) which will be ever so lovely, and will involve in me being nice to littlebum for a few days! I am excited of course, but I don't feel like it's my birthday. Nor do I feel Christmassy.. Please don't call me a scrooge, I love Christmas. But for four years now, I haven't celebrated it due to being abroad and working, so as much as I cannot wait to actually spend it with my family and do absolutely nothing (except eat of course! - NOT Christmas dinner!!) it just feels ever so weird. I feel like I should be away, getting on a bus to take me some place full of mountains and snow.
Do I miss it? Of course, it was always the chance to meet new people, ride the pow (snowboard for the uncool ones!) and go to work so hungover you spent your day puking whilst 'supervising' those needing your supervision (nice wording!). BUT thankfully, I do not feel the need to pack my belongings and jet off! My time came to an end.. And I joined the real world, of walking to work every morning in heels and falling over once every two days. 
This is how my life is going to be now isn't it?

PeeEss.. Please note, littlebum wasn't harmed in the making of this, nor is he ever. I am also not a cold hard horrible bitch lady, I am infact nice, but it means I actually have to be REALLY nice for once. He'll LOVE it.
Coat: Primark. Hat: H&M.

For once, I actually look (and felt) pretty warm in this photo! The coat is definitely a warm one, if a little difficult to wear. So what better way, than to take it away to the countryside. Basically. I am one of the most unpractical people ever! I tottered around the muddy tracks in heeled boots, with my berets and bowler hats, whilst everyone else had joggers and converse on. Not me. I just looked like a tit. At least it amused the farmers...
Nonetheless, this weekend was different. After an epic four hour drive, and half hour of this spent on a county lane thinner than my ass, in the pitch black (pretty scary!) we arrived in our cute little cabin! It was so lovely to chill out, get drunk, wake up when we wanted and potter around the oh so quaint villages! I actually filmed quite a bit of the weekend, so if I can work my non existant technical fingers, maybe I shall blog this (don't hold out hope!) But for now, here's a few snapshots..

Also, as you can tell littlebum didn't kill me! HOORAY! It was actually a really nice weekend away with him, and then tonight after we did the food shopping for the 5000 (we have my family and his up this weekend!) we decided we'd put up the Christmas tree! Our excuse is, that it's our first Christmas in our apartment, plus we won't get the chance to do this together unless it's 1am in the week! And after the way I lost my interest 5 minutes after the tree going up, it's a good job we did it now! And now, littlebum wants to snuggle down and watch Love Actually.. He's definitely the woman in the relationship! But who am I too complain!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


After my previous post, I'm possibly driving home right about now! Or sleeping/dying/eating. One of those. Hopefully the last one! Some funny questions I got asked this week.. Mainly from my Queen C, but they were just too rude for here.. Although I chose a weird one of her's!

Do you sing whilst having a bath?
I don't bath. I'm not dirty. I shower. But I hate baths. Especially our one, because it kind of slants to the side so when you sit in it, you tilt and end up a wet mess against the side of the bath... Gross right? I do shower though, so therefore I am not the smelly whore you think I am. And I don't sing... I talk. To myself.
Have you ever sucked a toe.. And liked it?
In an ideal world, I'd like to say no. However, I have a slight feeling that I may have done this on an occasion. I am not fully aware if this is true, but something tells me I did. And if I did, I really don't think I'd have enjoyed it?
Would you rather have super strength or super intelligence?
Super strength! I can deal with being a bit stupid and dumb. What I can't deal with, is being unable to carry ONE carton of orange juice home. True story. I am the wimpiest person. Someone pokes me and I think it hurts. I'd make a terrible superhero.
What was your favorite game to play as a child?
Without a doubt, Doh Nutters! I played this for hours on end. Even with myself (don't ask how!) I may actually ask for it for Christmas.. Oh how I could amuse myself for the rest of my lonely evenings.
Hat: New Look. Coat: Primark.

As you read this, I'm possibly doing one of two things. Either eating breakfast, and literally eating for 4 people. Or, singing exceptionally loud whilst driving somewhere down South. Or West. I'm not too sure (let's hope I do at the time!) I am on my way somewhere.. I wish I knew where, for a weekend away with friends. Along with my Kigu in my bag!
I'm so excited, and luckily the birthday friend won't be reading this (he's driving too!) we're doing a murder mystery on the Friday night when we get to our little chalet! Littlebum and I planned it all, and chose all the characters.. So it should be a right old giggle! I remember doing one of these games when I was 13 and being so uncool, and dressing so uncool. At least now I can (hopefully) look a little more classier! Plus I love dress up anyway! You can go all out.. Maybe I'll even pop on some lipstick!
I hope you all have a super weekend, whether your a wild creature who drinks and come's home at the time I normally go to sleep, or if you're having a super snug night in watching trashy TV with a lot of food. 
I know which one I'd choose!

Blouse: Topshop. Skirt: Matalan. Heels: New Look.

Since spending my many spare hours in bed, I don't actually feel like I have a lot too say..?! Is that worrying? Because I know I am Miss talkalotaboutshitalot. I am the queen of that! ALTHOUGH, this week I actually got time to see littlebum. That was really strange! We normally pass in the night. he gets up whilst I am asleep. He comes home, when I am back asleep. And everyone thought we had the perfect relationship?!
It's a tricky one. It really is. Some would see it as a bonus that they don't see their partners much.  Others would disagree thinking it impossible to work! I don't think it's impossible, more, it makes me sad that I don't see him. You see, I met littlebum in the French Alps (fancy you say? It totally wasn't!) and I wasn't actually interested in him. But obviously, life gets in the way and blah blah blah! So we got used to being around each other all day, everyday, and thankfully upon arriving back in the UK we only lived an hour apart.. BUT with weekends it wasn't really an exciting time for us. I would go and visit him, which would involve a lot of American trash TV, lots of sleeping and lack of food. All whilst he worked. All day. And night.Which is what made us decide to live together so early on in our relationship! (He wanted me so bad! JOKES) Obviously I see him a LOT more than I would have done, if we'd have lived at home, but everyone laughs when I tell them I don't see him! 
He has a stupid job anyway!
I really don't know why I just wrote about him.. I'm sure he'll love that though (I bet he's reading it on his ipood - Still jealous!) But sadness aside, we actually get a FULL weekend together! Literally! It's going to be strange!
I bet he kills me before Sunday....

Blazer: Nikka. Top: Topshop. Skirt: H&M. Shoes: Primark.

I'm assuming there was something exciting on the floor today, hence the head down shots? Although I couldn't tell you what! SOZZA! My hair is also slightly running on par with the baby photo's in my last post! And apparently you lot thought I was a cute baby? Maybe you should have been at my school, then I wouldn't have been bullied and called Timmy Mallot (Mama Mcfred and Papa G called me that!!)
I love love LOVE this new skirt, although it has joined the toothpaste crew too! The colour is just so lovely, and the pleats make me feel like a lady! I like the waistband (and opted for a size bigger so I could eat more!)  and the length. Definitely worth getting! I haven't taken it off.. It's replaced the shorts this week! 
I'm thinking about doing the boyfriend tag with littlebum.. He's up for it, but I'm not really sure though! What dya think? Would you like to see it.. Or shall we leave the vomming for hangovers?
Cannot wait to finish work tonight, so I can roll home (yes roll.. because I cannot stop eating) and climb into bed with chocolate, where I plan to stay till tomorrow morning! I am definitely lacking sleep now, after my 5am wakeup on Saturday evening whilst babysitting! I cried a little. So I'm allowed to be lazy today right?

Blouse: Primark. Leggings: Primark. Heels: New Look.

I know I say I'm strange all the time. But I really am. I think leggings are comfy, yet I never wear them. I'm really funny about them. I'll only wear a top that covers the top half of my thighs (you know, the bit where you thighs join together.. unless your super slim and have a gap inbetween - then I am jealous!) and at least half my bum. So in the end, I pretty much gave up.
But then, I found this pair in Primark. I stared at them, pretty much like a dog when they're awaiting food. That was me. No lie. For a good 10 minutes. I tried them on, and I actually really liked them. And I allowed myself to buy them, using the excuse it was something different. Because it was. They're not like your average pair, they have a little ruffle kinda pattern on. I was so excited to pop them on with heels in the hope my legs looked slimmer and longer (we can all dream) but the problem occured again. WHAT to wear it with...
I ended up wearing my Mama Mcfred's blouse, which I love but I never like how I look in it. I am awaiting the BFF to bring me a selection of tops from Mama Mcfred's wardrobe in the hope something will work against these leggings! But I'm still so shocked at the fact that I'm even wearing them! And by the pictures, I cannot stop looking at the either. I feel like Beyonce! However, I dance like Shakira.
This week has flown by it's unreal, and I cannot wait for the weekend to see the BFF, and paint the town every colour (I guarantee we'll be in bed by 9pm!) Also my bank account HATES littlebum and I for spending a LOT of money in Asda today on pretty much the whole shop.. well definitely the wines and chocolate aisles! 
Christmas I really am excited to be back with you after five years, but seriously, why are you so expensive?

My apologies go out to all those affected by the state of my hair today. I rarely brush it, and this weather thinks it's funny to ruin it after spending time straightening it... What a bitch!
PeeePeeeEss.. Check out MyStreetChic. I'm doing a little interview on there.!
Blazer: Nikka. Lace top: Topshop. Blouse: Internacionale. Hat: H&M Kids. Shorts: Primark. Bag: Primark

Basically, call me a skank. Or the sameshortsgirl. Because these have  totally taken over my blog/life/world/wardrobe. I live in them. I wish I could declare that I spent hundreds of pounds on them, hence why I'm wearing them. But no. A simple £12 many months ago. Maybe I should have bought two? However, Primark have officially upped there game with shorts. I found a beautiful pair that I'm trying to hunt down in my size.. Rust colour with cute black bows on! They WILL be mine! I always wear this blazer and blouse and top too. Like I said, I'm a skank. Actually, I'm just normal (so I like to think!) and this outfit is currently my: I can throw it all on, feel terrible but attempt to look half decent (and get away with being a man for the day!) outfit. As for the hat, I won't take it off! Start calling me Olly Murs!
This weekend, after my epically lazy Saturday where I got up as it got dark and just ate my way through the house, I went shopping in the hope of buying all my Christmas presents. I came home with 6 bags, an Iphone (for littlebum.. such a jealous cow!), a christmas tree, a birthday present, plenty of clothes between littlebum and myself, and no Christmas presents what so ever! Oops. Anywayz, I thought Santa's elves sorted that?
I've been feeling a bit poop this week, pretty run down, and some form of disease is trying to win me over. I refuse to let it get the better of me, but I did however finally cave in to some medicine (I NEVER take medicine!) Also, I told myself to stop eating so much of that yummy food (some call it unhealthy?) like 36 jaffa cakes in one sitting, or a tub of ice cream.. and so last night littlebum kindly cooked us a proper dinner. It was nice. Then we fell asleep. Under the blanket. As per usual.
That's what happens in the McHounslow retirement home. At least it doesn't smell of wee.

NOTE: Daily Mail if you're reading, I would just like to clarify that I am NOT pregnant. I know you like to assume as soon as you see a picture of someone with a slight round belly (Ie my middle picture) but honestly, it's just a stash of chocolate/sweets/icecream/cake/biscuits. I can assure you, I am working on fixing this...
Dress: Topshop. Cardigan: Zara. FAUX Fur Stole: H&M. Heels: New Look.

Ahh, the Birthday dress that has already been worn 374364 times! At least it was a good purchase right? Still in love with it! But already on the hunt for something for my 'actual' birthday now! I've so enjoyed dressing up for work, and wearing heels. However my feet really haven't agreed with it, so today I gave them a treat and let them wear slippers allllll day! Heaven. I don't HAVE to wear heels, but I choose to. And I think it makes an outfit look so much smarter, don't you agree? 
So one week completed of my job, and I haven't been fired / cried yet / or said I hate it. I think they all liked me (and thought It was my first job.. What a shocker when I told them it's like my 6453th job!) and now I must buy crap for my desk! Papa G - Don't worry you won't be needing to come and punch me in the face. Not quite yet anyway!
Upon my screen shopping week (It totally got worse after my latest blog post!) I browsed around for the Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats. I know for a FACT that I will never be able to afford them. Literally even if I tried saving.. And then, Ebay Queen VIPXO was asked to find some alike, and LO AND BEHOLD she did HERE for under £40! But the BEST bit.. They're actually wedges... Which makes me want them so much more because I'm not a flat pump shoe whatever person. And they're PURRFECT! (sorry!)
I'm thinking of doing a feature called "Spill it Sunday" where you ask me any question (as daring as you can be!) and each Sunday I'll answer 3 of them revealing all my embarrassing moments! What do you guys think? If you think it's a good idea and you want to laugh at my expense then get thinking of a question! And ask me on Formspring or comment below!
Enjoy your weekend. Eat as much as I do. That's what Sundays are for!

Dress: Ebay. Heels: New Look. Clutch: Topshop.

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE sorry for the bird like poop stain down my dress! If you did notice, then please, do not hate me for being a tramp. And if you didn't notice, can we be friends? I am such a mare these days. Today was toothpaste down my dress, and yesterday was lunch down my skirt. I like to tell myself, that I'm saving it for later. But in reality? I just need to stop acting 6 years old.  So yes, please excuse this.. I'm sure you all have this problem at times too..?
I went to see In Time last night. It was actually a bloody good film. I'm not sure littlebum enjoyed my gazillion questions, where upon his last reply was "Katy, it's not real. So stop thinking it is!" Which then led me to sit back and actually stay awake this time! I think it helped that I had a cup of tea to occupy me (courtesy of littlebum sneaking it into his coat pocket!) My only negative on the film (I know it's not real!) but, seriously.. HOW DID SEYFRIED MANAGE TO RUN SO FAST IN THOSE HEELS?! I could do with a few tips to be fair ta. So Seyfried, get in touch. We need basics. I can JUST about stand in them.
Because I am so so poor, and meant to be spending my non existant money on Christmas presents, I have taken to screen shopping. You know, like window shopping. Only on the internet. Bad BAD times! I found some amazing shorts this week. I don't know WHY I look at shorts, because like I said, I know the outcome but these really took my eye! I think they'd brighten up any winter day! Then I found the super cute Sugarhill pony dress, which has gone down in price! I think the long sleeves are such a winner, as they'll definitely keep you that little bit warmer.. (I should really take my own advice!) Plus I couldn't help myself staring at the Deer print playsuit again (the one I posted about here). That, too, is now under £40. Oh how I'm so tempted. Oh how I need pennies first! Maybe a miracle will come along.. But for now, if like me, you're poor.. why not check out there MID SEASON SALE!
When I'm not watching Gossip Girl. New Girl. Glee. Californication. Or KUWTK's, I find myself doing perculiar things. And this week I set up a formspring. Feel free to ask me anything. And be nice. I cry a lot.

Dress: Primark. Blazer: Nikka. Hat: H&M Kids. Bag: Primark. Boots: Primark.

Today saw me start my new job, as a real grown up. No nursery rhymes, baking or reading. Just paperwork. And a desk. My own desk. With LOTS of stationary. It excited me. Probably a little too much, that I don't think "Ooh this and this and this and THAT are fancy" went down well in the office...
 And of course, littlebum took some photos of me as I set off for my adventure. Not only do I look like a school girl about to go to school for her first day, but I also FELT like one. My dress made me feel grown up. My blazer made me feel like I was a boy trying to be a grown man wearing your dad's suit. And my bag made me look like I was giving Mary Poppins a run for her money (I bet she'd cry if she knew that a replica was from Primark for a fraction of the price!) And don't get me started on my boots... I have worn and worn these in the hope my feet would adjust. They were doing well. Till I had to walk on the cobbled road. Where upon I stumbled approximately 4 times.  And got my heel stuck slightly. Let's just say, for a 5 minute journey, it was quite an adventure! 
Putting my poorly feet aside (sorry guys, it'll be happening again tomorrow!), I did enjoy my day. Thoroughly.    And I cannot wait to get back to my stapler and OWN signature'd email address tomorrow. Unless they fired me for oohing and aahing at the post it notes I got. That are now spread over the computer... 

Trilby: H&M Kids. Blouse: Internacionale. Lace top: Topshop.

I've always been a hat kinda person, and thankfully I can pull them off (So I'd like to hope anyway!) However I've always stuck to beanies and berets. So today, I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased a trilby. Actually my wonderful Mama Mcfred did! I saw one in H&M in the adults section, but didn't really feel I'd wear it enough for £12. So on the way out, when I spotted this beaut, I couldn't grumble at £4.99! And being a happy shopper that I was, I popped it on straight away! It has a cute little bow, and a few sparkles.. which is always a winner! My dad kept laughing though.
Such a busy weekendo, I managed to be a full on grown up and make my way to London alone, AND get home! Although, on the train home I was too busy stressing that I'd miss X factor that actually realising if I was on the right train or not! It was so lovely to see two of my season friends, catching up, shopping (obviously!) and eating plenty of food and drinking plenty of coffee! Then pretty much the same today with my lovely Mama Mcfred and Papa G. They also brought us a super advent calender, which is currently staring right at me... Chocolate would be quite nice right about now!
So now, its time for me to snuggle down into bed with my favourite mug full of marshmallows, cream, oh and a bit of hot chocolate, littlebum and a film to put me to sleep. Ready for my big day tomorrow. I am literally so nervous. I completely OVER worry. So much so, that I went and bought a ready made lunch because I didn't want to rock in on my first day with my Hello Kitty lunchbox! IMAGINE what they'd think of me if it fell out of my handbag first thing in the morning.. They'd pretend they didn't know who I was!
On a sad note, I went to put on my FAVOURITE (after this jumper) knit today, and LO and BEHOLD, it was ruined. Literally. FIVE holes in the arm. And it was that stretched, littlebum and I could have gotten in it together! I couldn't believe it. Mama Mcfred laughed so much (tears in her eyes!) and all I could do was laugh and say "oh my". However, I know if I was alone I would have sat crying into it for hours. So, yes, basically, long live the red knit. God damn you washing machine.
I hope you all had a perfect weekend, and oohed and aahed at the fireworks (god I HATE when people do that!), had a slobby sunday and ate more food than you should have! That's what I'm about to do.

Blouse: Matalan. Skirt: Primark. Heels: New Look.

Trying to get photos lately is a nightmare (as other bloggers know!) because of the stupid darkness. And with littlebum working 5647383 hours a day, I never get to see him, let alone pester him to take my shots! So today, I grabbed a box (classy right?) and pottered outside into our new decked garden (FANCY right?!) and raced up and down in between clicks and flashes. The little old lady upstairs bless her, didn't know WHAT was going on! She must think of me as a little perculiar. I don't blame her to be fair, especially when I got my heel stuck in the decking! Nonetheless they turned out alright.. So I'd like to think!
This blouse was a new purchase yesterday, after the terrible start to a week I needed cheering up, and shopping fixes this! To be fair, I hadn't bought anything in a fair few weeks! I couldn't decide between this polka dot number (obviously it ended up winning.. mainly for the peter pan collar!) or this top. I think it's a little crazy and daring (the losing top) but something about it makes me still REALLY want it! I'll let myself settle into work before I rock in with some alphabet top! 
So this week, I teamed up with My Label, I am really excited to work alongside them. I must say, I've been on the website a couple of times, and found some BEAUT pieces like this ADORABLE deer print playsuit and especially my all time favourite owl shorts. I literally love all things owl, and when I saw them, after squealing excitedly, I saved to my favourites.. I think they'll be on my Christmas list, although for me, culotte style shorts don't really, how can I put it, flatter my figure. My ass is big enough as it is, and somehow with shorts, they try to MAKE it bigger! But we shall see.. At the end of the day, it's all down to Father Christmas to choose!
This weekend I am a busy bee, as I have been every weekend last month and next month. I am off to London, to visit the Queen. Obviously NOT. But I am going there to visit 3 of my friends from my last season. So if you see a tramp walking down Oxford Street asking for money to buy clothes, well that'll be me! And then Sunday my parents are coming down, taking me for some dinner (because I can't afford food.. i'm joking!) as a celebratory and 'here goes' new career. My dad said to me that if after two months of being in my new job, that I hate it, he's going to come down and punch me! LOL. No wonder I'm nervous!
And finally.. Breaking it down for you: I got myself a domain! Whoop, no longer got the blogspot on the end. 
I am very touched by your kind feedback on my last post. I was really unsure about posting it!
I got stuck in a dress yesterday in some changing rooms and little A (2years old) was shouting "Katy, you stuck. You broke it. You STUCK". I was literally mortified. It took me 15 minutes to get it off! TRAUMA.
I am loving New Girl SO SO much! Zooey is incredibly funny, as are the 3 guys she lives with! Get downloading it NOW!
And that't it from me. I'm off to eat now. Because I always do! Sweet weekend beauts.


I feel the need for a rant. I don't know why. Actually I do. Before I let the steam out of my ears, be aware, this is MY blog. So if you don't like what your about to read then PLEASE don't leave shit on my comments because this is where I write. You write on your blog what you like. And i'll write on mine. Thanks! (I'm not a bitch honest...!) but here goes..
After reading this post it really inspired me and got me thinking so much about blogging. I remember the first time I ever blogged, and knew very little about the world that I was about to join.. I thought only my parents and few friends were clicking my link on a weekly basis to see what stupid things I had done with my time (or not done with my time) and didn't feel like I had to worry about what I wrote. Fast forward six months where I now spend majority of my day thinking about what to wear, what I want to buy, who's added a new post and where are the latest bargains. I mean, let me break it down for you, I don't really worry to much about what I wear, however I AM a little conscious when I have an outfit post thinking "Oh, but I wore that last week..". Seriously, how many bloggers do you see on a monthly basis in the same outfit? But then, also.. how many people actually do wear clothes two days running? I raise my hand and know for a FACT that I live in the same items of clothing.. I try to rotate them at least ONCE a week, but I'm a girl. I wear things I like. A LOT.
I feel there is so much pressure, obviously I can choose not to give a shit and wear the same skirt every day for a week (you know what.. I might actually do that!) but in the back of my mind, I actually feel that I'd be frowned upon, looked down on.. And this is where I'm trying to get too (sorry I take forever to get to a point!) actually, on second thoughts.. I don't really know where i'm trying to get to! For me, to get in with 'the blogging crowd' you have to have all the latest high street trends, know other bloggers in the 'crowd' and get a gazillion followers. But what does all this mean? At the end of the day, I couldn't give a shit about whether I had 1 follower or 1500 followers. I blog, because I want to blog, because I enjoy having my photo taken (girls you ALL know you feel this too, or you wouldn't take them!), I love sharing what I wear, and I enjoy hearing what you think about my world. And if nobody read my blog, then so be it. I don't ask people too, nor do I beg for followers to look cool. THAT bothers me. Although I don't know WHY I'm letting it bother me..? It happens all the time!
Why do people comment you asking them to follow you? Urm, if I haven't checked your blog (and if you are lucky enough to even get a view after that comment) then it's likely that you won't get a follow. Following is for people who enjoy what you read/write. I'm not going to follow you because 'you follow me and I follow you'. This isn't a game. Nor is it a popularity contest. I didn't ask you to follow me.. I know this bothers other people too, and it's very common. But it's REALLY getting to me lately. Let's see how many people check out the photo on this post, and copy 'I love your blog. follow me'... I AM NOT A COMIC STRIP. I HAVE WORDS ON HERE TOO. So please, actually spend some time reading my blog before you decide to tell me to follow you. I will happily check your link if you leave it for me. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to read, I really am. But at the end of the day, it's the people who actually enjoy reading my blog that choose to check back every day/week/month/year. And I'm pretty sure (actually, I know) that I won't be crying into my pillow if you never check back again..
Nonetheless the blogging world can be a beautiful thing. You can find so many gorgeous styles (and gorgeous ladies too) and ways to wear an item, that maybe you've struggled to pull off, and also meet bloggers like yourself. I've loved being able to interact with other bloggers, because we all share the same passion. And the opportunities for a blogger is fantastic. Think of all the media behind blogging now, it's phenomenal. We have things like The Cosmo Blog Awards, all the PR events, the giveaways and Blogger meets which help bloggers come together. I haven't met any bloggers face to face yet (damn you no money for The LDN xmasblogger meet) but I know that very soon I shall be setting dates aside in my diary to meet some of these talented ladies. True, real ladies, who enjoy what I enjoy. Blogging. 
This post wasn't written as though I am sad by my follower count or page views. I love my followers, and I'm pleased they actually enjoy what crap comes out my mouth (and wardrobe) and my page views suit me fine! At the end of the day like I said before, I blog because I want to. Because I enjoy it. I am fully aware that I might get critiscm from this post, but remember.. this is MY blog, where MY thoughts happen. And if you don't like it, you know where the X button is....

* This is in no way or means aimed at anyone in particular, however lately it's really been heating me up! And I know a fair few other bloggers feel the same way.
Dress: Primark. Leather Jacket: New Look. Boots: Primark.

Popping on a very summery girly dress, in the hope that today will be a better day! I had a really rubbish day yesterday and it didn't help that my blackberry broke, or that I couldn't get Gossip Girl on the net! Sad times. So hopefully today WILL be better...
I wrote a huge post last night, about the 'blogging world' with it's bitchy circles, people asking you to follow them, and not reading the content... But I'm really unsure whether to post it or not. I scheduled it for today, but then at the last minute stopped it. I don't want it to come across in the wrong way, but then at the same time this is MY blog where I can post what I want... Hmm maybe one day I'll post it. But for now I feel better just having written it down. 
Off to the cinema tonight, not really sure what we're going to see.. But it didn't look interesting. I'm literally going for all the company, and obviously the popcorn/sweets/and cup of teas! Funny? But oh so true...

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