Knit: Primark. Blouse: Topshop. Camel Pants: Zara. Bag: Primark. Heels: New Look.

OK. SO THIS IS KINDA A BIG DEAL.. I'M WEARING TROUSERS. Basically.. You NEVER see me in trousers. Maybe that's because I don't own any. Except this pair (a very creasy, penis shaped pair) And today I was like 'you know what, I'm gonna wear them'. So I did. With some heels. I don't know why... I'd like to say that it's because I'm practising for my new office job so I can actually move and not be like 'could you just photocopy this for me? I kinda have sore feet?'. IMAGINE! And so this is why I am putting my feet through hell this week, because I very rarely wear heels! And they did me proud pottering around the vintage Emporium today avec littlebum! I did then race through the front door trying to locate my slippers!
Obviously, I also wear this knit an awful lot too (like here, here and here) it's definitely my Rachel Berry jumper... I know that Jo will laugh at this because she thinks I look like Rachel (along with the other 123 people). I'd like to hope my nose isn't that big.. However I do wish I could sing like her.. What do you think? 
I'm getting pretty nervous now about starting my new job. I have a week left at my old job, then it's straight in to the big world of paperwork, phone calls and meetings. Do they realise I'm as thick as the thickest pair of tights you probably own? Like I genuinly get my G's and J's so mixed up, I break computers (and printers!) and lose pretty much.everything.I.own! Either I will become clever again, or they'll assign me photocopier duties! Could be fun!
Time to go make a caramel latte, and eat the rest of my cheesestrings and whatever else I can find in this place! Happy Halloween kids who love to scare. Trick or treaters can get lost.. I'm eating the sweets!

Knit: Charity Shop. Maxi Skirt: River Island.

I feel like I'm a bride in this maxi skirt. Obviously because I am strange like that and don't feel like a normal person. However I love it! Although, I kinda regret putting it with this knit. I think the two colours work well together, but I should have teamed it with a tight top. Oh well, baggy mean's I can eat more right? I can't wait to wear this again.. Hurry up Paris please so I can pretend I am Blair Waldorf. And on that note, hurry up payday please. It's been weeeeeeks since I've brought anything new. Surely I'm allowed to treat myself for being good.. with a pretty dress? And maybe this cute blouse?
So yesterday I went to Freeze fest. And if you follow me on twitter you will know that I lost my FREE tickets. Yep. I literally threw the flat upside down, and went through ALL the bins twice. Piece by piece. It was gross. After searching for 7000 hours, and littlebum helping, we had no luck. I knew i'd binned them. I was genuinly SO gutted. I cried (way more than needed!) and then littlebum offered to buy me a ticket. SCORE! However, upon Saturday morning I broke the printer, so couldn't print my ticket! I wasn't destined to go! Luckily a friend printed them out in his office for us. And we set off.. PHEW!
Thankfully the train didn't break down, nor did I hurt myself. Nonetheless I got wasted in my Kigu (and got angry everytime some said 'LOOK AT THE PENGUINS!'), ate wayyy to much chips, cheese and gravy, and danced more than I've ever done! 
The Streets were headlining, as it was their last ever gig! Sad times. They were awesome live though, although pretty hard to dance to! Yeah. Imagine dancing to 'dry your eyes'... It isn't easy! YET it was the best live song EVER!
I am now curled up on the sofa (as per usual on a Sunday) with the duvet keeping me toasty. And my belly satisfied from a yummy McDonalds breakfast. This definitely excited me, that for once I was up in time for it. So I raced out the house, without a bra on. And just in my slippers. Oh and a top and leggings of course. I was SO excited! But I know within 20 minutes I'll be hungry. As always. Also need to catch up on The X Factor... BT vision is trying to charge me £1.10 to watch it. I think I'll just wait yeah... And get excited for brand new MISFITS!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you did you Halloween crazy cats! 

Dress: Primark. Skirt: Topshop. Boots: Primark.

Hola! I would love to have an amazing excuse as to why I didn't post this week. But in truth, I just ate and slept all week! I told you. I live a fun life! I have spent everyday of this week in my Kigu. With a huge bowl of trifle, popcorn, ice cream and whatever else I can find, and some trashy TV. That's my excuse.
Anyway, today I finally got my ass back in gear and headed out for a walk avec Queen C (other's call her Chrissy!) because it was oh such beautiful weather, and with littlebum working I had noone to take my photos. Boo such a hard life! So, Queen C took me to these woods, and it was mega LOLZ. I was in heels. And the ditch was incredible. One slip, and I was a gonner. Luckily with a penguin walk I survived (can you tell!) And we got some beautiful shots..

Obviously, you can tell this place has a pretty insane name right?! And to be fair, we didn't exactly help the name out because we both got half naked to top swap. Thankfully, nobody was around.. Or so we'd like to think! If someone was watching, they must have been a very happy man! And anyway, I love being semi naked!
I love this skirt, it's one of my all time favourites. With the colour, and the fact it doesn't make my ass look like it could take over the world. Although, I don't know if anyone finds that with Topshop, their zips sometimes stick? And before you say it, NO it's not too tight for me, and I'm just being a fatbitch. I find this with ANY Topshop item! I literally spent 20 minutes this morning, trying to do the last bit up of it. THAT is dedication right? Yet, I haven't quite decided just HOW I'm going to get out of it later...
Tomorrow is exciting! I am off to Freeze Festival! Whoop. I have my Kigu and Yoki hat ready! I cannot seem to hunt down a fannypack though! So look's like I'll be rocking my stuff out in my socks, just like old times! I have told myself I WILL NOT get wasted 10 minutes after being there, nor will I get taken home early and miss the music! We shall see. We shall see! But first I need to FIND my tickets.. I'm sure they're around here SOMEWHERE.....

Coat: Primark (no lie.. 6 years old!) FAUX fur stole: H&M (Part of coat)

Today has been ever so lovely. My wonderful Mama Mcfred and her neighbour came to visit me, so we had a lovely girly day of shopping and coffee and a walk around the lake. I hated window shopping.. I still haven't really learnt the concept of it. If I see something, I think I have to have it there and then. Hence why I always have no money! However, my mother (and father.. he is yet to know!) offered to buy me a new coat for my birthday (not the coat shown above!) I'd seen it a few weeks ago, and fell in LOVE with it, and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. I opted for the rust red! I really like the style of it, coming in at the waist, and it's length (so this means I can wear nothing underneath! JOKES!) Although, I'm not allowed to have it till the week before my birthday, ready for Paris. So obviously, my Mama Mcfred thinks it's OK for me to get pneumonia (this wouldn't be the first time!) And upon her leaving my flat with the bag, I quickly sneaked out the FAUX fur stole! Haha! I also was treated to a maxi skirt! YES A MAXI SKIRT! I had said I'd like one for Paris and in River Island I found one. I was a little unsure at first, but actually it fitted me a dream. It was a little loose... but that's ALWAYS the best way! I can eat more then! Hurray! Definitely will be wearing it this week.. I'm excited!
Pretty tired this week, literally I've done is work. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. I need to man up and stop drinking so much hot chocolate in my slippers! What an OAP I am! Best get packing for a care home...

Blazer: Nikka. Blouse: New Look. Shorts: Primark. Bag: Primark. Boots: Primark.

I know.. it's the shorts again! But they're so easy to throw on with a blouse, and my blazer! Although I've told myself, I'd love to find a blazer to match it! I just love dressing like a boy. Yet hate it if someone mistakes me for a boy! And I really don't know why I thought wearing heeled boots was a good idea because my oh my MY FEET HURT! I took my car for it's MOT and whilst waiting I pottered around this town, and myself and littlebum got lost, but luckily getting lost found us a quaint little coffee shop where we enjoyed a yummy breakfast and a nice warm cup o tea! My car failed, however did need repair for it to pass.. So with a few nights working on the street (I'm joking!) I managed to make it better again! And I cannot thank the family friend ENOUGH who literally gave me a HUGE discount! I am definitely going to have to bake some cakes now!
Funnily enough, you'll be pleased to hear that today I'm not in my Kigu! The last few days that I've had it, I've worn it religiously.. but the problem when I wear it is that time goes mega quickly.. and I find that it's 3 hours later. It makes me fall asleep, because it's way too snug! But it's oh so pretty!
Tonight I'm babysitting for a family friend, so X Factor is on the cards, with loads of food to keep me company.. and word on the street is that they have a cat! Best remember to take a big bag so I can take it home with me when finished!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend with the beautiful Autumn Sunshine.

Cat onepiece: Kigu

I am in love. With this piece of clothing. More in love with it, than I am littlebum. Well that's a slight lie, because I love littlebum for buying me this. Basically I LOVE it. I cannot take it off. And whenever I have to take it off and wear real clothes, it's all I dream of wearing! This ISN'T a lie. It's getting to a point, where I am now tempted to wear it to work! I don't even think I'd care what people say. I just NEED to live in it forever.
I think my life is complete. Well nearly. I just need a real kitty now.

Dress: Topshop. Knit: H&M. Scarf: Primark. Boots: New Look.

Oh look, it's the girl in the knit again. Yep that's me. And even little bum (Matthew) said to me today "you have worn this jumper all week you smelly tramp". Well my love, that is how I ROLL! Also, wearing my birthday dress today. It's not my birthday incase your wondering. It's in December. Yes I brought it to wear in Paris. But urm.. it appears to have made an appearance! Oopsie!
I'm not really a scarf kinda person AT ALL. I say this I have like 8 lurking in my wardrobe. I buy them because they look nice. Or have a nice pattern. Even though I know I won't wear them. I don't know what it is. When I look at myself in pictures with one, it makes me look neckless. Not necklace. NeckLESS. I know I have a neck I do. But something about it. Or maybe I just am styling it wrong? But many ways can you wear a scarf? Besides as a top. (Don't worry.. I totally HAVEN'T done this!)
So the postman made me a very happy lady today, my Kigu came! And I immediately popped it on. I feel incredible. Especially because I can't be a real cat, so I have to make do with being a pretend one! It's ever so cosy, and one size fits all. I love how it gives me a huge crotch, literally below my knees. Helps me hide my penis I suppose. LOLZ, I'm joking! Trust me, if you don't have one.. GET ONE! A Kigu, not a penis!
Now I'm off to have an argument with the sun, I mean I love it that it's sunny because it makes Autumn look so pretty, BUT waking up in the morning and giving off the impression it's gonna be a hot day is totally NOT cool! Although, maybe I'm just the retard who should learn to wrap up warmer...

Knit, Blouse, Shorts, Bag & Boots: Primark.

LOLZ at the fact I'm basically a walking Primark today! These were all purchases in the Summer (because I'm weird like that) and the blouse is Mama Mcfred's which I STILL haven't returned. OOPS! I love popping home every few weeks, and seeing what's in her wardrobe that I can steal! And then just accidentally forget to bring them back (I bet she'll be reading this and writing a list of things I have stolen now!) To be fair, my mum is a lot cooler than me. She buys the expensive stuff. And I wear it.
I wore this to go food shopping.. classy right? Pottering around the supermarket in these heeled boots was not really a good idea, although a laugh for everyone else shopping! And myself and Matthew, have agreed that every time we go shopping now, we only get a basket.. it saves us buying so many things!! WINNER! Maybe for clothes shopping I should leave my bank card at home?
Or not!
I pulled my false nails off today. I say pulled, I struggled, with tears and a little tantrum because I COULDN'T get them off! I didn't realise how difficult they were! I was literally unable to do much.. This is partly because I'm retarded anyway, so adding false nails to my everday life wasn't going to be easy! So after my trauma, I won 2 free tickets to LDN Freeze Fest! I'm extremely EXCITED! Because I've never ever in my life won anything before. Except a drawing contest. That was between me and my cat...  I was so surprised and happy because I couldn't afford to go so maybe they felt sorry for me, or they just wanted someone cool in the audience. LOLZ I'm joking. Seriously, I'm not cool. Either way, I get to wear my DC's! And my YOKI beanie! YEAH
Lastly, thinking of doing a Q&A page on my blogadoodle for people to get to know me better. Whatcha think? If you have a question you'd like to know, put it in a comment and I'll post my answer's in the week! Literally ask me anything! And if your question is 'do I pick my nose?'
Then YES. I do. Gross right.

Blouse: H&M. Jacket: New Look. Vest: Topshop. Boots: Vintage. Beanie: Coal.

Firstly I want to say a HUGE HELLO to all my new followers. Whilst writing this, I just reached my dear old age of 100 followers. I cannot believe it. I am so thankful, and really hope you enjoy reading my posts! You either follow me because you kinda think I'm cool, think I'm a freak story, or you fell asleep on post one and accidentally hit 'follow' button on the way down to snoozing. Either way, thank you! We'll have a cuppa tea and cake someday soon...
So today, I have done absolutely zero, nada, nothing. I think the best thing I achieved today was eating 36 jaffa cakes in 25 minutes. I love them. Well I love them this month. I have an addictive personality. So I basically crave and crave something, so what I do is I just eat and eat and eat this certain thing till I can no longer even look at it. Then a new addiction begins! I'm weird like that!
I chose to wear my 'safe' top today! This outfit, used to be one of my faves! I remember wearing it to Freeze Fest last year! Basically, this is my winter wardrobe. Well it used to be. From being in the Alps for the past 4 years I always dressed like a cool snowboarder (so I thought anyway!) with my DC trainers, beanies and long hoodies. And then as soon as I touched back in England, I realised I couldn't pull it off. Well I suppose I coulda. But yeah, I dress differently at home. Better. But anyway, today I wanted to reminisce like I was living it up apres ski! Oh how those days seem a lifetime ago now! It's gonna be strange come November that I'm not going to be packing and enduring the 26 hour coach journey! Instead I'll be paying my bills... 
Going to finish my weekend with a nice BIG curry and popcorn and ice cream and anything else bad that I can find! Watch a bit of the X Factor. Cannot believe how much I love it this year.. I used to NEVER watch it! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Also I have some stuff on Ebay that I really need to get rid of.. Take a look here and make your wardrobe have a bit of me in!
And if you're interested.. I wasn't sick on Matt's parents last night! Winner.

Knit: H&M. Blouse: Topshop. Skirt: Primark. Bag: H&M. Boots: New Look.

Wearing my Sunday best on a Saturday today! Considering I woke up at silly o clock, and then found myself napping till 2pm, I've actually got quite a few things done. OK this is kinda a lie, I literally just walked to view a house today and then strolled back through the woods for some blog posts (and some smushy couple ones!) I chose my comfort clothes to wear.. I love this skirt way too much and this knit is extremely cosy! I find myself dressing very Rachel Berry these days! I seem to have ditched the dresses, in favour for skirts, blouses and knits! And of course my trusty boots.. Maybe I should buy myself some newbies?!
So, myself and Mattchew, also known as littlebum, went to visit a house today. Oh how it was adorable! We love our little flat we really do, however we just want to be cat parents. So much. Hence why we're looking at new places. This house was ever so quaint. It was 3 storey's and perfect. It didn't have a garden which is a downside for us, and we'd have to pay for a parking permit.. But we loved it. All we can do, is wait and see if it'll be available in less than two months! But for now, I can just nosey at everyone else's places! I LOVE house hunting!
Maybe I should just live in the woods with a tent?

Yesterday, I became a bit more of a lady.. I tried for the first time, false nails! Literally was the funniest thing ever. I'm getting used to them now, although I literally cannot type on my BB, and putting my hair up (not that I ever do) is beyond hilarious trying to watch! However, this now means I can use the excuse "I can't do anything.. my nails!" I really don't know how you girls manage to wear them.. I swear I was born a man... I've always said this!
Tonight, I'm heading out for a delicious dinner at Matt's restaurant, with his family. I keep telling myself I won't drink because I'll probably end up dancing on the table in front of them. Either that or spewing in their faces. Gross right? Welcome to my world! Would you still like to me by friend?

Knit: Charity Shop. Blouse: Internacionale. Skirt: Matalan. Boots: Primark. Clutch: Topshop

Oh how I love this knit. I really do. And even more so with the fact it cost me a mere £3. But there's just one teeeny tiny problem. And I did say this would happen... It just doesn't keep me warm! I mean, how can it even call itself a jumper? It's short sleeved! I tried the long sleeved top underneath, but that made me look like I was mourning somebody, so I had to brave the bare arm just for another touch of colour! I love how snug it is, and the thickness, the colour and the crop. I just wish it had some arms. 
I wonder what the designer thought when thinking this knit.. "today, we're taking jumpers to the next level. We're cutting the sleeves making them the most pointless garment in the entire world." Well my friend. You succeeded. And I fell for it! But I guess with fashion, as they say in life.. No pain no gain. 
Hence why I popped on some heeled boots today!

Dress: New Look. Collar top: Topshop. Boots: Primark.

People take themselves way to seriously. Not me. I am the most idiotic, retarded person you'll ever know and meet. Hence the stupid pictures. I love this dress, oh I really do. It makes me want to get my peace sign on and my high heeled knee boots (it's OK I really don't own these...) and pretend I live in the 60's. But something about it annoys me. I think it's because it doesn't have any shape. But I'm a funny one, I love tight fitting clothes, but then I also like baggy clothes.. and for me this is just the inbetween kind. It's not baggy enough for me to eat the whole house and noone would know. But it's not tight fitting so that it would STOP me eating food. Instead I just look... 'frumpy'. Well, I don't. But you know, it's strange. However I LOVE the colour, and whether I look a frump, flump or flabby I couldn't care less and I'll be wearing this.. and pretending I'm a spice girl. GIRL POWER DUDE!

Top: Primark. Knee High Socks: Miss Selfridges.

Knee high socks. Remind me of school days. Unfortunately not my school days, but the one's you see on the TV (and by the looks of it, the kid's in this city!) I'm still undecided what I make of them.. I mean, once getting over the constant pulling them up, or making sure they're at that right kinda height, then you're good to go. So what it is it that I'm so unsure of? Part of the problem is that I don't really have what you cool long thin legs that go on forever. Nope. I have those short legs, that are stumpy at the top. I am 'blessed' with thighs. BIG thighs. And with these big thighs, I get that look, you know the one I mean? Of tight sock. Where it makes your skin hang over the top. So you have muffin leg. Not.a.good.look.
So why am I wearing these right now I hear you say? Well, funnily enough, I feel as nice as pie walking around the house to do the dishes and hoovering in (that's SUCH a lie, I very rarely hoover!) but I guess that's cause not everyone can see the 'hangover' skin. I know, I know... A photo right? All I can say, is thank goodness for good camera angles! And anyway, the only person who's unfortunate to see me like this.. is obviously the boyfriend. But it's OK, he's seen far worse things than a bit of excess skin! 
And I doubt he'll be complaining that a lookalike school girl is washing his dishes...!

Top: Internacionale. Bodycon: Topshop.

I must be getting old.. I couldn't wait to get home to my own slippers, mug of tea and curl up into bed to catch up on my blogs! I have had a fantastic weekend, besides being punched in the stomach (true story!) but extremely shattered. I need a week off to rest!
I'm not normally a bodycon skirt kinda girl, but I did fall in love with this colour a few months ago. And only today did I brave wearing it out in the light of the day. I'm still a little unsure whether it's acceptable to be worn shopping and what not. But I guess I don't really care. And LOLZ at the middle picture, totally just showing you my Kim K butt! Kinda over it now, I used to HATE it when I was little, partly because my dad would shake when I walked into a room.. pretending my ass made the room move! Funny now!
So this weekend, I was in Southampton.. Can I just stress now that SERIOUSLY the M3 is totally the most depressing road EVER! Anyway, had a lovely chilled one Friday evening, cooking, eating everything and watching trash tv! Then Saturday, I obviously suggested shopping. I also managed to get my birthday boots with my cousins student discount! Now I just have to resist not wearing them till December.. Hmm! 
Saturday evening we planned to go out. We went out realllyyyy late, and neither of us were particularly drunk.  It was ridiculously busy, and everyone was wearing pretty much nothing! I hated how guys completely shot me awful looks because I was dressed 'normally'.. If my boobs and bum were out, this would have apparently been fine! Anyway, after a few drinks we decided to call it a night. Food called.. of course! And in the kebab shop, a fight started, where some guy was going crazy, and fell into me, then turned around and punched me in the stomach, before grabbing my dress to stop him falling to the floor. LUCKILY my cousin grabbed my dress (she knew I wanted the dress saving more!!) and another guy pushed him away from us, before then asking if I was pregnant, where my reply was "Do I look it?!" To be fair, he was just being decent! So that was our evening. I think the saddest part for me, was actually leaving without food!
After a snooze, IKEA was on the cards. This excited me too much! We lunched and mooched in there before heading home absolutely wacked! Took a few photos of the weekend..

1: Doughnuts! 2: Lunch! 3: Port. 4: Beauty. 5: Love. 6: Ikea Lunch! 7: Ikea!

After an easy drive home (how much I love to sing!) I literally flopped on the sofa and haven't moved since! I bet once the X Factor has finished, I shall crawl to bed where I will be joined by Gossip Girl catch ups! Oh and the boyfriend! I've secretly missed him this weekend!
How was your weekend?

Knit: Charity Shop. Dress: Primark. Hair piece: A-Wear.

Haven't really been feeling very photoworthy lately.. I'm not sure how snotty noses would trend? Although, very popular I am sure! I have man flu. Literally. I never ever get ill, so as you can imagine I am really quite mad at myself... And this includes wanting extra sympathy (blatantly not getting it, because I'm the worlds worst when people are ill!!) So along with the disease, comes the greasy hair. And LOOK, I'm wearing it up!   I was originally going to pop on some shorts and a chunky knit but I didn't really fancy being mistaken for a lad in the street, so I opted for this dress to feel like a princess (definitely not working!) and added my pink knit in the hope people will still recognise that I'm a lady! 
Very excited for the weekend, I'm now off to Southampton to see the lovely cousin Charlie Parlie bon Barlie. This isn't her real name. I wish it was! We're going to do lots of exciting things which also excites me a LOT! I love spending time with her, and the chaos we get up to after a few too many beverages! The only thing freaking me out, is that she's a student.. and this will involve being surrounded by students. But what's worse, is that it's going to be BUSY! I guess I best give up my personal space for the weekend. Boo.
What are you up to at the weekend?

Top: Topshop. Skirt: Matalan. Wedges: Primark.

And so the Autumn is finally here! Digging the tights back out and the leather jacket! Kinda glad actually, because then I have an excuse for walking around with the duvet all the time! Today, I am wearing my new top and skirt. I had been after this skirt for a while as wanted a black one, but it was always too big. And then  I saw it in the sale so couldn't resist. And anyway, bigger is better.. at least I can eat loads! The top was a quick mad purchase. I had just received some good news, and without looking whilst trying on, I brought it! I am however, thoroughly in love with it! 
The good news I received over the weekend.. was some that I really didn't expect. I had been for an interview for a completely different career, and after breaking the computer (which completely went in my favour.. as I'm terrible with maths questions!) I thought this was the end! So being told, I'd been offered the job was a total shock. My Mama Mcfred even cried bless her! Funny, how I had the call whilst in Topshop fitting room, and my current job, I'd been offered whilst on the toilet! LOLZ. So yeah, I am completely OVER the moon. A new career, working alongside people and just a brand new challenge! Obviously I'm petrified too, but I'm too busy thinking about what new outfits I can wear!!
I will however, absolutely miss the girls I work with so much. They may only be 4 and 2 years old, but they sure as hell teach me a few things about this world! Like the fact Una from The Saturdays is pregnant, or that Nicki Minaj has a new song on the radio!

We have some right old fun, and they are the cutest and funniest girls I've ever looked after! But I still plan to see them, which will involve nail painting and hair plaiting! I genuinly have had such a fantastic time with these gorgeous little clever ladies! And enjoyed the Summer with them, from splashing in the water park, to running away from the ducks, and epic amounts of cake making! I absolutely adore them! And I know I'll miss them (even their crazy screaming!)
So here's to a new chapter in my life! And what better way I started it, than having a celebratory meal with the boyfriend.. home cooking of course (So he should!) Time for Gossip Girl!

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