One Hundred and Four


Dress: H&M. Bow hairclip: Miss Selfridge. Ring: Topshop

Hooray! It's the weekend, and I should really be out right now partying the night away because I can. However porridge took priority so instead I snuggled on the sofa with some porridge, the biggest cuppa tea and the X Factor USA. Well I say this, but my TV seems to have acquired a stutter this evening, and I don't know how much longer I can take of it. Maybe that calls for some KUWTK! 
Today I did the most retarded thing I think I've ever done. Actually I do a lot of retarded things. I was leaving Tesco, and headed down the ramp to the door, and literally scared myself and stopped at a halt. I noticed a lady with a pushchair about to come in, so I waited for them to pass. They didn't. I moved a little forward, and so did they. After what seemed like forever, I realised that the lady was actually me. It was a reflection. Seriously, felt like such.a.tit. 
I'll possibly be a little MIA this weekend on the blog, because I know for a fact I'm going to be literally ALL over my friend (ha YES!) and do lots of fun things with her. I say this, we'll probably spend our days drinking tea in the garden. Rumour has it, there's going to be some sunshine this weekend?! Here's hoping! I hope you all have a super fun weekend! 


  1. LOVING that blouse. I'm a sucker for all things lace.

    Tea and cake, you say?? Yes, please! ;)

  2. LOVE that dress! I love lace :)

    I heard the sun rumour. I'm going to the zoo so I hope this is true!

    I am a new follower! Love your blog :) Espepcially post titles! ;)

    Catarina xx

  3. Gorgeous dress, love how you put the bow on it! xx

  4. SUPER love the lace dress!

  5. The little bow on your dress is such a nice touch! :)

    Haha, your story reminds me of my 'incident' this week involving my hair falling in front of my eyes and me thinking someone was waving at me. FAIL.


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