Ninety Six


Dress: Boutique. Boots: Primark. Blazer: Nikka. Cupcakes: EatCakeLove

As you can see from these stupidly crazy yet ace pictures, we did some baking today! Actually LOTS of baking. Two baby showers completed! I am absolutely exhausted! Before delivering we managed to get a few snaps of the spares we had left over (yes Tignes lot.. these are for you tomorrow!) and also for our blog which definitely needs a bit more work doing!
So besides spending a good 5 hours baking away, and then having to clean up. Actually I lie, Matt did this! We're now about to sit down and eat burritos! Hooray burrito night.. and movie! It's been so nice to have a week off and actually see him! Plus we're preparing ourselves for the mayhem that will happen tomorrow! Eek!
Also, my cape came today! I was a little unsure once but as you do, you always click Buy it Now on Ebay, then doubt if you actually wanted it! Anyway, it finally arrived.. and the more I look at it, the more I adore! 
What do you think to the new blog layout and header? I kept it quite simple.. I was trying to make it too complicated, but we've established that actually I like things simple. Maybe because I am simple myself!


  1. You both look adorable, what lovely dresses!

  2. You two look gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for the cupcakes, can't wait to eat them!
    Putting a little preview of my special one up on the blog now!

  3. This is adorable! Love cupcakes! Must have been super tiring after all that baking! Thanks for following btw :) x


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